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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Celebrity W.T.F's Volume 54

Director Guy Ritchie has a modest fortune compared to his wife Madonna but, they still split all the household bills equally.
Ritchie says, "We split all the bills 50-50. So what? That's perfectly normal, isn't it?"

Yes, it's normal if you're NOT married to a multi-millionaire!

While I don't think the same goes in this household.....Donald Trump's wife Melania Knauss is pregnant. "The baby is due in the spring," said a spokesperson for the Trumps adding that the child's gender is not yet known. It would be the first child for Melania. She is The Donald's third wife. He has four other children from his previous marriages.

Well, now she's REALLY ensured she is going to be taken care of nicely...with or without The Donald. Hope the baby get's Melania's hair genes. I bet the baby does too.

Heidi Klum has nearly regained her figure just six days after giving birth to baby son Henry the supermodel recently appeared at the Emmy Awards last Sunday, less than a week after giving birth to her child with husband Seal, and she looked fit and fabulous. She says she owes it all to her personal trainer who flew to Los Angeles straight afterHeidi gave birth and launched her straight into a regime that produced rapid results. Apparently she worked out for hours a day and also followed a strict diet of no dairy, lots of greens, grains, egg whites and protein shakes.
Heidi wants to be in the November Victoria Secret fashion show so she is gearing up her body.

Who the heck has a baby in September and is modelling barely there underwear to the entire planet less than two months later? Mind you if you knew that the whole world was seeing you naked on a runway with cameras zooming on the back of your ass I guess you would gorge on lettuce leaves and water too.
Now, that's some dieting incentive!

Demi Moore's ex-husband, Bruce Willis, has no problems with Ashton Kutcher. It's Kabbalah he's not too thrilled about. Bruce Willis only ever asked one thing of his ex-wife: keep our kids away from your religion. Demi Moore reportedly married Ashton Kutcher in a Kabbalah Ceremony, but not at the Kabbalah Centre, according to a source, who explains that Willis "strictly forbids" his children with Moore from being exposed to the offshoot of Judaism, which some critics have called a cult.
"Bruce's feelings are that Demi and Ashton can do whatever they want with their personal and religious lives," says the insider, "but he puts down his foot when it comes to his daughters and does not want them visiting the Kabbalah Centre."

So, let me get this straight. It's ok that their new papa is TEN years older than your oldest daughter but, you don' t want the girls open to finding a faith that works for them.
I guess sometimes Father knows best.
Actually, I LOVE Ashton and Demi as a couple.

Pamela Anderson has filed for a restraining order against superfan William Stansfield. Pam says that Stansfield has been following her all over Malibu, California, where she lives with her young sons. In court papers, obtained by US news show Extra, Pamela alleges Stansfield has harassed her brother, her assistant and most recently showed up at her children's school.
According to one of the documents Pamela told police "He began talking to me, explaining that he wanted me to stop working on Stacked (new TV sitcom) and work on a movie with a script that he had written for me."
Stansfield has allegedly been camping in a tent in Malibu, not far from Anderson's home.

I do not condone stalking - let's get that straight but, when you are seen dating some of the ugliest men around, some OTHER strange men may think they actually stand a chance.
Still, not right. This idiot needs to find someone who may enjoy being stalked like Mariah Carey for example.

Ozzy Osbourne quit cheating on his wife Sharon Osbourne when a faulty Aids test came back positive. During his years of drug and alcohol abuse, Ozzy cheated on his manager spouse with a slew of women, until in 1986, Sharon put her foot down and insisted he undergo testing for the sexually-transmitted disease.
Sharon says, "(He admitted sleeping with) some old tart he picked up at a bar. I wanted to give him a shock. And it certainly did that. Ozzy was terrified of Aids. The test required a blood sample and the doctor said we would get the result back in a week. We went to get the result together. Positive - so I knew I would have to be tested too. Ozzy was mortified. I said to the doctor, 'Take some blood from me, then take three more vials from Ozzy and send them to three different labs and with three different names on. I knew from my gay friends that in those days the test was so unsophisticated and delicate that it only had to be shaken and you could get the wrong result. All the results came back negative. That was the last time he was unfaithful, ever."

Yikes, that's one way to get your husband to stop dipping his hands in the honey pot so to speak. Sharon was generous about it, most women I know would of pulled a "BOBBITT".
Again....not helping the "Ugly guys stalking women" cause if Ozzy Osbourne could find so many women to sleep with him without paying for it.

Keira Knightley loves being naked in movies and thanks her British upbringing for her liberated attitude. The actress stripped off to shoot steamy sex scenes in the new movie, "Domino," with hunky co-star Edgar Ramirez.
She says, "I'm British, so the whole sex scene, and being topless is fine.
"In fact, to be able to do that in the middle of the desert was actually quite liberating. And to do it with a beautiful Venezuelan well, let's just say I'm a lucky girl!"

Sure sounds liberating- in the middle of the desert - sounds uncomfortable too. Hot, humid, no water for miles, sand blowing into your teeth and camels wandering around....gee sounds so romantic.

The Washington Post reports Virginia Democrats have revealed plans to run Ben Affleck against Republican Senator George Allen in next year's election.
Ben and his pregnant wife, Jennifer Garner, are said to have shopped for a house around Charlottesville, Va., but still appear far from making a move anytime soon. Once Affleck's name was mentioned by state Democrats, it proved extremely popular. Affleck's representative Ken Sunshine says there's no reason to think Affleck would run, but adds, "He would make a superb public candidate for public office in the future."

Anyone and I mean ANYONE is an improvement to whomever is doing this job right now. And I don't even know the guy and know I am right. Ben certainly would be easier on the eyes - especially if he worked his way up to President. If one of my favorite shows is going to be interupted by a stupid politic conference than I'd rather it be Ben than the alternative.

Former Playboy playmate Jenny McCarthy is still mortified she wore a see-through dress to last month's World Music Awards in Los Angeles.
She says, "It was a dress I had for like 12 years in my closet. I put it on, the flashbulbs are going off and people are going, 'Psst, do you know it's see-through?' What are you gonna do?"

Ok, here is the dress she wore.
Maybe she should get her eyes checked. How does one not know this dress is see-through.
If something that fit your sat in your closet for 12 years wouldn't that be a trigger that maybe there was a reason for that before you put it on???

Alyssa Milano admitted to OK! magazine that she suffered from depression and began seeing a therapist four times a week for six months in order to sort out her feelings. Alyssa confessed she felt disconnected from the rest of the world. She says she had "All those classic signs of depression like not wanting to get out of bed."

So! That's what's wrong with me....I'm depressed!

Ellen DeGeneres gave her girlfriend of one year, Portia de Rossi, a horse as a gift for their first anniversary. Portia says, "We bought a ranch with 120 acres and Ellen bought me a horse, Jones, who's a beautiful, big, gray gelding. Eventually I just want to rescue animals and live on that farm."

Last month Madonna's hubby bought her a horse as a birhday present and she fell off, broke her collarbone and three other bones. Now Ellen does this.
Coincidence? I think not.

Lindsay Lohan Meets and Leaves with her ex- boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama at Club X. She is just giddy as can be!

More pics Christina Aguilera at Her Bachelorette Party in Cabo San Lucas
(You're welcome Andrew)

Rumored to be dating - Scarlett Johansson and Josh Harnett Arrive at LAX (Los Angelos

Jennifer Aniston looking very thin and carrying a stick. (Or is she walking on the beach with Nicole Ritchie? hee hee)

No, it's her doggie.



Blogger [.a.n.d.r.e.w.] said...

Oh boy that whole guy stalking Pam is pretty scary. Ok its scary enough hes following her but how hes following her kids and family is even more scarier. LOL thats funny how Sharon scared Ozzy like that, hahaha.

& thanks for the Christina pics! =P

5:44 AM  
Blogger Bernadette said...

Jenny McCarthy is a real dumb blonde (No I don't think all blondes are dumb...she happens to be blonde but she is really dumb!!). She's had the dress for 'like 12 years' and she only now found out it was see through?? Yeah right. Give me a break! Sorry Jenny...I DON'T believe everything I read...especially if it comes out of your mouth!

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