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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Celebrity W.T.F's Volume 66

Kirstie Alley has been romantically linked to a new man - Al Pacino. Kirstie who has been single for five years was spotted out with Pacino and onlookers say that, although the couple were with friends, their rendez-vous had all the makings of a romantic date.
A source tells America's Star magazine, "They were huddled for the whole evening at the Chateau Marmont, and, at one point, Kirstie was stroking his thigh as she talked to him.
"It was bizarre. They totally looked as if they were on a date."

If this is true she'll be known as "Phat Actress" instead of "FAT Actress."
Go Kirstie!!!

Charlie Sheen and his wife Denise Richards are struggling with being parents since oldest daughter Sam started walking. The couple's second daughter Lola was born this last summer - just 15 months after the arrival of Sam - and Denise has admitted that having her children born so close is a lot tougher than she'd anticipated.
She says, "We thought it would be really easy, because at the time Sam wasn't even crawling. She just laid in a basket and we thought, 'This can't be too hard and then during my second pregnancy Sam started walking and we thought, Oh, great, this is a little soon! I don't sleep, I'm just running everywhere. You should see our house."

I don't understand how people can have children and then be so shocked that they get no sleep, their house is full of toys and they are run ragged.

Jude Law is "IT" in the cheating game. First he cheated with the Nanny, then Sienna cheated back with his best friend. Now, according to the Daily Mirror, Salma Hayek is reason for their latest relationship troubles. Sienna is said to have been furious after hearing that ex-fiance Jude partied the night away in a nightclub with the sexy Salma. She is said to have confronted Jude while they had lunch.
An onlooker said: "It was astonishing. Sienna was screaming as she flew into the room but Jude appeared completely calm and nonchalant... she was clearly very upset."
But the paper reports that after Jude had calmed Sienna down, they left the room and got into the lift before disappearing upstairs together.

Sienna was seen sporting a new "I cut off all my hair to spite you." look.

Competing with the nanny was one thing......but, when you're in the running with to just pack it in.
Did this woman get ALL the "oozing with sexiness" genes or what?

Tommy Lee was taken to a hospital Wednesday night after the Motley Crue drummer was burned during a pyrotechnics stunt. Lee went on with the show and performed another song after being injured, but the concert was cut short because of the incident. Tommy was treated at the Wyoming Medical Center but was not badly hurt.

If this was twenty years ago Tommy would of been dead! He used to pour Jack Daniels over his body before a show. He loved it so much. Imagine that igniting?

Robbie Williams is constantly talking about his depression, loneliness and doubts about his he’s proclaiming he wants to be a girl.
Robbie said, "I want to know what sex feels like for a woman," he told a German magazine "If I was a woman - but only for 24 hours - then I'd finally know what's going on in their heads and I want to experience a female orgasm."

I'm sure all his ex-girlfriends would like to know what one feels like too.
Here's the idiot walking about carrying a bottle of booze. We already have a female version of him.......TARA REID.

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston listed the Los Angeles home they once shared together for a cool $28 million. Spotlight News reports that two famous people are bidding for the home. Jessica Simpson and Ellen DeGeneres have both shown interest. Ellen and her girlfriend Portia fell in love with the home when they saw it and Jessica Simpson thinks it would be a great addition to the other property she owns with hubby Nick.

I wonder who will get the house. I know it must be fabulous but, isn't is loaded with bad Karma? I mean look what happened to the previous tenants. I suppose Jessica and Nick are willing to take the chance since their relationship according to the gossip mongrel mags can't get any worse?

But, if you believe in the cursed house stuff then you may as well just move in and invite Angelina Jolie just to get the inevitable affair over with. This would work with both potential home owners because Angelina makes no secret she has dated women in the past.

Ooh....this makes Ellen and Portia happy!

And this brings us to yet another Jennifer Aniston story.......Rumors and gossip have rebounded once again Jennifer and Vince Vaughn were seen kissing and being romantic Tuesday night, They were also seen "dancing, eyes locked, before kissing and making out as bodyguards shooed the crowd away," reports People. Jennifer was in Chicago to support her Vince as his Wild West Comedy tour. During the performance, Jen watched the show from the balcony.

Jen's reps are insisting they are just Friends.
I believe it. Hey, her and Ross were "Friends"- so were her and Joey.
Now she's being "friendly" with Vince.

Fox Television has cancelled a fourth series of reality TV show The Simple Life after its two stars, Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, fell out. .
Fox said it "did not see a place" for the show in its schedules. The network did say they have a replacement idea "We're very excited about the creative plans for the next group of episodes, and are confident this situation will be remedied quickly," it said in a statement.
Paris had wanted the daughter of Rod Stewart, Kimberly, to take over from Richie but Fox rejected this proposal. Producers insisted Hilton and Richie would be held to their contract to make another series of The Simple Life.

Paris in the meantime is spending time with her latest Greek Heir boyfriend Stavros Niarchos III. I hope this guy realizes she will still continue to yell out "PARIS!" during intimate moments but, new boy toy need not fear, she is referring to her own name...not her ex's.

While Nicole has been shopping like mad lately. Not sure why a girl who barely weighs in over 90lbs would want to buy a tent dress.

Keira Knightley wants her fake boobs back. When she starred in Pirates of the Caribbean film, make up artists used to spend 45 minutes painting her breasts give the illusion of a bust. They won't be doing that for the sequels.
Kiera said, "I haven't grown. It's awful. It was one of the real reasons that I was so excited to do another Pirates... I got my cleavage painted in again, and they didn't end up doing it.They do it with a paint brush and lots of different colours and you shade and it's great. I wish I could do it every morning."

Sounds like a lot of paint! Why doesn't she just wear a push up for the same effect?I don't normally urge women to get boob jobs but, in this case wouldn't it just be easier??

Britney may have to return to work after the birth of her son sooner than expected because her cash flow isn't anywhere near what it used to be and all fingers at pointing at Kevin Federline.
His latest venture is a multimillion-dollar dance school he’s building with Michael Jackson’s father, Joe. But an insider tells Life & Style Weekly that Britney's mom Lynne may save the day. She has stepped in and is keeping a watchful eye on the couple’s checkbook.

This can't be happening. Kevin? Kevin Federline?
This has got to be a lie.
This is not a current photo of the two but, let's face it - NOTHING's changed. She is still on the phone to her mom begging for help and he is still sitting around picking his ass.

Mariah Carey claims she has been "born again" several times in this lifetime. Mariah says that following her reported "breakdown" in 2001 after filming two movies and a busy promotional tour she feels she had been through everything but death. She thinks she's changed her priorities and her relationship with God and has realised she is not the one in charge. "Whatever God wants to happen is what's going to happen," she says. "It's by the grace of God I'm still here."

One thing's for sure. Mariah's breasts have been 'born again" a few times. No matter how much she denies it.

Sheryl Crow put on a free concert in her fiance Lance Armstrong's adopted hometown of Austin, Texas, earlier this month to thank the residents for supporting him during his cancer battle.
Sheryl did the show on October 2nd, nine years to the day that her man was diagnosed with testicular cancer. And survivor Armstrong, who attended the show with his three young children, even got in on the act - he played the drums on a cover of ZZ Top's Gimme All Your Lovin'.

I have always been a Sheryl Crow fan because even before she met Lance she was doing nice things like this.

Katie Holme's aunt, Carol Zydorczyk is denying reports that Katie got pregnant with the aid of in-vitro fertilization treatment.
She says, "I can assure you they did it the old fashioned way."

The old fashioned way huh? So it was dark and they were in separate rooms.
That's what we figured.

Nicolas Cage has forgiven Sean Penn for past not-so-nice comments about him. In 1999, Penn famously declared, "Nic Cage is no longer an actor. He's more like a performer"
Nicolas says, "That was his opinion and, you know, we've since left it all behind us. But I think at any time an actor does something unusual it's going to be met with a certain amount of criticism."

I personally think Nicolas Cage is a fantastic actor. Like the time he married Lisa Marie Presley? I was convinced he loved her. Turned out he has some sick obsession with Elvis Presley.
He had me going. Lisa Marie too. Good acting!

Out and About....
Sneak peek at the CD cover of Madonna's new dance album to be released soon.

Halle Berry with no make up running some errands. Other celebrities need four hours of hair and makeup to look half as good.

Victoria Beckham should change her name to Polly - cuz she could really use a cracker. She's starting to make Nicole Ritchie look obese. Yikes.

Who cares about food when your husband is as fine as this.
Here is David Beckham going for his daily run.

Speaking of FINE....It's Ricky Martin! He even looks CALIENTE with an Alfalfa from Little Rascal's hairdo. Not easy for mere mortals to pull off.

Remember that big story about Cynthia Nixon (Miranda from sex and the city) leaving her boyfriend of over a decade for a woman?
Here's the woman.

Lindsay Lohan has hurt her knee now.

Not sure how she injured her knee but, I would suggest that she wear a helmut when she goes clubbing with her drunken buddies.

Christina Aguilera in a new ad for soda pop. It' s either COKE or PEPSI...Whoever has a peacock for a mascot I guess.



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Oh my god I'm not suprised Brit and Kev are out of money. Its all his fault, lol. Also hes such a slob that hes picking his ass in that picture... =S

That is interesting that how 2 couples want to live in Brad and Jenn's house and yet it could be cursed, lol. I guess they aren't superstitious! =P Theres pics of Nick and Jess in Italy, their trying to deny the rumors, its funny cuz her smile is so fake, u can tell something is up! *suspicious look*

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That Sheryl Crow concert at the Greek Theatre was a good-rockin' event!

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