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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Celebrity W.T.F's Volume 70

Although FOX network recently announce they dropped the show "The Simple Life" from their schedule, Paris Hilton says the show will still air, just somewhere else.
"We're shooting Nov. 1" she told the Associated Press "All the networks are fighting over it." 20th Century Fox Television, which produces the show confirmed it would try to move it to another network – with both Hilton and Richie.

I wonder how they will manage this since the two girls cannot stand each other and suddenly it makes sense that Paris is trying desperately to make up with Nicole. Anyhow,Paris now has yet another new sidekick. This time it's a ferret. The ferret's name is Cinderella. Maybe this is one companion that will be able to put up with Paris's antics. I said maybe.

First Daniel Craig was named the new Bond, and now its rumored that Angelina Jolie might be the next Bond girl. The producers are saying she's just perfect for the role of Vesper Lynd, a Russian double agent. There have also been hints that Sienna Miller might join the Bond cast, which would be interesting since two weeks ago it was rumored Siena cheated on Jude with Daniel who is his good friend.

Ooh...VESPER LYND...My maiden name is Linda Vespera....Angelina Jolie will be playing my namesake!!!!!!(And people think prayer doesn't work)
....Except I am not russian or a double agent but, neither is she.

Rumors are flying around that Brad Pitt's family does not welcome Angelina - not so According to Heat magazine. They are reporting that Jennifer Aniston is put out because in fact the Pitt family loves Angelina. Jennifer feels like she has been pushed to the background. Apparently Jen had a particularly close relationship with Brad's brother Doug, who recently sang Ange's praises at a Junior Rotary Club meeting. He reportedly said: "My family have met Angelina and we really, really like her. She's great!"Before adding: "Of course we like Jen too."

So Jen's mad that the family would rather look at Angelina during Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter dinner. Fifty points for Team Jolie.

Scarlet Johanson had a hissy fit on the set of her new movie "Sky One's Hex" according to British actress Jemima Rooper who is also in the movie.
"I heard Scarlett was very distressed when she saw my blonde wig," Jemima claims "She thought she was the only blonde in the film"
Other sources claim that Jemima is trying to get herself press and that this never happened.

Scarlet has been in many films and I doubt she would have a fit over something so silly. Unless she is jealous she had to touch up her roots and the other chick just got to wear a wig.

Christina Aguilera apparently has already sold her pending wedding pictures for the price of around $665,000. It is quite common for stars to sell rights to one magazine as a way to keep the paparazzi from crashing major events such as Christina's marriage to Jordan Bratman. Christina made the modest deal with People magazine to run the first photos, so she won't have to deal with helicopters carrying photographers.

Most couples ask for millions, not these guys, here are Christina and her fiance getting some ice cream together. You know what they say, couples who eat ice cream together, get frozen ice cream brain feeling together.

Madonna is working on a children's television series. She has already published three children's books: MR PEABODY'S APPLES, YAKOV AND THE SEVEN THIEVES and most recently LOTSA DE CASHA. The TV series is aimed at young girls and each episode will follow a group of girls who find themselves in challenging situations. The storylines are rumoured to be based on Kabbalah teachings.

I don't care how much this woman claims she has changed I wouldn't want any children of mine to be learning anything from her. Especially in this get up.

According to reports in The Sun, Katie Holme's wedding dress will be an Armani vintage satin gown. And it seems that Tom is putting in a big effort to make sure that Katie has the perfect dress: "Tom asked Georgio to design the dress especially and he has had Katie in for several fittings. It's unusual for the groom to have a say in the dress but he has had a lot of input. It seems Tom has a very clear idea of what he wants for the ceremony."

Ofcourse he does! He plans on putting it on and prancing around in private while Katie's off feeding Mr. X sperm donor's kid.

Victoria and David Beckham are being accused of hiding an alleged breakdown of their marriage behind a public relations campaign, in order to keep their lucrative advertising deals intact.
David and his wife are suing the News Of The World over an article published last year in which their former nanny, claimed the Beckham's marriage has broken down. Remember when David's former personal assistant Rebecca Loos claimed she enjoyed a steamy affair with her boss when Victoria was away on business. The Beckhams have denied the validity of her allegations but have not taken legal action.
The Beckhams countered in a statement "We do not deny that we promote ourself as a happily married couple. We say that because it's true."

These two are as happy as her breasts are real. Here's yet another photo of her clinging on to him for dear life.

Dolly Parton recently told the story about a time when she thought it would be funny to show up unannounced at a Hallowe'en contest and was shocked when she was beaten by someone else.
She recalls, "I didn't know if they knew it or not and if it was a joke because they used to have all these Dollys down on Santa Monica Boulevard. They had the contest and I just got in the line and somebody else won. I don't think they really did know it was me."

Who won the contest? Pamela Anderson? She looks so much like Dolly. Especially from the chest up.

Ashlee Simpson recently made the decision to lighten her black hair to a platinum blonde. She say that the result is that she's become a lot more approachable to strangers.
She says, "People are nicer to me. They smile at me as I walk down the street. It's funny with your hair colour you don't change as a person. But when you have that jet black hair people like think that you might be a little bit scarier. But I'm not scary at all!"

Don't know about y'all but, I think she is scary as a blonde. I loved the dark hair. People smile at her cuz they feel sorry for her.

Cutie couple Ben and Jen grab a coffee together. Hers is caffeine free and his has a shot of rum in it. Kidding.

Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards took their kids to the pumpkin patch.

And it seems to please them....I thought she said last week on the Ellen show they were "focusing on the children and not on each other"??? Pumpkins must turn her on.

Jennifer Aniston was seen with Vince Vaughn...yet again!

Good thing they weren't in Canada.......Angelina was out with Braddy and Maddy.

Charlize Theron pulled a "Cruise on the Couch" when Ellen asked her about her relationship with longtime boyfriend Stuart Townsend.

Some of the Osbourne family at a recent award show in Monaco. LOVING Sharon's new do!! Kelly...not so much.

Nick and Jessica at the airport. Tired from the flight or tired of each other?

Jessica reassures the papparazzi that she is still married. Last time she showed them a finger, it was her middle one.

If you've been wondering why meanie Kimberly Stewart hasn't been picking on anyone lately......

She has. Her ass.

Heidi Klum is on Germany's IN TOUCH magazine with her adorable son she had with singer Seal.

Eva Longoria and real life boyfriend Tony Parker strike a pose. He looks a little upset

I guess he's seen her co-star.....Desperate Housewive's Gardener John played by Jessie Metcalfe. Jessie is the reason my hubby will NEVER hire a gardener. (Meanwhile, I have the hots for the plumber)

Mariah Carey hung out with Donatella Versace recently at an event. Here's how the the conversation went as I see it.

Mariah: "Donatella, I am the best dressed here. Thanks for making this for me. Next time just use half the material ok hon?"
Donatella: "You stupid beech. I do not make them, I have underage children in Mongolia do that, I DESIGN and CREATE!!

Mariah: "Don't call me a that! I don't even like you. I am only standing beside you because it makes me look sexy. Much sexier than usual.....and I feel so beautiful. "

Donatella: "Beech, I only stand with you so I look classy. You a big hoe."



Blogger TangentArifa said...

Come on world. When are we going to set Paris adrift on an iceberg? The joke has gone on long enough. We get it. She's "popular" for being rich and stupid and doing nothing productive. Please: STOP THE INSANITY.

Oh, kinda freaky about the new Bond girl name. Why didn't you pray to rid us of Paris Hilton?

And back to an earlier blog about Desperate Housewives possibly putting on Eva Longoria's real boyfriend - that would be like having Gilmore Girl's Michel on the thanks.

10:06 PM  
Blogger Chelsea's Mama said...

I would love to leave Paris Useless Hilton out of my blogs but, unfortunately she is everywhere and always in the news and besides.....she is an easy target to ridicule.
RE - Bond girl...With my damn luck Angelina will turn down the part and Paris will play my namesake.
That'll teach me.

10:12 PM  
Blogger glor said...

Well, if anyone but Angelina plays your name sake, sue their butts for something copyright or breach of blah blah blah.

10:34 PM  
Blogger Bernadette said...

I lost it....I'm on the floor rolling over the Donatella/Mariah dialogue...too funny. What a bunch of beeches!!


9:04 AM  
Blogger [.a.n.d.r.e.w.] said...

I would like to see Angelina as a bond girl. She'd do it very well!

LOL the Mariah and Donnatella convo was hilarious. Donnatella is so ugly... =S

2:49 PM  

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