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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Celebrity W.T.F Volume 76

Angelina Jolie wants to adopt again. "I'm planning on it." Jolie told PEOPLE magazine at the first annual Worldwide Orphans Foundation benefit. "There's something about making a choice, waking up and traveling somewhere and finding your family. There are so many wonderful places. There are many parts of Asia, Africa, South America, so sooner or later I'll end up everywhere, I'm sure."

I just love baby Zahara pictured here with mommy. She reminds me of myself, cute as a button, obsessed with Angelina Jolie and always eating.

Madonna thrilled patrons at a New York nightclub on Saturday night when she stepped in as an unannounced guest DJ. The singer stopped in at West Villiage hotspot "Luke and Leroy", where she spun songs from her upcoming album, 'Confessions on a Dance Floor. '
With singer Lenny Kravitz among the excited crowd she said to them all, "You all have to relax and have fun and we're going to play you some really good songs!" She then played DJ for 30 minutes.

First she pops up unannounced at a University, then at a night club - what's next??? As a sample lady at a supermarket?

Victoria Beckham is fuelling rumors that she and husband David Beckham may be converting to Scientology, after she was spotted reading a book about the religion. The Beckhams struck up an unusual friendship with outspoken Scientologist Tom Cruise last year. Tom apparently recommended the book to Victoria after her son Romeo was recently ill in hospital. Katie Holmes and Victoria are suddenly best friends as well which is adding to the speculation that the Beckhams will be converting soon.

Past reports claim this woman has never read a book and she chooses a Scientology book to be her first? Her head must hurt!

Kiera Knightly wept an entire day after a critic compared her lap dancing performance in new movie DOMINO to "throwing a chair onto a bouncy castle". Apparently friends of the actress were so angered by critic John Lyttle's comments that they called him to threaten violence.
Lyttle's article slammed the star's performance and implied she is incapable of anything more than youthful and innocent roles.

Any man who would be critical of a lap dance by a naked woman, especially one who looks like Kiera has to either be gay or dead. If her friends have her way he'll be the latter.

Eva Longoria is fed up with the paparazzi constantly targeting her, she's planning to move back to her native Texas when her show DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES comes to an end. She visits her family in San Antonio as often as she can, and she's ready to make it her home again. Eva says,
"You know, I'm never followed by paparazzi in San Antonio. I'm never bothered with people in the trees trying to get a picture of me in my kitchen in San Antonio. I go to the supermarket and I go shopping with my mom. I go to Wal-mart. "

Funny, she loves the papparazzi when she's all dolled up and looking great. She despises them when she has no make up on.

Jessica Simpson's manager father Joe has denied ongoing reports his daughter's marriage to Nick Lachey is heading for divorce after detailing the romance of the couple's Italian getaway. Jessica's dad admits he's baffled by the stories that won't go away, because the couple couldn't be happier.
He says, "They're still together... They just got back from Italy, where they were taking their anniversary vacation; they spent time together and they had a romantic dinner. Nick rented some museum place and had an orchestra and had an opera singer sing and they had a candlelight dinner. Sounds like a divorce to me."

I don't what's creepier, the fact that her father knows so many intimate details of her marriage or the perma "forced" smile that is constantly on Nick's face these days.
Ok, we get it, you're happy. Stop making that face or it will stay like that!

Gwyneth Paltrow's mom, Blythe Danner, was reportedly the first to let slip that she may be a grandmother again. Gwyneth, who has a daughter, Apple, with husband Chris Martin, is rumored to be expecting again - and director John Madden joined the list of Paltrow's pals who have stuck their foot in their mouth over the little bundle of joy. "She was pregnant while making this movie," Madden said at the premiere of "Proof."

Orange you glad she is having another baby?

Kelly Osbourne is planning to reinvent herself by copying Australian pop singerKylie Minogue.
Kelly is convinced she is a lot like Kyle and hopes her new image and electro pop sound will win her some fans.
She says, "I have learned lots about performance by watching old videos of Kylie. Sex really does sell, so I'll be doing loads of that."

Sex does sell indeed. But, you have to kinda be SEX-y for it to work.
Kelly, expose your pasty breasts all you isn't working. In fact, could you put those things away? You are going to hurt someone!

Lindsay Lohan is furious after someone sold a headlight from her Mercedes on the auction Web site eBay, following a car crash that left her needing hospital treatment. Lindsay and a friend were later treated for minor injuries while her sports car was taken to a nearby garage.
The listing read: "Today is your lucky day, you are bidding on the passenger side headlight of Lindsay's black Mercedes."

Speaking of headlights, they are nearly showing in this photo.
Cover up girlie OR at least wear a full coverage bra.

Beyonce Knowles' stylist mother Tina sent the family attorneys out to find the gossip who suggested her younger daughter Solange was bleaching her baby.
She recalls, "It was on the Internet that my grandchild had a clubfoot and my daughter Solange put him in a bariatric chamber to bleach him. I was furious because my child was crying."
The family is still on the hunt for who started the rumors.

This story is just stupid. I have included a photo of Beyonce and her sister Solange who are both pretty "light skinned" as far as these things go. Daniel is Solange's son also pictured.
A bleached baby? I hope at least they put the poor kid in the gentle cycle.

Catherine Zeta-Jones feels sorry for husband Michael Douglas because he has spent his life in the shadow of his famous father. Michael is just as famous now, despite the intimidating legacy of his father Kirk. Catherine says she is grateful she entered the industry with no expectations.
She says: "Acting has been great to me. Michael might have a different swipe on it because he had to live up to being the son of Kirk Douglas, but it was a different dynamic for me. Nobody knew me, nobody cared. "

Guess what Catherine...nobody cares NOW.

I already told you days ago that Tom Sizemore claimed in his homemade sex tape that he and Paris Hilton had sex when she seduced him in his home gym after a house party. I also reported that Paris denied ever meeting the actor, let alone getting together for any kind of intimate behavior. Now the distributors of the DVD have called Hilton's bluff and released an actual photo of the two which they claim was taken at the party in question.

Ok, so it doesn't prove they slept together but, it does prove not ONLY is Paris Hilton a liar but, she also obviously has since gotten a nose job!

Nick Carter of the Bacstreet Boys has fallen for British pop star Sarah Harding. He recently saw her on a TV show while promoting her band's comeback album in the UK - and is desperate to arrange a meeting.
He says, "The blonde one is hot. I've seen their photos and the whole band's pretty hot. We definitely wouldn't mind meeting them. I think Sarah's my ideal woman."

Yeah, that's what he said about Paris Hilton when he dated her. He ended up calling her a whore and she says he hit her.

The Post reports that Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn are holed up at the Sunset Marquis in West Hollywood. The tab reports that the hotel is, coincidentally, the same place Brad Pitt stayed after leaving Aniston earlier this year.

Jen's a genius! If she gets the same room Brad once had, she can scrape his skin cells off the rug and sell them on E-Bay for lots of cash!

Antonio Banderas says that although he has mastered swordsmanship and boxing on-screen, he wants nothing to do with guns once he 's left the set. He told The Sun that while he's learned to shoot a gun for various roles he's played, he doesn't believe in guns in real life and refuses to have one in his house. Banderas says that even the idea of going to a shooting range is very unappealing

The only shooting that goes in his home is when his wife Melanie Griffith gets her ridiculous collagen shots in her lips.
She looks like the JOKER from Batman.

When singer Bryan Adams asked Pam Anderson to record a duet with him back in July, Pamela thought it was a joke.
"What?! "I thought he was punking me!" Pam said. Days later she ran into Ashton Kutcher and begged him not to pull a fast one on his practical joke show PUNKED.
It turned out to be no joke and In August they recorded "When You're Gone."
Pamela played the song for ex Tommy Lee and her friend Courtney Love and says they were both impressed.Courtney said, 'Wow you can sing!'" said Pamela. She and Adams shot the video on October 13th for the single. Anderson said, "I still feel like it's a big joke."

Tommy Lee and Courtney Love aren't exactly Siskel and Ebert but, if you're getting two thumbs up who cares if they are nicotine stained and smell like tequila?

OUT AND ABOUT... The stunningly gorgeous Rachel McAdams at an award event. She won breakthrough actress!

Speaking is Rachel with her NOTEBOOK co-star Ryan Gossling. They are grocery shopping. Turns out they ARE dating in real life now.

Jessica Simpson takes LOT$$ of money out of the ATM machine.

Avril Lavigne and her boyfriend Deryck from SUM 41 stroll around Beverly Hills.

Brad Pitt on set of his movie "Jessie James" in Calgary. This picture is smokin'....literally.

Cutie petutie Jennifer Garner at her baby shower held last weekend.

Fergie the only female from the band "Black Eyed Peas" signs autographs in Las Vegas.

Christina Aguilera and her fiancee go out to eat.

Paris and her flavour of the month - Stavros who is the 2nd Greek Shipping Heir she has dated this year romp on the beach.
I give this relationship another four weeks at best. Not just because Paris is an idiot but, because of went down on the I see it.

Paris: "Woohee, this is fun AND EVERYONE is staring at us. We are so hot."
Stavros: "When I dated Mary Kate this was easier, I'm outta breath!”

Paris: "Oh, this is much better for your back. Besides, my body is in full view so it's perfect!"
Stavros: "I gotta put you down. Sorry. You are like 5 Mary Kate's"
Paris: "Fine, put me down."

Stavros: "Much better, thanks."
Paris: "Let's makeout on the ground and I'll take my pants off cuz I think I look so hot like that."
Stavros: (PANTING) "Now you're talking!"

Stavros: "Better?"
Paris: "Could you move a little so my fans can see my hotness?"

Stavros: "Ok, is that better princess?"
Paris: "Um, could you get off of me? I wanted to tan while we are making out."

Stavros: (Getting frustrated) " Ok, how is that?"
Paris: "HEY! You are covering my face!!! My beautiful face!!!"

Stavros: "You know what? I gotta go....I have more important things to do like count my money"
Paris: "Whatever. "

cuz i said so!


Blogger [.a.n.d.r.e.w.] said...

I HATEEEEEEEEEEE KELLY OSBOURNE. WTF IS WRONG WITH HER? SHES SUCH A HYPOCRITE! All the names she called Christina Aguilera for being comfortable with her sexuality and showing and then she says this? Honestly she just needs to go away, I wanna throw something at her, lol.

Paris is a SCANK. I'm sorry but after seeing those pictures this really defines who she really is. Like wtf r u doing? You JUST got out of a relationship and now ur rolling around with some guy on the beach? I have to say the dialogue made me laugh. I'm on the phone with a friend and he was laughing! =P The best part is when u were like "Ummm can u get off me? I wanna tan while me make out!" =P

Thanks, great entry!

9:14 PM  
Blogger Chelsea's Mama said...

Andrew, you are sooooooo right about Kelly being a hypocrite. She always said Christina was a skank and now she is doing the look at my boobs thing.
She also said she hateS Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan etc...and she has been hanging out with them.

9:20 PM  

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