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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Celebrity W.T.F Volume 75

Anna Nicole Smith is no longer writing a column for The Enquirer. It seems the tabloid quietly stopped running Anna's column. And a source at Page Six was told that Anna Nicole and The Enquirer went their separate ways on "very good terms," leading everyone to believe that it was dropped due to downsizing they went from 72 pages to 60.

Never thought I hear the words "Anna Nicole" and "downsizing" in the same sentence. Then again, this story was not about her breasts.

Justin Timberlake is defending an unlikely person these days. Britney Spears. Last Friday pictures of baby Federline were stolen from a private photo studio and posted on the internet.
Justin commented "When a person like her, who's obviously a sweet person, is having their first child, it's like, `leave the girl alone,'" Justin told "Access Hollywood" in an interview to air Monday. "I do think that's crossing the line, that's her baby and those are her baby pictures."

Justin thinks Britney is a 'sweet' person? Since when? Does he remember he wrote a song called "Cry me a River" dedicated to Britney who cheated on him when they were dating?
Yup, she's about as sweet as a lemon.

Speaking of ........Britney Spears' marriage with Kevin Federline is apparently on the rocks. Since after the birth of their baby Sean Preston last month, the couple has been having a series of vicious fights, as Kevin goes out with his buddies all the time and Britney is stuck at home with the baby. After a confrontation last week, Kevin stormed out of the house and was later spotted in swanky nightclub Mood surrounded by gorgeous women.
"They have been fighting non-stop since the baby was born last month. Britney feels Kevin isn't supporting her and is just going out with friends all the time. She's had enough of it. He behaves like he's got no responsibilities while she is at home caring for their newborn son," News of the World quoted a source as saying.

Why doesn't she just get the kid six nannies? Isn't that the Hollywood thing to do? Or maybe a pool boy...then Kevin's antics won't matter so much.

Celine Dion is looking forward to the end of her Las Vegas concert contract, because she's planning to conceive a second child. Celine and her manager/husband Rene Angelil had a son n 2001 after years of in vitro fertilisation treatment.
Celine is aiming for 2007. She says, "I'm approaching 40 years old, and I have to tend to that. "This frozen embryo that is in New York is my child waiting to be brought to life."

So I guess her grandaddy/hubby is the father!!!
The kid's a chip off the old block. Daddy looks like a big frozen bald baby don't he?

Paris Hilton dragged her new boyfriend out to a Hollywood party. While Paris was hamming it up for the cameras, Stavros Niarchos slinked off into the corner and pulled the hood up on his sweatshirt. An onlooker told the gossip columnists that Paris continually tried to pull the hood off, but Niarchos was having none of it.

Sure looks like he came out of hiding when it was time to do shots. I guess he figured if he was going to spend the night with Paris, he'd better get hammered first! That way he'll have an excuse when he's unable to perform.
Then, again Paris claims she is sexless so it shouldn't matter.

The Sunday Mirror says that Victoria Beckham is pregnant with her fourth child with husband David Beckham. Spanish television caught the Real Madrid team tossing Beckham into the air, giving him "the bumps," a rite of passage reserved for a big announcement. David got the treatment about a year and a half ago, just days before he announced that Victoria was pregnant with their son Cruz.

If Victoria is indeed pregnant it's only happened after the "David Beckham getting the bumps by his team mates" story. Victoria needs to prove desperately to the public that she has sex with her husband for the 4th time now. (They have three kids)
She is obviously trying to turn him on in this get up. She's got balls!!!

George Clooney considered suicide to escape horrific pain He battled excruciating headaches and serious memory loss after an accident which occurred on the set of his forthcoming movie SYRIAN. A neurologist eventually discovered the severity of his injuries and Clooney immediately underwent a series of operations to banish his headaches.
He says, "Before the surgery it was the most unbearable pain I've ever been through, literally where you'd go, 'Well, you'll have to kill yourself at some point, you can't live like this.' "There was this scene where I was taped to the chair and getting beaten up. The chair was kicked over and I hit my head. "I tore my dura, which is the wrap around my spine that holds in the spinal fluid. But it's not my back; it's my brain. I basically bruised my brain. "It's bouncing around my head because it's not supported by the spinal fluid."

All I can say is OUCH.

Scarlet Johansson is determined to have cosmetic surgery to preserve her good looks. . The young actress is already planning a few nips and tucks in the years to come. .
She says, "I definitely believe in plastic surgery, I don't want to be an old hag. There's no fun in that." .

How the hell would she know? The girl is 20!!!
You can be old without being a hag. Look at me.

Cameron Diaz gave students at Stanford University a huge shock on Thursday when she turned up unannounced to give a lecture on environmentally friendly design. Cameron's appearance was filmed for the MTV series Stand In. Diaz, who is a champion of environmental causes, joined her friend and renowned environmental architect William McDonough who was taking the lecture.

Cameron is lecturing universities now? Madonna did recently also. That's it. I am going to ask N.A.S.A if I can teach a class one day.
What? It's not rocket science......

British pop starCraig David was thrilled to learn sexy singer Jennifer Lopez plays his music to get in the mood for love. He admits he's had a long time crush on her and wish he could be there too.
He says: "It's great to know you're being played in the background. But it would be much better if she said: 'I'm going to sack the person I'm with, come on Craig, come and do some multi-tasking in the bedroom with me.'"

Why do I have visions of Marc Anthony sticking pins in Craig David doll right now and burning some hair with wax?

Madonna seriously considered dumping husband Guy Ritchie when he failed to meet her high expectations. She knows now she was unrealistic when she first wed the director in 2000, but is now more philosophical about the man she married.
She says, "I got married for all the wrong reasons. My husband did not turn out to be everything I imagined him to be. I just wanted to end everything. It's not easy having a good marriage but, I don't want it easy. I thank God every day that I married a man who made me think. That's my definition of true love."

In 1988 her definition of true love was a bullwhip, some whipped cream, two guys and a donkey.

Christina Aguilera shows off her pumpkins and covers up her melons for once.

Kimberly "Idiot" Stewart eats lunch while getting a pedicure.

Pink married her long-time boyfriend Carey Hart on the weekend......and no, he doesn't wear his sunglasses at night...that's Cory.

Mariah Carey and her dog Jack.
Even Jack looks away from his bikini clad "look at me I'm naked" owner.

Nicole Kidman's mini-me....Avril Lavigne

Madonna's former boyfriend Carlos Leon and father of her daughter Lourdes, shows his freakishly long finger to the papparazzi.
He's at the park with his daughter and Madonna's son with hubby Guy - Rocco.

Ashton Kutcher's BEFORE being married to Demi and AFTER pictures.
He looks so mature and wise beyond his years.
She on the other hand looks even younger if you can believe it.



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