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Monday, October 31, 2005

Celebrity W.T.F's Volume 80

Teen actress Tara Correa-McMullen was shot to death amid gang violence, police said. Police in Los Angelos report Tara was shot several times as she stood outside an apartment complex Oct. 21. Two men with her were wounded. Her parents wrote in the eulogy that was read at the 16-year-old's funeral on Friday that their daughter made friends with everyone. No suspects have been identified but the shooting is believed to be gang-related, police said.
"She may have just been at the wrong place at the wrong time," said Sgt. Steve Overly.
After filming her first movie, "Rebound," which was released this summer, Correa-McMullen won a recurring role on "Judging Amy" as a former gang member named Graciela.

She is not familliar to me but, very limited photos on the internet. Pretty girl ironically posing in front of gang grafitti here.

This is a scene from the movie she was in called "Rebound"

Angie Jolie has 11 tattoos and wants to get another one. Sources say that she's eager to have Brad Pitt represented somewhere on her body. She is looking to get a rabbit tattoo on her butt. The rabbit is his Chinese birth year.

She does realize I hope that this means she will have a "hare" on her ass.

Speaking of tattoos.....Eva Longoria just got a tattoo of her basketball-playing boyfriend Tony Parker's initials in a private location on her body.
Eva shared, "You can see the rest of my tattoos, they're all on public display, but the one that has Tony's initials is only seen by him. I'm not saying where it is - but let's just say he gets to view it on a very regular basis."

I hope she knows a good laser tattoo remover place! These two aren't even engaged yet or living together and she is getting his name tattoed???
She should get another tattoo on her forehead while she's at it that says STUPID.

Anna Nicole Smith is boycotting Iams over its cruel and deadly experiments on dogs and cats. In a new ad for PETA she poses with her three dogs Marilyn, Sugar Pie, and Puppy. A PETA undercover investigation revealed horrible conditions at an Iams contract animal-testing laboratory. At least 27 dogs were killed, while others died of illnesses that went untreated, despite assurances from Iams that no animal in any Iams test would ever be deliberately killed. “For the love of dogs, boycott Iams!” declares Anna Nicole. “These tests are not required by law and animals shouldn’t live in squalor and misery for the sake of Iams’ profits.”

Although I completely agree that IAMS should be boycotted and their labs closed down for good, what about PETA? (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)
Why do you have to be blonde and have humongous breasts to be a spokeperson for them???
Pamela Anderson, now Anna Nicole. Is this organization run by men??

Sharon Osbourne is not too fond of pop superstar Madonna. She named Madonna as one of three "nightmare" dinner guests.
"I would like to punch her," Osbourne told British GQ in an article due to come out shortly, according to UK reports. "She is so full of [bleep]. She's into Kabbalah one minute, she's a Catholic the next. She'll be a Hindu soon, no doubt."

I must admit I found this humorous because I happen to agree. The fact that Sharon chose Madonna in her top three worst people to have dinner with after you just know she sits across from Ozzy who slobbers all over his food every night is even more funny.

Madonna is defending Tom Cruise after witnessing the actor receive criticism over his controversial Scientology religion. Cruise has began to speak more openly about his love for the Church of Scientology and has converted his pregnant fiancee Katie Holmes.
Madonna insists Cruise is happy as a Scientologist and the public and media should respect his religion. . She tells the New York Daily News, "I find it very strange that it's (Scientology) so disturbing to people. It's not hurting anybody. "If it makes Tom Cruise happy, I don't care if he prays to turtles. And I don't think anybody else should."

Truth is, she can't say much about it. So she hasn't been jumping on couches, but, she does force feed her religion down everyone's throat more than even Tom does.
Besides, she cannot say anything bad about Scientology, that may be the religion she is following next week.

And on to other Scientologists......who are very low key..
John Travolta and his lovely wife Kelly Preston wowed guests at a charity ball when he performed a Grease-style dance together. The party was a fundraiser for the Church of Scientology which John and his wife are believers of.

John Travolta studied religion for a long time before he decided to go into Scientology. It appealed to him and he thought "You're the one that I want...........oooh oooh ooh , Honey."

The Chicago Tribune reports that Vince Vaughn, who is dating Jennifer Aniston - recently bought a house in Chicago. His family lives in the northern suburbs and, according to the newspaper, Vaughn also just bought a condo in the River North neighborhood.

Wonder if Jen will be moving in soon? In the home that is, apparently she already made her moves on Vince!

Debra Messing of Will & Grace and her son Roman.

Ben and wife Jennifer leaving another baby shower in her honor.

Nicole Richie who barely touched her lunch and appears to be ready to puke into her designer purse. (AHA That's why these chicks carry these over-size purses!)

Mama Britney lands in Los Angelos in a private plane.

Her bodyguard carries out baby Sean.

Meanwhile Papa Kevin is at the local BLOCKBUSTER getting some junk food and maybe renting "Crossroads"????? Since Britney insulting his singing he can insult her attempt at acting.

Cameron and Justin for for a stroll until they are interrupted....

By some girls who want Justin's autograph.

Tyra Banks dressed up as Paris Hilton for Hallowe'en.

Here's a scary sight for Hallowe'en...Whitney Houston looking disoriented.

And Paris Hilton trying to cover her face after leaving a salon.
Moustache wax perhaps???

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Celebrity W.T.F Volume 79

According to a report from America's Life & Style magazine, Britney Spears is said to be overwhelmed by motherhood. She is reportedly having 'dark thoughts' that something awful may happen to her baby. "I'm so nervous I'm not doing things right," Britney reportedly told a friend. Her rep insists that she's fine. Meanwhile, Britney is upset that Kevin is not helping her with the baby. Insiders claims she was particularly annoyed when her husband spent two hours having his hair braided, while she was left to change the baby's diapers. Kevin apparently has been avoiding his fatherly duties by partying till the early hours at nightclubs.

Wow...I am just so surprised. (cough cough) He seemed like such the ideal father when he left the mother of his first two children at the drop of a hat.

He does love Britney's...................
Guess who at the bank machine?

Guess who shopping? Nope, that's not baby formula, diapers or groceries. Those are clothes for himself.

Bruce Willis told Access Hollywood that he has a crush on his former neighbor and future "Perfect Stranger" co-star, Halle Berry.
"I do have a little crush on Halle," said Willis. When asked if he ever walked over to his former neighbor's house to borrow anything, he revealed it was actually Berry who showed up at his door. "She brought me the script (for 'Perfect Stranger') over," he said. "She knocked on the door and said, 'I'd like you to take a look at this,' and I'm doing it."
When Halle herself was asked how she felt about Bruce Willis, she replied, "Never say never, but moving away didn't help our romance, that's for sure!"
They start shooting "Perfect Stranger" in January.

As long as she doesn't move in on my street.....

Elizabeth Hurley revealed that when she looks in the mirror she sees "A person who eats too much junk food and doesn't exercise. That has sadly become my reality over the past year".
Liz who is a model and has her own line of swimwears adds, "I wouldn't wear a bikini top and flip-flops - those days are over. I'm never again going to sit eating lunch on a boat in just a skimpy bikini. I don't feel comfortable doing that any more. I know that sounds bizarre coming from a woman who's photographed half-naked in bikinis, but I feel selfconscious posing for those pictures and they're all retouched anyway."

This woman hates her body????

The cast members of "Desperate Housewives" are being suspicious of everybody on the set in an attempt to reveal who's been leaking gossip about them to the press. The female stars have all been targets of rumors. Now they are on a mission to catch the person responsible for the relentless gossip. Nicolette Sheridan who plays Edie tells Maxim magazine, "The press doesn't want to hear that we all get along, that we're enjoying the work and one another. They love to build you up and then tear you down. People love all the drama that's created. There seems to be some sort of mole on the set. Somehow things seem to get out. We've been trying to find him."

First it's supposedly rumors now they think there is a spy on the set? So in other words it is true? They all can't stand each other? Why does she say it's a him? Hmmm.
Also for your interest and humor when I did a google search for a picture of a DESPERATE HOUSEWIFE, not only were there cast photos but, Britney Spears came up too. Now - that's funny!

Lauren Hutton will celebrate her 62nd birthday by posing nude for "Big Magazine". Hutton will appear nude on eight pages of the magazine and emphasizes that none of the pictures are airbrushed. She was on ABC's "The View" Wednesday to discuss the decision behind the risque pictures at her age and says "One of my god children told me to do it and said 'Go Granny Go.'"
Hutton adds, "I want to show older women they don't have to be ashamed of their bodies."

Yeah but, how many 62 year olds have a body like Lauren Hutton?

Keith Richards admits to sharing drugs with his kids. The veteran rocker and father-of-four often borrows illegal substances from his children when his own supply runs out. He says, "I occasionally borrow pot from my kids. They do a little weed sometimes. "It's 'Here Dad' or more likely, 'Dad, have you got any?'"

You would think his kids would be terrified to smoke, drink or do drugs when they see the effects it had on their dad! Look at him! He's the living dead. His skin is even tobacco stained. Someone check his expiry date!!

Celine Dion was thrilled when her young son revealed he is a huge fan of her music. Rene-Charles was only four years old when he first asked if he could see his mother onstage.
Celine says, "He has seen me perform. It was his idea to come when he was just four years old. "He said to me one day, 'Mummy I want to see the show.' "That touched me. "

Kids will say the darndest things to stay up late.

Madonna is accusing Gwen Stefani of stealing her style.
Madonna says, "She ripped me off. We work with a lot of the same people. "She married a Brit, she's got blonde hair and she likes fashion. "But I don't mind. I think she's very sweet and talented."

Um, Gwen was dating Gavin WAY before Madonna met her British husband. If Gwen is copying Madonna, at least she is only copying ONE person.
Madonna channelled Marlene Dietrich, Marilyn Monroe and Deborah Harry of Blondie to name a few.........throughout her career

Brad Pitt was seen sobbing into his phone on the set of his flick about outlaw Jesse James.
"I can't live without you," Brad reportedly cried to Angelina. Jolie has actually been by his side any free minute she gets but, she has been extemely busy with her obligations as an United Nations ambassador. She and Maddox, four and 10-month-old Zahara have been running all over Canada to be with Brad.

Big deal....I know lots of women who would run all over Canada to be with Brad and a few men also.

Catherine Zeta-jones gets nervous when it comes to the red carpet. She admits that she feels more pressure to look good than win awards at star-studded events. .
She says, "Usually if you walk down a red carpet you have like 20 people from different magazines critiquing you. I'm more nervous walking down the red carpet because of somebody saying how awful I look, or whatever. The actual thing is about your peers and people being applauded for their body of work. I think people make far too much of the whole glamour thing in our industry."

I say better to look so-so at these gala events. If you are constantly stylish and shiek then it is expected of you to maintain that look.
Then again when you walk away with the award who cares what you're wearing??

OUT AND ABOUT..........
Sarah Jessica Parker and her son James.

Reese Witherspoon and her son Deacon.

Denise Richards and her daughter Sam

Two strippers leaving a party.....nope it's a transvestite convention...nope......oops sorry, it's actual Nicky Hilton and sister Paris arriving at a Hallowe'en party in Las Vegas.

Kelly Osbourne at her 21st birthday party. Now she can drink legally.
AND just in time, she just got out of rehab again!

Ben Affleck looking great.

Nicole Richie's a swinger?

Who knew?


Friday, October 28, 2005

Celebrity W.T.F's Volume 78

Tom Cruise is asking Katie Holmes to sign a pre-nup. As part of the agreement, Katie will get a very generous cheque after five years of marriage. And the figure doubles at the ten year mark. Its his standard contract which Nicole Kidman signed many years ago. Nicole didn't stick around until their ten year anniversary.

Katie will stick around for at least ten years....unless Tom's movie career goes downhill.
What? It already has? Ok, I give it a year. I'm feeling generous today.

According to "sources," Ethan Hawke has been trying to get at the newly single Sienna Miller by way of their agents. That's right, Ethan's apparently too "shy" to ask her directly so he has tasked his agent to get things going.

This must of been before he saw her new haircut...

Sarah Jessica Parker's years of wearing high heel designer shoes on the hit show "Sex and The City" - is feeling the effects now she told Closer magazine:
"I ran down the block a few weeks ago in these heels, just like I did for seven years, and woke up in the middle of the night in agony. I've torn the tendons in my foot - just from running in heels!"
She's got two films coming up- The Family Stone and Failure To Launch - but, when asked if she is trading her heels in for flat shoes she replied: "Are you kidding me? I will never stop wearing high heels," she said.

Do they make high heeled casts?

Reese Witherspoon says her first attempts to sing like June Carter Cash in the new Johnny Cash biopic "Walk The Line" were horrible.
Movie-maker James Mangold insisted both actors perform all songs themselves and they underwent "rock 'n' roll boot camp" to learn how to sing like the husband and wife.
And she admits it took a while: "When we started we sounded bad. We were terrified someone would get our first recordings and put them on the internet. The longer we worked on it the better we got. It took six months to get to a place where I felt comfortable enough to record."

Even if the bad recordings hit the internet, you have to give them props for using their own voices. (Note to Milli Vanilli)

Kate Moss has checked out of the rehab clinic where she was receiving treatment for cocaine use. Kate will be reunited with her 3-year-old daughter Lila in the next few days and whe will also do modeling assignments in Los Angeles, Paris and New York within the next month. "Kate is in excellent spirits and looking forward to getting back to work. She would like to thank everyone for their messages of support as they have played a major part in helping her," a Storm spokesman was quoted as saying, reports the Associated Press

Her ex boyfriend Johnny Depp sent her a mirror as a get well gift. He believes that if you see yourself and face your addiction while facing yourself you will overcome it. Great concept but, a mirror to an ex-coke freak? Think about it. That's like giving a martini shaker set to a recovering alcoholic.

Demi Moore's three daughters go to their mom for style advice, unlike other teenage girls.
"I trust her judgment so much in terms of what I wear," Rumer, 17, tells Teen Vogue in its December issue. "We always ask her opinion before we go out."
Sister Scout, 14, also loves her mom's sense of fashion style, and Tallulah, 11, has fun with her mother's collection of vintage clothing. "She's been collecting clothes forever. I love to get into the storage bins and play dress-up," Tallulah says.

Smart Kids...they saw mom snag cutie Ashton Kutcher and they know mom's got it goin' on!

Britney Spears had some harsh advice for her hubby regarding his singing career: Don’t get your hopes up. Kevin Federline recently brought home some music he’d recorded and he played it for Spears, according to the new issue of In Touch Weekly.
His efforts were “greeted with hurtful laughter from his superstar wife, who was unimpressed,” reports the mag. “She said his debut CD might sell ‘a hundred, maybe a thousand’ copies if he was lucky,’” an “insider” told the mag, who added, “Kevin looked really hurt.”

If I were Kevin I would play a recording of Britney's back to her. She ain't no Whitney Houston herself. And that's WITH the help of a recording studio!

Angelina Jolie is relieved after an Ethiopian judge ruled she is the legal guardian of baby daughter Zahara. It was feared she'd have to refile paperwork when the alleged mother of the little girl, who was believed to be dead, came forward to thank Jolie for giving her child a better life. Under Ethiopian law, the adoption papers needed to be refiled because details given about the baby's mother were incorrect. But Judge Dadnachew Tesfaye, who investigated the case, has declared Jolie did nothing wrong and the baby in now legally hers. He says, "The adoption is legal and still stands. The evidence presented to the court shows the child was an orphan. That is sufficient."

Yay! They aren't taking Zahara away!!
(Sorry Maddox - the kid's staying)

Brad Pitt is currently in Calgary, Canada shooting his new movie The Assassination Of Jesse James. It seems humans aren't his only fans.....One day he got back to his rented cabin to find brown bears hanging around. Not known for their friendliness, Brad took one look at them and called the police, according to Teen Hollywood.
When the forest rangers arrived they reprimanded Mr Pitt for having a window open as the bears had been attracted by the smell of food coming from his kitchen. Brad was told to follow the local rules by keeping all doors and windows locked at all times.

Must of been female bears hoping to say "Someone's been sleeping in my bed....."

Lindsay Lohan is joining the all-star cast of "Bobby," a film about the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The cast already includes Anthony Hopkins, Demi Moore, Sharon Stone, Nick Cannon, Freddy Rodriguez and Elijah Wood.
The movie mixes fact with fiction and follows several different characters who are present the night of Kennedy's assassination. Lindsay will play a woman who marries her boyfriend's brother to keep him from going to Vietnam, only to fall in love with him.

So she's going from Herbie the bug car movies to this?
Who casts these people besides horny old men?

Madonna says her father has struck up a friendship with a very unlikely person - Michale Moore.
Madonna said, "Here's the irony of all ironies: he's now really good friends with Michael Moore. They live near each ohter in Michigan, where my father has his vineyards, and several things happened. . "It was Michael's birthday, and I wanted to send him a gift. I said, 'Dad, would you drive over a case of your wine? Can you do that for me?' "He put a whole basket together with pasta and a sausage, and he and my stepmother went bearing gifts." .
And Madonna was astonished to receive a phone call from her father expressing his admiration for Moore: "He called me later and casually said, 'Oh yeah, we stayed and had a cup of tea.
"'He's so nice, we really liked him.' I'm like, 'You are kidding me Dad!'"

Michael Moore probably just befriended Madonna's dad because the bras she wore in the 80's looked like weapons of mass destruction!

Paris and her boyfriend of the moment Stavros are rumored to have "made out like lovesick teenagers" and then have relations in a porta-potty. Yes, an outside toilet. Paris has stooped to an alltime low.Paris, your last name is HILTON...go get a room at one....LITERALLY.

Cute couple rapper Nelly and singer Ashante relax on the beach.

Braddy picks up Maddox from school. Why do I have a vision of all the teachers pushing each other out the way to get a look.

Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas with very long extensions....both her hair and her leg. Ouch.

Sharon Osbourne recently went from a C cup to a Double D and says Ozzy just loves them.
Ew. I am getting a visual.

Victoria Beckham leaving a L.A. restaurant.

Mariah Carey's caricature in her Christmas special due out this December. No wonder Santa only goes out once a year.

Tara Reid striking a drunken whore pose.