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Friday, September 30, 2005

Celebrity W.T.F's volume 56

Lindsay Lohan who was rail thin just weeks ago wants to show off her new healthier figure and plans to show it all off in an upcoming Vanity Fair cover.
According to America's In Touch magazine, Lindsay just did the photo shoot on a beach in California last week and it was actually her idea to pose naked.
A source says, "It was Paris Hilton's recent Vanity Fair cover, where she's topless and covering her breasts with her arms, that inspired Lindsay to push the envelope even further."

And who ever said Paris Hilton is not a good influence on young girls?

Here is Lindsay on the set of her new music video.

Jennifer Lopez refuses to throw any of the shoes away. She says, "I have so many shoes because I don't throw any of them out. I still have shoes from 10 years ago! love that I had a normal upbringing because you get a certain kind of common sense and street sensibility. You appreciate things. I think it's really priceless."

Shoes are sacred but, BAD husbands are tossed like a cheap salad.
Jennifer Lopez for president!

Michael Jackson plans to exchange his King of Pop crown for a King Of Rap one.
"Soon you will see him surrounded by all kinds of beautiful women," says Jackson insider and author Michael Luckman. And Michael's reportedly rounding up Jay-Z, Missy Elliott and Mary J. Blige to perform on his hurricane relief song, "From the Bottom of My Heart."

Laugh all you want about him becoming a rap star, in his defence he was the first male to grab his crotch while he sang, he could in fact be a big rap star - he just has to stop grabbing everyone else's crotch.

Italian designer Valentino dissed Paris Hilton last week saying she was unattractive. This week he is trashing two other people - Julia Roberts and Cameron Diaz
He told a German magazine, "They look like bag ladies, like homeless people. In the past you never saw that. "In the past, actresses had to commit in their contracts to appear in public like stars when they left their homes. "Women had less to do and looked after their appearance. They changed their outfits two or three times a day or had a complicated hairstyle."

Number one - The look is called "casual" ok Valentino? Number two - women have never had "a lot less to do" in the entire history of mankind. Number three - go pick on Mary Kate and Ashley who really look like bag ladies with their purposely ripped nylons and oversized tent dresses. Number four - Real women don't buy clothes that are designed by men who wish they were women but, want to be women with no hips or breasts. Got it? Good.

Charlize Theron thinks her good looks are a crutch when it comes to the way other see her. She recently said at a press conference:
"I was born looking this way, I can't help what nature has handed me and I hate this
nonsense and this ideology that women who are pretty don't feel, don't have pain, or don't understand human conflict, because everything's just so dandy for them."

Granted Charlize is a pretty girl but, apparently she is conceited as well.

Mariah Carey is taking the term "DIVA" to a whole new level according to sources at a swanky hotel she recently stayed at. The sources said "She demanded blacked-out windows, the presidential suite, etc." Another source said that Mariah did not want any of the hotel workers making eye contact with her during her stay. Apparently she asked that the butlers and security staff to bow their heads when graced with her magnificence.

I don't think it was her being a diva, I think it was typical Mariah. You see she paid a lot for her breasts, she wants everyone to look at them.

Welsh songstress Charlotte Church may have her curves in all the right places, but she rates a certain Hollywood star top of the bods.
According to The Sun, Charlotte admires Halle Berry's bosoms.
"I think Halle Berry has the ideal figure. Her t*ts are bloody fantastic," she enthused. "I saw them in a movie the other week and they are the best."

No argument here.

Desperate Housewives actor Nicolette Sheridan spent Thursday at a house filming a television commercial for Australian lingerie brand Hestia. The commercial will feature the actor doing chores around the house in her lingerie, including trimming hedges and washing dishes.
Nicolette bragged, "I trimmed my bush looking at this fabulous pool boy who looked exactly like my fiance," she said, referring to a scene in the commercial. "Hopefully my fiance is going to come and join me here but in the meantime I have got a look-alike."

Trimmed her bush?

I found this picture of Nicolette when she was a youngin' with Leif Garrett who was a teen heart throb back in the day. They used to date!
Except for Nicolette's left breast (Not sure where the right one went) her and Leif could be the same person! They look alike.

Madonna has racked up 2,500 British pounds worth of fines after parking wherever she darn well pleases . According to the Daily Mail, Madonna seems to think nothing of picking up a £50 parking fine during each of her twice weekly gym visits.
The paper reports that Madonna gets her chauffeur to wait on a single yellow line while she undergoes "rack" sessions with her fitness trainer James D'Silva. And of course the dodgy parking gets her a ticket every time."

Rack sessions? I don't want to know.
Sounds like Madonna hasn't changed much from her young wild days. She still likes to go "parking" it seems.

Rumor has it that Gwyneth Paltrow is pregnant with her second child. Her daughter is named Apple. I shudder to think what type of produce her second child will be named after. For someone so obsessed with fruit you'd think she could stand to eat some!
Yikes, she looks like the living dead here!

Somebody's been caught speeding again!

Surprise, surprise it's Paris Hilton.

Your token eye candy picture....David Beckham goes for his daily jog.

Another fake Sean Preston photo circulating the net. Somebody went on photo shop and wrote in the name unless ofcourse nurses are now using crayon in the maternity ward to write names on incubators.

I know, a pretty tiring day when it comes to celebrity news but, it appears the celebs are tired also.....Gwen Stefani is tired of excercising.


Brazillian Supermodel Giselle is probably tired of being hit on.

Kristin Dunst is tired of getting bad movie scripts.

Ben Affleck is already losing sleep and his first baby is not even born yet. Bad sign.

Reese Witherspoon has two young children and every right to yawn.



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