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Monday, October 10, 2005

Celebrity W.T.F'S Volume 63

Sienna Miller has denied claims that she had a fling with Jude Law's mate Daniel Craig.
Newspapers are reporting that her on-off relationship with Jude is finally over following the revelations of her tryst with Daniel.The Sun claims that the actress is in Morocco after Jude threw her out of their London home.This comes just months after Jude himself confessed to an affair with his children's nanny, it was thought they were since trying to patch things up. Daniel and Sienna played lovers in the film Layer Cake. Rumors say they were spotted having dinner and spent the rest of the evening dancing at a nearby nightclub.
Jude and Daniel have both refused to comment about this latest episode, whilst Sienna has denied the affair or refused to comment, depending on which paper you read.

These two are like Nick and Jessica, put us out of our misery and break up already!

Now that Katie Holmes is pregnant with Tom Cruise's baby, she's cutting her last ties to non-Scientologists. The night before she announced she was expecting, Holmes informed her publicist, Leslie Sloane, who also reps Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears, that her services were no longer needed. Without mentioning she was with child, Holmes explained that Lee Anne De Vette, Cruise's sister and fellow Scientologist will now be her publicist.

Now Tom can make sure that his fiance is brainwashed even when he can't be there to do it him self.

Uma Thurman has spoken for the first time about the breakdown of her marriage to Ethan Hawke. The actress decided to open up to Oprah Winfrey. "It's excruciating," sobbedUma as she revealed that she is far from over the end of her five-year marriage. "There are so many hurt feelings," she continued, "There's a lot of unfinished business. I recently thought I'd never feel better." The couple divorced earlier this year following an affair Ethan had with a waitress. The pair have two children - a daughter, Maya, seven, and a son, Levon, three. Uma told Oprah that returning to work after having children had put a lot of pressure on the marriage.

Uma should of whooped Ethan's ass with some of the martial arts moves she learned filming the "Kill Bill" series. Especially that scene where she fights Darryl Hannah's character.Hard to have a wandering eye when you're missing an eyeball.

Dennis Rodman is telling all in his book "I should be Dead by Now" Due out November 1st. Apparently he is dishing all the details of his 8 day wedding to Carmen Electra in 1998. In his autobiography, Rodman recounts an episode with Carmen in the backseat of his car. Carmen allegedly chatted with another guy in the front seat, bodyguard George Triantafillo - while Dennis and her were having sex.
"George, would you tell Dennis to stop?" Electra complained to Triantafillo as Rodman labored furiously. "I'm getting tired."
In the book he also reveals the real reason for a marital brawl that drew police to their Miami hotel room.Rodman writes that Electra had tried to insert a large piece of uncooked penne pasta into her husband while he slept.
Carmen Electra has heard about this book is less than amused.
"I am saddened for Dennis that he felt he had to write a book like this," she told Lowdown. "I think he has me confused with some of the girls he cheated on me with."

Poor Carmen. If I were her I wouldn't just be denying the incidents, I'd be denying I was ever married to this moron.
Dave Navarro, her current husband is a major improvement. Even if Carmen was trying to insert pasta into him, he wouldn't write a tell all book about it and..........he would probably let her add some parmesan cheese.

Sarah Jessica Parker does not want the word '"fat" being used around her son because she doesn't want him "learning to use it in a derogatory way."
The ex Sex and the City star and wife of actor Matthew Broderick, says: "I've forbidden the word 'fat' to be used in our home because I don't like the way it's used and I don't want him to ever use that word."

I don't think ANYONE would ever use the word fat around Sarah! Fat is only a bad word to people who actually are fat.
Besides, there are worse words no?

Coldplay frontman Chris Martin hopes to record a duet with Celine Dion in the near future, because he wants to push the band's sound to the limit. The singer is determined to expand Coldplay's sphere of reference and believes a duet with Celine will help him achieve that aim.
He says, "We shouldn't restrict our options. To me, the most bizarre things at the moment are the most exciting."

Is there a stadium big enough to fit both of their heads?
These are TWO big egos.
And Celine's granddaddy hubby would be hitting on Gwyneth backstage the whole time.

Denise Richards has a phobia which she wants to bring to light because she thinks millions of people are suffering in silence.
She revealed, "I have a vomit phobia. I'm terrified of throwing up. I don't know why. It's beyond not enjoying it, I have a fear of it. Terrified, ever since I was little.
And Denise also admits she religiously burns her chicken to avoid salmonella poisoning, is prepared for the first time she has to experience her two young daughters vomiting: "I guess I'm gonna have to get out the rubber gloves and a mask, or something, and then pay for their therapy later."

She better stay away from that Celine/Coldplay concert. Hee hee.

Canadian rocker Bryan Adams is celebrating 25 years as a recording artist with an anthology album that sees him teaming up with Pamela Anderson for a new version of his hit single "When You're Gone"Anderson replaces former Spice Girl Melanie C who featured on the 1998 version of the song.

So, Mel C's being replaced by some double D's!


Ben Affleck trying to sweet talk his way out of a ticket.
It looks like it's working.

Meg Ryan walking her dog.

Tommy Lee has a new mystery girlfriend. They were playing tonsil hockey all weekend at a pool in a Vegas Hotel.

She's unlike his past tastes in women. She's brunette and has no chest.
Heck, compared to her....I'M Pamela Anderson.

Tara Reid was actually seen standing up! With NO help........well, ok, the door....but, still!

Tom and Katie making out at his kid's soccer game. I guess her being pregnant is not PROOF enough that these two copulate. Sheesh, get a room......... with rubber walls.

Ghastly Marilyn Manson and his stunning fiance - burlesque performer Vita Von Teese go to a fashion show in Paris.
Why is the song "Is she really going out with him? Is she really gonna take him home tonight?"
suddenly on my mind?

So, let's see what all the "Jennifer's" are up to.
This Jennifer relaxed on a yacht. Surrounded by cocktails and sun tan lotion. Hey, what else do you need?

This Jennifer bundled up and went to the market.
What an adorable maternity coat.

This Jennifer did a magazine spread for an upcoming ELLE issue.

Angelina, eat your heart out.
(Mind you it took Jennifer three hours of hair and makeup but, hey she looks hot)



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