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Friday, November 04, 2005

Celebrity W.T.F's Volume 84

Dennis Rodman was once on Sharon Osbourne's now cancelled talk show and she quickly regretted inviting the former basketball star on her show because he proved to be a difficult and moody interviewee. Her husband Ozzy Osbourne got revenge on Dennis Rodman in pure Ozzy style.
Sharon told gay magazine Attitude, "Dennis Rodman came on my show. He was such an a$$**e. Really grumpy and moody. Anyway, we got back at him because Ozzy sat next to him and farted and it stank so much he threw up."

Must be all those burrittos Ozzy eats. He loves em!

Sad story of the day...
The half-brother of model/actress Carmen Electra has committed suicide at his home in Florida. Rod Mark, 43, shot himself through the heart last week after losing a battle with depression. This marks the third tragedy in Carmen's family her mother and sister died within a month of each other in 1998. Carmen, whose real name in Tara Patrick, and Mark had different fathers but, the same mother.
Carmen who barely knew her half brother said, "I was sad to hear the news. My heart goes out to his family."

Former supermodel turned talk show host, Tyra Banks went undercover as a 350-lb. woman for a segment that will air Monday on her syndicated The Tyra Banks Show. Tyra says the experience and the shocking reaction she received from others "one of the most heartbreaking days of my life." Tyra was fitted into a fat suit to see what obese people go through on a daily basis. She told the Associated Press, "I started walking down the street and within 10 seconds, a trio of people looked at me, snickered, looked me right in my eye and started pointing and laughing in my face I had no idea it was that blatant. It seemed like the last form of open discrimination that's okay."
Next week she is supposedly going to prove to her audience that she has dimples on her bum. I am not kidding. I am not sure how she intends on doing that but, when I find out, I'll share it with you.

Kevin Federline's rap song, "Y'All Ain't Ready," has been posted on the website of producer Disco D. The song is from his upcoming CD "The Truth" due for release next year. And the critics are not being kind about it. Apparently the song is very cheezy. It goes something like this ,
"Back then they called me K-Fed/ But you can call me Daddy instead.
Go ahead and say whatcha wanna/I'm gonna sell about 2 mil, oh, then I'm a goner
I know you all wish you was in my position/Cause I keep gettin' in situations that you wish you was in, cousin
Go take a peep/ I'm starrin' in your magazines now every day and week
But maybe baby you can wait and see/ Until then all these Pavarottis followin' me."
The Daily News suggests that Federline means to say "paparazzi" instead of "Pavarotti," who is a famed opera singer.

Kevin's right to call the song "Y'all ain't ready."
I wasn't ready for those genius lyrics were you? And people think Britney is the talented one.
Here is a picture off the CD. Just what you expected.

Jennifer Aniston recently was asked about her famous divorce at a press conference for her new movie DERAILED. She responded by saying,
"This is nothing out of the ordinary. People walk through this stuff all the time .I'm not a role model or poster child for how to do anything. I have a great family, a great support system, great friends."
As for her relationship with Vince Vaughn, Aniston tried to avoid questions during a taping of Larry King Live, which is set to air Nov. 8.
"Vince Vaughn, I love him," King said.
Aniston's response: "Oh, God."
King persisted, saying: "Come on, we love him,"
to which the actress answered, "Yes, we love him. He's great."
"Is it serious?" King asked.
"I'm not talking about it," she said. Asked about wanting children, Aniston answered yes, but not as a single mom: "I'd like to share that with someone."

Reason #762 Why I could never be famous. Larry King would have to interview me wearing a jockstrap.

Brad Pitt reportedly called the police on a snooping photographer trying to take pictures of the interiors of his new Californian home. The Malibu Sheriff's Department was contacted to report the trespassing paparrazzi when Brad spotted him taking photos on Sunday. The photographer got away before police arrived.
Brad's spokeswoman said: "This just goes to show how low the paparazzi will go trying to get a photo. If they break the law, they will be arrested. This one got away but the next one won't."

Damn, I better cancel my trip to California and return all that film I bought.

Pamela Anderson, spokesperson for PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has written to automobile manufactorers to demand an animal-friendly version of a luxury Mercedes-Benz.
"May I ask that you please make all Benz models available without animal skin? Nowadays, people see leather less as a luxury and more as smelly, dead skin."
PETA said that a representative from Mercedes - Benz confirmed after Pam contacted them that all future car models will be available with an entirely leather-free option in all markets.

Pamela needs to start writing letters to politicians about other issues as well. She sure gets things done. What man would say no to her?
Heck, she could run the country better than Bush can! Anyone could.

Nicole Richie does not like driving anywhere in Los Angeles, so her latest purchase should help her avoid getting in a car at any cost. She bought a condo in the heart of L.A's shopping district.
"It's a nice location because it's in the middle of everything, so I'll never have to drive," she says. "It's not even about me, I'm scared of other people. My friends, they talk on the phone and drive, and it makes me nervous."

Is she referring to Lindsay Lohan who keeps smashing her car up?

This is a big rumor on the internet, apparently it happened early Wednesday morning at a downtown Toronto McDonald's. Ashlee Simpson seemed to be drunk and apparently was captured on video climbing on the restaurant's counter and having a verbal interaction with an employee.
Employee: "I need a manager up front please!"
Ashlee: "Oh, please bring the manager. I would love to talk to the manager."
Employee: "Get off there."

She finally overcomes the lip syncing fiasco on Saturday Night Live and now she does this.?
Yeah, being abusive to a McDonald's employee is really gonna get you somewhere.

Madonna performed at the MTV awards in Portugal.

Tinkerbell Lives! Paris brings the pooch out of hiding.

Kim Cattrell who played Samantha on "Sex and the City" promotes her latest book "Sexual Intelligence" Which Kim claims Britney Spears read and claimed it worked for her... Yep, Kevin's an intelligent choice alright.

Shakira's new CD cover and that is her baby in the corner.

Mariah made an appearance at MTV and so did her belly button.

Tara Reid stumbles out of a convenience store.

Victoria Beckham meets a friend for lunch.
She probably went all out and ate a pea.

Nicole Richie snacks on a corn dog that's nearly bigger than she is.


Blogger [.a.n.d.r.e.w.] said...

I heard Kevin's song... HORRIBLE!!!!!! That album will flop the second its released... theres NO hope for him...

About what Ashlee did... thats kinda funny, lol!

9:49 PM  
Blogger TangentArifa said...

I can't let Andrew be the only one to always reply.....

#1 - definitely do NOT want to hear that Kevin song. The Pavarotti / Paparazzi thing is hilarious!!! And is it me or does the cover make him look like Ali G?

#2 - I didn't know Shakira had a baby. She's had one and has that figure. Best not have any more or she'll become another Victoria Beckham!

#3 - what's with these millionaires (Paris and Ashlee) hanging out at Burger King and McD's? I don't make a quarter of their moola, yet I would not eat at those fast food places unless very desperate. And how old is Ashlee any ways? Well 19 is our legal drinking age. Good to see what being raised by minister does to a girl.....

10:46 PM  

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