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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Celebrity W.T.F's Volume 64

Melanie Griffith sought revenge when a flight attendant snapped at her as she was wrapping up a call on her mobile phone. Melanie said she wanted to get even so in her words, "I hung up the phone and then I thought: 'Bitch, I'm gonna get her back.' I saw her go up to the other stewardesses and they were talking about me and I asked one of them to come back."I said: 'Could you please tell her that I was speaking to a loved one, who is dying in a hospital in New York, and that's why I'm flying there, and she just made me hang up and I'm gonna now fly the whole way not knowing anything. It was a lie but, that'll teach them!"
Melanie felt she was picked on by the jealous stewardess because she was a celebrity.

WAS a celebrity ARE the key words here. Besides the broadway play she did a few years ago just to be near her hubby Antonio Banderas who was performing across the street (Cuz Melanie is SO insecure and afraid a young, beautiful thing will steal him away)......really, what has she done lately?
Besides get even more collagen in her ridiculous lips.

Speaking of plastic surgery nightmares.....Michael Jackson was mobbed by fans at the famous wax museum Madame Tussauds during a stay in London. Michael had his children with him during the visit on Sunday. Michael walked through a crowd of fans, shielding his eyes from camera flashes, and into the building.
The star's children - Prince Michael Jr, Prince Michael II and Paris-Michael - all had their faces covered in their usual fashion.

His poor kids probably didn't realize they were in a wax museum. Hey, when your daddy looks like this you think everyone does!
Notice you never hear stories that his kids protest having to cover their faces in public? They probably WELCOME those scarves.

The White Stripes rocker Jack White and his model wife Karen Elson reportedly are expecting their first child. Jack revealed the news to close family last weekend, writes Britain's the Sun newspaper. Jack and Karen eloped n June, just four months after they met.

I have a sneaking suspicion the baby is praying for Mama's genes.

Pamela Anderson's nearly naked image is returning to China on phone cards telling people not to buy fur. She appears topless with her back to the camera and an arm partly hiding her right breast behind the slogan, "Give fur the cold shoulder," in English. Behind her, an image of falling snow appears above Chinese characters reading "Cold shoulders are nothing compared to the pain they feel" and "Please don't wear fur."
70,000 phone cards were printed, a toned-down version of bus and train stop ads that were altered three times to reduce the amount of skin on show before being approved for public display.
"The people of China deserve to know about the immense suffering of animals killed for their fur," said Pamela in a statement "Once people know that animals are electrocuted, drowned, bludgeoned to death and sometimes skinned alive, they realize fur is disgusting and that there's nothing luxurious or fashionable about it."

Wait until Pam finds out that Chicken Chow Mein ain't really ......chicken.

Mariah Carey would not leave her dog "Jack" in New York City when he was refused a seat on a flight to Los Angeles. Instead, Mariah took the flight alone and had her chauffeur drive Jack the Jack Russell terrier 3,000 miles across America.
The singer was left speechless when the airline she was flying first class with refused Jack a berth "because he's too big."
She tells British Glamour, "They said, 'We'd only allow it for a famous dog.' Please! He has three Web sites dedicated to him."

Yeah but, does her dog have it's OWN blog???
Bitch please.

Although Charlie Sheen told David Letterman he acted like "A complete ass" when it came to his near divorce with wife Denise Richards.....Denise says she is still waiting for an apology. Denise told Ellen DeGeneres on Ellen's daytime talk show,
"Well, it wasn't an apology, per se. He just said he was a gigantic ass. He didn't say, 'I apologize.' I'm still waiting for the public apology. Everyone keeps saying he apologized, but I don't recall an 'I'm sorry' in there." She adds, "It does seem like we're together, but right now we're focusing on the kids."

OOOOOH, She is going to make him grovel and beg.....I knew I liked her!

Hugh Hefner has four children and is thinking about having another one. He is 80 years old.
Hugh said, "Holly and I have talked about that, I wouldn't reject it out of hand. I certainly think it's possible."
Holly is 25-year-old Holly Madison, one of three of his very blond girlfriends. His other two girlfriends are Bridget and Kendra. At one point Hugh had sevin girlfriends he has narrowed them down to three.
"I am slowing down - in my fashion," Hef said.

Only so much Viagra you can take eh Hef?
How can he talk about having children when he is sleeping with children ??? (Compared to him they are!)
Why is it NEVERLAND gets searched but, the Playboy mansion doesn't???? C'mon ! He is old enough to be their granddaddy! The COMBINED ages of his girlfriends are 76!!!!!

Madonna is known for pissing off the Catholic church usually, now she has angered Jewish leaders. They are upset after they heard about the song Isaac, on her upcoming album. The track is a tribute to a 16th Century Kabbalah scholar, but clerics say it is forbidden for the name of a rabbi to be used for profit. Rabbi Rafael Cohen spoke to an Israeli newspaper and told them that Madonna is due to receive some harsh repercussions from the heavens for her blasphemy.

Madonna could not be reached for comment......but, if she was...I have a feeling...........this is what she'd say.

Kevin and Britney got into a fight AGAIN and he took off. He stayed with a friend until both he and Brit calmed down. Britney's mom Lynne apparently came to the rescue with promises of cash and a reality show. As I have been reporting in the last few days, Brit and Kevin have been fighting like crazy. Britney is upset over her figure. While she was pregnant she over indulged and gained at least fifty pounds. Now she is spending a ton of cash on fitness experts and a nutrional team to whip her back into shape.

It went something like this.

"Mama help me. He left AGAIN. I feel fat. Come over. That baby keeps crying and shitting green. Help me Mama, you gotta help me. No Mama, Madonna is not returning my calls. Please I need you!!!! Ok, ok, Mama. See you soon.
Uh....Mama? Can you pick up some cheezies and a corndog on your way here?"

"I didn't sign up for this crap. I got two other kids I ain't cared about so why should I start now? I need to get me some earplugs so I can't hear Britney whining anymore and that dumb kid keeps screaming. Just like when I wore them earplugs to her concerts and pretended she sang good. Or lip synched good. Or whatever. I just wanted to get in her pants. I thought she was takin some kinda protection. I need to go git a beer and some weed...and maybe a stripper who has a tight tummy."

Jennifer Aniston is rumored to have hung up on Brad Pitt when he recently tried apologizing to her for the pain he's caused by his romance with Angelina Jolie. Jennifer feels disgraced over the inevitable marriage between Brad and Angelina. She is also heartbroken over the fact that more rumors are surfacing that Angelina may in fact be pregnant. If that is true then Brad and Angelina will have 3 children. (When he adopts Maddox and Zahara)
Apparently, Brad always told Jennifer that a perfect family was sevin children.

PROOF Jennifer is not over him. She would of blocked his number first of all and secondly she wouldn't of answered in the first place!

Oasis has been stirring things up again...... this time at the British Q Music Awards. Oasis consists of rocker bad boys and brothers Liam and Noel Gallagher. It all started when Chris Martin of Coldplay accepted the award for the Best Act In The World. Chris thanked Oasis and said they were his inspiration. Liam, the badder of the two boys heckled as Chris was on stage, "Go on, have a pop. You're a plant pot."
Later, after Liam had several glasses of bubbly he explained "Actually, I much prefer Chris Martin to Robbie Williams. He's a nice guy and I really do get a buzz off his music."
Noel Gallagher added to the craziness by giving Chris a kiss backstage - for the cameras of course.

Liam tells it like it is.

Chris Martin puckers up for Noel Gallagher.
Noel's a fine improvement over Gwyneth!

New reports are saying that Paris Hilton broke up with Paris Latsis over the phone. To make it even more apalling, she was with her new man, Stavros Niarchos, who was also listening in!!
Female Paris recently told Us Weekly, "Paris says I can keep the engagement ring. He says I earned it."
Meanwhile one of MALE Paris's friends since commented, "How else did she earn it? With sex. Like a hooker. It's a diss and she didn't get it — no surprise."
Hilton seems happy to be free of Latsis: she celebrated all weekend with Bijou Phillips and Kim Stewart at the Hard Rock in Vegas. The girls partied well into Saturday morning, when Hilton was heard screaming: "I am so glad I'm single!"

She's glad?
Her ex fiancee's parents probably are STILL dancing in a delirious haze!


Christina Aguilera seen leaving a Hollywood bookstore.

Eva Longoria (Gabrielle from Desperate Housewives) and her boyfriend Tony Parker snorkel and snuggle in the Virgin Islands

FINALLY! A party where Paris Hilton is NOT invited! This is a news!
Here are photos from Nicole Ritchie's engagement party.
Nicole and her fiance.

Left to right.... Mark McGrath, not sure who second guy is, Nicky Hilton and Nicole's dad Lionel Ritchie.

A hug from her skele-twin...Lindsay Lohan.

The gorgeous Rachel McAdams (The Notebook, Red Eye, Wedding Crashers) who was a brunette and a she is blonde.
How is she NOT a CLAIROL spokesperson?
She looks fantastic in any shade!

And Jessica Simpson is working on an excercise video she will be releasing next year.
Good thing too. She's a real porker.............................NOT.



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The inidentified guy standing with Nicole and Lionel looks like Kevin Connoly from Entourage (and with this website, how are you not watching that?! :) )

And Melanie Griffith is now in a painful to watch sitcom Friday nights on the WB with Sara Gilbert and Cousin Larry (from Perfect Strangers.. uh, in the early 90s? oh, damn I'm old.)

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Thanks Pink

I really should of known that :)
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I'd love to see her reaction to seeing Christina replacing her in Pepsi with a way much better figure than her! =P CAT FIGHT! MEOW!

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