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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Celebrity W.T.F's Volume 62

Speculation over the weekend regarding photographs of Katie Holmes taken at a soccer game.
Tom and Katie went to watch his kids (adopted while he was married to Nicole Kidman) play soccer this weekend. Oddly enough, Katie is looking way more pregnant than she should be. Her and Tom started dating in April therefore if she is as pregnant as she looks then she got pregnant a month into the relationship.
While it would explain them rushing into marriage, it does not explain how Tom convinced Katie who was a sworn virgin to have sex with him nevermind his baby so quickly into the courtship. Only thing I can think of is that she is carrying more than one child which implies artificial insemination which implies Tom did not necessarily have sexual contact with her in the first place.
FINALLY a story I buy!

Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey are denying reports they're heading for divorce AND that Nick seduced a 19 year old college student. Danielle Calo, 19, told Star magazine that after meeting with Nick at a high school football game she was invited back to the star's hotel room, where he told her she was "really hot" before making a move on her.

Jessica and Nick were at the airport apparently waiting for a flight and going on vacation.
Wow...if they can still stand each other's company things are looking up.
They look as tired of the "divorce" rumors as we are.

Ashlee Simpson performed on Saturday Night Live this past weekend. This time she really did performe LIVE. When she was done her song she smiled in relief.
Last year was her last appearance on the same stage when her voice was heard singing the wrong song as she held her microphone at her waist. She danced an awkward jig and then walked off the stage.
The lip syncing fiasco made her a laughingstock and Simpson was booed when she appeared at the Orange Bowl a few months later

Now if they could only get her to reappear on the show with her real hair.... wherever it may be.

Madonna and Guy Ritchie argue about music because apparently.....he's not a fan of her songs. Guy claims he is constantlly offering his advice to his spouse, but admits he doesn't always say what his wife wants to hear.
The director says: "I'm not your typical Madonna fan. Do I listen to the wife's music? Do I have a choice? I like to think she values my opinion - although I'm not sure she does."

No, Guy is not a typical Madonna fan. They love imitating her style with their lace gloves, black corset, latex pants and cutoff tops. And that's just the male fans....

Mariah Carey claims she is often misunderstood. For example her appearance on the MTV show "Cribs" where she tried to poke fun at her high-maintenance image by excercising in high heel shoes and everyone thought she really does this.
She says of the situation, "It was like, here I am on my exercise bike in stilettos!' I guess I just expect people to know it's a frigging joke."
Mariah says most people don't get her attempts at humor and blames her ex-husband Tommy Mottola for stifling her real character.
Carey says: "I'm a very fun person, but for a long time in my career none of my true personality ever came out. In my former life, as a married person, I was intimidated - I was taught, don't trust the press, say as little as possible and don't be yourself. "

People tend to label you when you dress like a crack whore and act like a bimbo. Mariah has a BEAUTIFUL voice. I wish she would shutup and just sing. Don't talk. Sing.

Marcia Cross has learned to overcome migraines that wreaked havoc on her teenage years, thanks to a strict regime of healthy eating and relaxation. The actress, who plays Bree on Desperate Housewives spent years trying to control the problem but admits the more she stressed about migraines the more likely she was to get one.
Thanks to research breakthroughs, she can recognise the things that trigger migraines - alcohol, oversleeping, stress and certain foods.

Maybe the migraines are from when she played the psychotic Kimberley on "MELROSE PLACE". Remember that scene from the show where she removes her wig and has a scar the size of Europe across her scalp?
Ouch. That gives me a migraine just thinking about it.

Sienna Miller has become so terrified of the British paparazzi she is considering quitting acting. Sienna became a target for photographers when her partner Jude Law's infidelity grabbed newspaper headlines. And, even though she has forgiven him she is still struggling to cope with the constant invasions of her privacy.
Sienna explains,
"London is getting worse and worse. What I have most of the time is me running down the street in pitch black with eight grown men sprinting after me. The way it has been for a while now... it's reaching a level where it's actually not worth it to be an actress. I love my work, but I can't live my life like that."

Unfortunately, it comes with the territory.
You get paid millions and people stalk you and invade your privacy.
The price of fame.

o Bravery Bratt was born in Los Angeles. Both mother and son are doing well.
The couple has a daughter who is two years old.

I guess you could say another Bratt has been added to the Bratt family.
Judging from his gorgeous parents he got lucky in the gene pool.

Renee Zellweger's was not very impressed with an article written in the New York Post. The story said that Renee had run into the arms of Irish singer Damien Rice following her split from Kenny Chesney and even described Damien as her "new beau".
Renee stormed her way into the NEW YORK POST offices ranting at the fact that they'd made her "look slutty". The actress - who has just split from hubby Kenny Chesney - is obviously a little bit sensitive at the moment and didn't appreciate one reporter's claims.

The truth of the matter is that Damien and Renee are just platonic friends and as such he has been merely "comforting" her of late.
Renee should be turning to chocolate pecan pie to comfort her and a tub of Haagen Das ice cream to soothe her sorrows. She could stand to gain a few pounds!!!!

I reported the other day that according to Life & Style Weekly magazine, Kevin Fedeline has been a “real brat” – partying and chatting on the phone at all hours - and even moved into a friend’s house for three days after an argument with Britney.
Things can’t be all that bad between them. According to the Daily Star, Britney is asking toy-makers to create dolls of her entire family. “There is already a Britney Barbie doll, but it has proved so popular, there’s talk of producing an entire Spears family,” an insider told the newspaper.

Ooh..the irony here is that if Kevin ever used rubbers there wouldn't be a rubber family creation in the works.
The Kevin barbie doll can come with little socks and thong sandals, a pack of smokes, a pimp mobile and gangster hat. Britney's barbie could come with a mini jumbo pack of cheezies, acne cream, a NEVER before used comb and a cheque book with all cheques pre-made to Kevin.
Poor baby Sean Preston's doll can come with adoption papers so hopefully some other couple can adopt him and give a hope in hell for a decent future.
Where's Angelina when you need her?

Singer Boy George has been arrested in New York on suspicion of possessing drugs.
The singer, whose real name is George O'Dowd, called police from his apartment and reported a burglary. Officers arrived on the scene and discovered a small amount of cocaine next to a computer. A woman in the apartment said there was more cocaine around.
Police are continuing to investigate. the singer was convicted of heroin possession in England.

There was a woman in Boy George's apartment???

Denise Richards' new prime-time soap, "Sex, Love & Secrets," has been cancelled after just seven episodes . "When they got the news on the set that the show was canceled, [co-star] Eric Balfour sobbed uncontrollably," says an on-set worker. The source also revealed. "With nothing to lose Eric lost his pants and shot the scene completely nude."
So someone dropped their pants on the set of Denise Richards' show and it wasn't her husband Charlie Sheen?Hmmm , maybe he HAS changed.

Tara Reid isn't as famous as she thinks. At Beecher's Madhouse at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, host Jeff Beecher announced to the crowd, "We have two very special ladies in the audience with us tonight." Just as Tara boldly stood up, Beecher announced the names: Nicky and Paris Hilton.

Don't feel bad for's not like she's going to remember anyway!

A paparazzi photographer was charged with child endangerment and battery for allegedly striking one 5-year-old child with his camera and shoving another out of the way to take pictures of actress Reese Witherspoon and her children at Disney's California Adventure theme park last month. Todd K. Wallace, of Beverly Hills was charged with six misdemeanor counts. Apparently Wallace became angry when Reese and her friends declined to be photographed and began cursing them. Wallace was initially arrested only for investigation of using his body to push the Disney employees who came to help. I guess if they say postal workers go POSTAL...Then this photographer must of SNAPPED!C'mon, that was funny.

Avril Lavigne celebrated her 21st birthday with a cake-filled night out. Avril and her SUM 41 rocker fiance DERYCK WHILBEY went to L.A. hotspot Element to mark the big day. Rather than over-indulge on the alcohol she can now legally purchase and consume, Avril instead was more interested in the sugary treats.. She says, "My favourite part of the party was the cake. I was, like, sticking my fingers in!"

Hmmm. Maybe it was vodka cake? Tequila perhaps?

Nicky Hilton is now dating MK Olsen's ex David Katzenberg while sister Paris dates Mary Kate's other ex- boyfriend playboy, Stavros Nicolopopolos.
Talk about sloppy seconds.

Big shocker involving Paris Hilton!!!! Apparently, she DOES wear underwear.

Celine Dion in Paris. Paris France not Paris Hilton. She's with her husband, not her grandfather and their son who could pass for their daughter.
I'm confused.

Demi and Ashton seen for the first time after their secret wedding that turned out to be not-so-secret afterall.

Ben Affleck's adorable wife Jennifer Garner's bump keeps growing!

And not to be outdone, his ex girlfriend, Jennifer Lopez shows off her two bumps.



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