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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Celebrity W.T.F Volume 77

Lindsay Lohan has finally responded to questions about why she lost so much weight. She recently told OK! magazine that she basically worked herself into the ground.
"I was going through a lot of stuff and overworking and not thinking of my body. I was going through that phase that everyone goes through. I lost, like, 20-25 lbs. I was on IV drips. I nearly died!" she revealed.

I don't know about you but, I never went through that stage.

Madonna's set to make a grand entrance at this year's MTV European Music Awards. She's rumoured to be opening the show with a disco themed performance, which will see her dancing in a massive mirror ball. The ceremony takes place in Lisbon next Thursday. Last time she made an entrance at the MTV Awards, she shocked the world by doing a raunchy number with Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. She ended up making out with both of them.

Since this time it's in LISBON, PORTUGAL, I figured to shock those portuguese she should make out with an old granny and a rooster.

The National Enquirer has apologized to Ashley Olsen for suggesting she was part of a drug scandal involving her former boyfriend Scott Sartiano. Ashley was on their cover along with the headline "Ashley Olsen Caught in a Drug Scandal". The statement released said this,
"The National Enquirer wants to make clear to its readers that, by its cover and headlines, it did not intend to accuse Ms. Olsen of being involved in any drug scandal."

Sticking someone's photo under a headline about a drug scandal would leave anyone to think that person was involved. The Enquirer knew EXACTLY what they were doing. As for Ashley dating a loser, I can't say the same for her.

This week's edition of "Life & Style" magazine says Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are shooting for an American Thanksgiving day wedding. Brad Pitt's mom, Jane, is apparently not thrilled with her son's relationship with Angelina or the wedding plans. Mom is very concerned about Angelina's two failed marriages, she fears that her son is jumping too fast from one marriage to another, and claims he is not ready for a ready-made family.
A friend of Brad's is quoted as saying: "There's nothing Brad's mom can do to stop the wedding." Despite the breakup of Brad and ex wife Jennifer Aniston, Jane still loves Jennifer. "

I can't imagine why Brad's mom isn't warming up to Angelina...Isn't it every mother's dream to have her son marry a woman like this?

Nicollette Sheridan and her fiancé, actor Nicklas Soderblom, have called it quits, her rep tells PEOPLE MAGAZINE exclusively.
"Nicollette Sheridan and Nicklas Soderblom have parted ways after a year and a half," according to a statement from Sheridan's publicist, "They ask that you respect their privacy at this time."

I'll tell ya what I'll respect..........Just look at his abs. YOWZA.

Charlize Theron has denied insulting Halle Berry in the current issue of Entertainment Weekly. It was reported that Charlize had reportedly said that Halle made poor movie choices after winning an Oscar for her performance in "Monster's Ball'. Apparently, Halle thinks Charlize dissed her. Charlize claims, "I had in my own personal way tried to figure that out with her and I didn't think it had to be dealt with in the press. I felt it was the right moment to straighten things out."
Charlize says she sent Halle flowers to apologize for the misunderstanding and relay that she wasn't guilty. Halle on the other hand maintains she never received any flowers.

Ok, both of these women won oscars. Halle for "Monster's Ball" and Charlize for "Monster," - no surprise why this story sounds like an overly drawn out drama. The only way I could imagine people being interested in these two fighting is if a vat of jello and bikinis were involved.

According to Star magazine, Courtney Love forgot her dog at the vet. The magazine claims she left Lloyd, her German Shepherd, at an Animal Hospital in March when he had a stroke. Courtney never came back to retrieve her pet, he is now up for adoption. A source at the hospital said, "Initially, after the stroke, Lloyd couldn't walk. But now he's able to scamper around with the cutest cocked head...Sadly, though, Lloyd's now living in a concrete cage ."

That dog got lucky when his "owner' left him there. Imagine relying on Courtney Love to feed you, walk you, take you to the bathroom and nurture you?
I just got a shiver up my back.

Pamela Anderson has announced she will no longer be showing off her breasts to get male attention. She announced her plans at a Hollywood bash, at which she turned up head to toe in a tweed suit. She says, "I'm 38 and I don't need to get it out any more. My mom told me I've got beautiful eyes and a beautiful smile, that's what a man wants to see."

In other words "I am getting old and soon nobody will care about my breasts, even if they will be firm and gigantic when I am in my 70's because they are fake. "
Besides, everyone knows what they look like by now. I have always said she has a gorgeous face but, I don't know how many men actually look at that part of her body.

Nicole Kidman was apparently devastated when she found out Katie Holmes is carrying her ex-husband Tom Cruise's baby. A British magazine reported, "Nicole can't believe it's happening. It was so sudden, she shut down. She's been crying and has been really upset."
Nicole and Tom have two adopted children together, but never had any biological children. An insider said, "This baby means Katie Holmes will be in Tom's life forever Nicole always cherished the special bond adopting gave her and Tom. Now he will share that bond with Katie."

Nicole's a great actress!! I bet she is dancing a jig, thanking the stars above and jumping on her couch because she was smart enough to leave when she did.
Whew, she almost convinced me she was really upset.

Daniel Radcliffe who has played Harry Potter in all of the films may not be in future productions. The 16-year-old actor recently admitted that he is not sure whether he will continue to act in the series of films based on the best-selling books.
"I'm not absolutely confident that I'm doing them all. I'm definitely doing the fifth. But after that, who knows?" The fourth film, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire will be released next month.

Well it makes sense. The sixth book has already been released while they are yet to release the fourth movie. Daniel Radcliffe may be 42 by the time the sixth movie comes out.

Janet Jackson has shot down claims that she has an 18 year-old daughter with her ex-husband. "I do not have a child, and all allegations saying so are false," Jackson said in a brief statement. When not dishing on family gossip, Young DeBarge was said to be promoting an upcoming album.

This is the 18 year old that is NOT apparently Janet's daughter. She's probably relieved to know Janet's not her mom as well.
Imagine your MOTHER flashing her breast at the superbowl along side Justin Timberlake? There is not even therapy in the world that can help... I would think.

Al Reynolds, the husband of The View costar Star Jones, was arrested shortly before 3 a.m. Wednesday for allegedly driving with a suspended license. Police pulled him over for an improper lane change. Ultimately, Reynolds spent more than 12 hours in custody because the Precinct station's fingerprinting machine malfunctioned, reports the New York Post – which claims Jones herself never appeared at the police house, despite her husband calling her.

Star probably had a very good excuse as to why she didn't answer. The woman's been dieting for years, maybe she had a meltdown and was halfway through a pizza,a double layered cheesecake and a happy meal. All that chewing, she never heard the phone.

Poor Kristin Davis is suffering from a serious sports injury even though she wasn't actually doing any sport at the time. While on vacation, hotel staff woke her at 4am because she'd received a fax, she slipped as she went to get it and tore a ligament.
"I was staying in an old mansion that's turned into a hotel with the hardwood floors. There was like a little napkin that they put down (for) when you step out of bed. My foot hit the napkin, and the napkin slid, and the hand hit the table with the phone, and the phone slid, and I was splat out on the floor. I had to go a sports doctor. He was like, 'Well, this is the first time I've ever heard this injury acquired in this way,' because it's like a basketball or tennis injury. I said to the doctor, 'I don't have any flat shoes! What am I gonna do?' "

What she could do is sue the hotel...why the heck do they put a napkin at the side of her bed? Maybe they thought Star Jones was staying there?

Jennifer Garner and hubby Ben Affleck go out.

Britney and sister look like they are on a rampage. Must be looking for something Kevin, or the baby....or Britney's bra?

Hilary Duff looking painfully thin plays backgammon. She's probably imagining the play chips to be double fudge cookies.

Nicole Ritchie's perfume "DIFFERENT" comes out this week...oh she's different alright.

Jessica Simpson and her adorable dog Daisy go for a cruise. Jessica should be reprimanded for letting the little pup hang out the window. The statistics for dogs who die by jumping out of a moving car are staggering.

Drew Barrymore gets the party started.....

Kate Hudson and her son Ryder..

Mary Kate Olsen, Ashley's skinnier and oddball twin reads a book. Her shoes are freaking me out. They remind me of the wicked witch who's house falls on her in the Wizard of Oz....

Beyonce and fiance (hey that rhymes) Jay-Z celebrate the opening of his new nightclub.


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