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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Celebrity W.T.F's Volume 65

Ashton Kutcher is relieved to finally call himself Demi Moore's husband - because he was sick of being called her "boy toy". After suffering through jokes about the age difference between them, Kutcher insists he is more than capable of making Demi and her family happy.
He says: "I'm proud to be the husband of Demi Moore and the stepfather of her three wonderful girls. I hope the love that we share can resonate around the world so that someday I can hear its echo."
OK! is the only magazine in the U.S. that has the exclusive first look at the beautiful wedding photos of Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher.

He is just in awe of her. Which is good.
You should respect your elders.

Look to the right side and see her daughters and her ex Bruce Willis (he's the bald one). All three of her daughters walked her down the aisle.

Cutting the cake made of some freakish design.

Aw. This is where she tells him how old she really is. Kidding. Botox or not, she's gorgeous!

Charlize Theron on the other hand is not in a hurry to walk up the aisle. In an interview that aired yesterday on "Access Hollywood," the actress said matrimony is not for her.
"I'm happy for people who want to get married, It's not my thing."
Even though she doesn't want marriage, she remains committed to her boyfriend of four years, actor Stuart Townsend
She added, "I'm extremely happy in my relationship," she said. "I would love to have kids."

This past weekend Charlize was in a bridal party. Her mother, Gerda, got married again. Any man would be an improvement on Gerda's first husband. She fatally shot Charlize's father who was an alcoholic as he threatened the family in a drunken rage. Charlize was 15 at the time.
Here's her mom's second wedding. Charlize is on the left as a pretty bridesmaid.

Elizabeth Hurley is hoping to marry fiance Arun Nayar on Valentine's Day. They wanted to get married sonner but, legal problems have delayed the wedding plans, Liz said:
"It hasn't been easy. We want to marry in February, possibly on Valentine's Day."
Arun's estranged wife Valentina Pedroni recently gave up her ten-year fight against their divorce.
Liz is denying that her ex and good friend Hugh Grant will be her best man, "Hugh will not be our best man. I might ask David (Furnish) though."
David Furnish is Elton John's partner in case you needed to know that.

Isn't the groom supposed to pick the best man? Actually, shouldn't the groom BE the best man there....or really, why bother?

Kylie Minogue was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year and is spending time in Paris at the home of boyfriend Olivier Martinez. Unfortunately, the actor is currently away filming, but remains in constant touch. A friend told Grazia magazine that Kylie, is planning to relax and take it easy after her chemotherapy is over. Since discovering the lump on her breast, she plans to make the most of every moment. According to friends, she's enjoying relaxing and doing more ordinary things, like going to the local supermarket.

Get well soon Kylie!

Jessica Simpson has been literally begging for a role in the movie "DALLAS" which will be based on the popular television show of the 80's. She is also wanting Brad Pitt to star alongside her. "Jessica's had a secret crush on Brad for ages," says a friend. "She literally saw Legends of the Fall more than 12 times. She thinks that Brad is the hottest man alive."
Jessica's father Joe Simpson agrees with Jessica- she must get a starring role in the film.

Actually, Jessica would make a great Lucy Ewing. Blonde, big jugs and hardly in ANY scenes.
Sign her up!

Johnny Depp has admitted he developed an unhealthy obsession with women's clothes while starring in film biopic Ed Wood. Depp played cross-dressing film director Ed Wood in the 1994 film.
Johnny revealed, "Since wearing a slip and a bra in Ed Wood I have much more respect for women. Actually I find myself sneaking a look at women's shoes and stockings. I've developed this subconscious habit. It may be a little dangerous - I'm a little worried."

Hey, he can look at my stockings anytime.....and I'm not wearing any.

Saturday night at a party in West Hollywood, former Friends star Matthew Perry showed up with Gilmore Girls mom Lauren Graham.
"They definitely looked like a couple," an eyewitness said.

Wow. Who ever thought that Chandler and Lorilei would be getting it on?
Wonder if she's any good at foozball?

At a dinner last night attended by 700 diplomats and VIP guests, Angelina accepted the Global Humanitarian Award from the United Nations Association of the USA.
Angelina said, "To receive an award for something which has been the greatest thing in my life" aside from my two children, Zahara and Maddox, is very strange, The UN is the closest thing to fighting for justice. I feel very, very privileged to be a very small part of it," Jolie said.

No mention of Brad?
I know world peace is nice but, I would of mentioned Brad.
That's just me.

Actress Megan Fox claims Lindsay Lohan used her to illegally buy cigarettes. Megan who co-starred with Lohan in "Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen," admits their relationship was based on her ability to purchase cigarettes -- even though she was under the legal age of 18.She tells FHM magazine, "Lindsay and I weren't the best of friends. Because I looked older than her, she'd be nice to my face. I would buy her cigarettes. We got away with it every time."

I guess now that Lindsay is older she can buy her own cigarettes. Her own alcohol, her own cocaine and her own breasts.


Ben and Jen go to dinner. She may be pregnant but, he's the one who's glowing!

Jack Osbourne goes running with his new mohawk hair cut.

Kate Hudson, Goldie Hawn's daughter goes swimming with her little boy Ryder.
Yes, it's a boy.

Kevin Federline gets pulled over for speeding.
Wonder why he was in such a hurry to get out of his house?
Hee hee.

Your favorite Desperate men will be appearing on BRAVO's highly entertaining show, Celebrity Poker Showdown, this Thursday, October 13th, at 9pm. Doug Savant(Tom- Lynette's hubby) James Denton (Mike the plumber) Mark Moses (Paul Young - creepy Zach's father) Steven Culp (Rex- Bree's hubby) and Ricardo Chavira (Carlos- Gabrielle's husband) will be supporting their favorite charites in the $1 million dollar tournament, which include Cure Autism Now, the Special Olympics, and various cancer charities.
Sorry, no Jesse Metcalfe...the gardener. I think he's too young to play poker....hee hee

Here's a photo shoot the boys did recently.
Mike the plumber!
He's like liquid DRANO , only WAY WAY WAY WAY better.

Tom takes a break from watching the kids....

Carlos gets time off for good behavior...

Oooh, and he's hanging out with creepy Paul Young




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