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Monday, October 24, 2005

Celebrity W.T.F's Volume 74

Madonna revealed she gets upset with husband Guy Ritchie because he'd rather walk away from an argument than deal with it head on. Madonna prefers to resolve fights immediately and admits her husband's more laid back attitude often leaves her infuriated. Madonna says, "If I have a problem, I want to work it out, right now. My husband is like, 'I don't want to talk about it right now. I need to think about it. Let's talk about it in two days.' "Two days? No! It has to be right now - I have to prove that you're wrong now. Sometimes I need to learn to bite my tongue."

See - in the old days Madonna would just bite her man's tongue, they'd get it on and the fight would be over. Boy, she has changed.

New mother Heidi Klum was horrified at the thought of undergoing a caesarian when giving birth to her baby son because his well-being was far more important than her looks. The supermodel gave birth to Henry last month, her second child undergoing natural labour on both occasions despite the growing celebrity trend to opt for a caesarian.
She says, "That was never an issue. I was determined to experience the birth, and I am so scared at the thought of having my abdomen cut open, so I was lucky that the birth went very smoothly."

Easy for a supermodel to say. She could of gained 450lbs during her pregnancy, needed a forklift to take her to the hospital and still be wearing her size zero jeans two days after delivering the baby...cuz that's what supermodels do.

Kylie Minogue has denied claims she is seeking holistic treatment to help her beat cancer and reassures fans she is as healthy as can be expected. The British press this week claimed Minogue is struggling in her fight with breast cancer, has lost a lot of weight and has consulted a leading expert on alternative medicine to help her cope with taxing chemotherapy treatment. Kylie has released a statement urging fans to ignore stories about her. It reads, "Despite the wealth of rumours to the contrary, Kylie is in good spirits and is as healthy as can be expected whilst undergoing her treatment regime in Paris. She has asked her fans please not to believe stories of dramatic weight loss and desperate searches for alternative therapy."

So to any Kylie've been told!

The Home Quarter Restaurant & Pie Shoppe, in Cochrane, Canada (just 20 minutes east of Calgary) got a big surprise when Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie roared up on motorbikes at around 1:30 p.m and strolled into the restaurant. Staff say they ordered a late breakfast and once they were seated Brad kissed Angelina. During the meal, they stopped eating to kiss passionately. "They acted like two teenagers, crazy in love and lost in their own world," a waitress tells Star. But what the waitress really noticed: "Brad wore a big gold ring on his wedding finger!"
Both their reps deny it.

So they may be married? This calls for a celebration. Ready? "For she's a Jolie good fellow, for she's a Jolie good fellow, for she's a Jolie good fellllllloww...that nobody can deny."
Ain't that the truth!

Yet another Hollywood coupling in trouble? Rumor has it Julia Roberts and hubby Danny Moder have been having problems since the birth of their twins last year. Their friends are concerned that all the time apart and the constant fighting could be troubling the couple. The pressure of parenthood (even with the help of two full time nannies, a personal chef, private yoga instructor, assistants and a full staff) may be too much for Julia and Danny to handle. Hard to make things work when Danny is living in L.A and Julia is in New Mexico with the twins. Now Julia is on her way to New York where she will star in the play, Three Days of Rain. Danny will remain in California.

I think Julia somehow thought marriage would be easier if she just married a camera man like Danny as opposed to a celebrity like all her other victims.....Marriage is hard work wether the guy is famous or works at McDonalds.

Janet Jackson's former brother-in-law, Young DeBarge told hip hop radio station Hot 97 that Janet has a secret 18-year-old daughter with his brother James. They were briefly married in 1984, but had an annullment the following year.
During the interview, Young said Jackson and his brother, a former member of another Motown group are the parents of "Renee," who was sent away to live with Janet's oldest brother Rebbie. Janet Jackson's rep said only that Janet didn't wish to comment.

Finally! The album cover that came out around the time this so called daughter was born makes sense to me!
Obviously Janet must of given birth and needed someone to hoist up her saggy breasts!

Carmen Electra says men need to reclaim their masculinity, because she finds the new wave of feminine males a huge turn-off. She claims to be tired of 'metrosexuals' in today's society, and insists there's nothing wrong with a man embracing his base instincts.
She says, "To me, you've got to be a real manly kind of man. I want the man to be protective of his woman. For a while it seemed as if masculinity had gone out of style. You know what I mean? I think that's what women are kind of missing someone who's a little bit aggressive. Not someone who's too controlling or too possessive or who wouldn't allow you to be at your full potential as a woman. But someone who really respects you and cares, but still has that masculine quality."

This coming from the woman married to Dave Navarro?? I actually see his face in my head when I hear the words "feminine side." Dave wears more makeup than Carmen does. Oh, and here's the happy couple, both wearing skirts.

Paris Hilton has a new song on her new album called "The Bitch". In the song Paris repeats the word 'Bitch' about 30 times. The track talks about how this "bitch" used Paris and how she would never be famous without her. Obviously, it is being speculated that the song refers to none other than Nicole Richie.
A representative for Richie says, "We can't comment on it because we haven't heard it." While a spokesperson for Hilton does confirm that the album will include a song about jealousy, she insists that nobody is named on the track.

Paris seen here leaving a club in a reptile-like the snake she is!

Nicole should get her back... And put a song of her album which is soon to be released. The song can be go something like this:
" You fight me and you won't win
Compared to you, now I'm the one who's thin
Everyone loves the way I dress
Compared to you cuz you always look a mess
I can keep a man for more than a week
So what if he's not an heir and somewhat of a geek
You have money but, will never buy class
So stick your stupid song up your a$$"

Ricky Martin nearly quit his music career in favour of becoming a massage therapist. Although, Ricky maintains that learning the sensual skill was one of the best decisions he ever made. He says, "I'm a great massage therapist. I trained when I was 19. It was after I had been in the boyband Menudo and I was bored with showbusiness. My mom soon put me straight, though. She said, 'No son, you belong on stage.'"

He can say what he wants but, I doubt mom set him "straight."
I could of had a massage by Ricky Martin? I hate his mother for this, I really do.

Ashlee Simpson was inspired to write one of the tracks "Eyes Wide Open" on her new CD - By a ghost. She explains, "I swore there was a ghost in the house. I know it sounds a little crazy but my mom thought there was one too. We kind of made a joke of it and called her SHELLY but I was really scared. It didn't feel like something mean, I just felt like there was something in my house."

It was probably her father stumbling around the house drunk one night. Now that is a scary thought.

Pop duo TATU sign autographs in Moscow for their new release due out soon

Mary Kate and Ashley go shopping with their huge bodyguard.

David Beckham poses with female fans as he leaves a nightclub at 3a.m

Wait til his wife "cling on" Victoria sees that photo!

Tara Reid poses for men's mag FHM and proves the value of PHOTOSHOP.

Antonio Banderas, wife Melanie Griffith, her daughter with ex Don Johnson and the couple's young daughter Stella are on Hollywood Blvd where Antonio got his Hollywood star.

Kirstie Alley doesn't have a star yet..

Paris finds something interesting on her car.

Hmmmm....she'll probably go.

New daddy and father of our nation -Kevin Federline went clubbing on Friday night.

Here's Kev paying his cover charge to get in...

Just as Britney is opening her wallet to pay for diapers.......



Blogger [.a.n.d.r.e.w.] said...

Does Paris realize putting out a CD will hurt her career? I don't think ppl will take her seriously... Nicole Richie has a better chace of having a more successful CD, apparantly her first single will have Britney featured on it!

Tara still looks like DIRT when its airbrushed... =S Yuck.

8:34 PM  
Blogger Chelsea's Mama said...

I have a feeling Nicole's album is going to kick butt! I heard her play piano on the view once and she is very talented.

8:45 PM  

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