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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Celebrity W.T.F's volume 53

HERE IT IS. The very first REAL photo of baby Sean Preston Federline.
Except you can't see his face.
Here's Britney who's either soothing him or slapping him (Hard to tell) while her mom holds her grandson.
Papa Federline is no where in sight. Surprise Surprise.

Jessica Simpson has announced she may drop the "Simpson" from her name and just be known as "Jessica" she also said that she plans on re-inventing herself with an even SEXIER new image.

Like we don't see enough her of breasts on a regular basis already. I bet her hubby Nick wants to drop a "Simpson" himself.

Ozzy Osbourne's wife Sharon has been fighting bulimia for 35 years. Sharon says, "Ozzy and the children know and they get so upset for me. They are terrified for me. I'm still bulimic. It's bad, but I'm really trying to get better. I stuff myself with ice cream or pasta, then rush to the loo and make myself sick. "
Only five years ago Sharon weighed 224 pounds but, rapidly lost weight after having her stomach procedure done. Sharon explains, "Some people do drink and drugs, but for me it's food, food, food. It's about having low self-esteem. I resisted therapy for years, but now I see a therapist once a week and if it's bad I do a phone session. I used to vomit four times a day. Now it's once a week, which is a huge improvement."

This woman is a survivor she will overcome this. Anyone who can put up with that mumbling fool Ozzy is a trooper.

Looks like Guy Ritchie could be in trouble after he forgot his wife Madonna's name on live TV.
The film director was embarassed and stammering on a French TV chat show when asked to give his wife's full name in a surprise quiz.
"Er... er", he stuttered, saved only by a helpful fellow guest who quickly gave him the answer.
"Yes, Louise Ciccone," he finally declared.
But it only got worse for the luckless Mr Ritchie, as he then got the designer of Madonna's wedding dress wrong - naming French designer Hutchins instead of Stella McCartney.
"You're going to get me in a whole lot of trouble," he said.
Guy was on then French show to discuss his new film Revolver

Madonna married him for a reason. She has been with so many men she simply had to marry someone named Guy. That way she could just say "I'm with this guy." and not have to remember his name either.
I'd say they're even.

George Clooney has denied reports that Angelina and Brad are planning to get married at his Italian villa.
"Well, I would know and I can tell you there's not going to be a secret wedding," says George.
"I've met Angelina - I like her very much - but I would never talk about whether they are together or not. Brad and I have been friends for a long time and we don't talk about his relationships or his life, so I learn mostly about things that are going on in his personal life through magazines" he told the IMDB website.

The sizzling hot couple recently went grocery shopping and arrived at the store on separate motorcyles.
Vroom vroom!

Either Angelina is elated with her man or they just got a killer deal on hamburger meat.

More on George Clooney - Halle Berry has a secret crush on him. Halle has only met George at Hollywood awards bashes but, would love to get to know him better.
Halle says: "George Clooney - he's got that mysterious quality. You don't know what he's doing, where he is every second, the way you do with all these twentysomethings."

Um, Halle your last husband cheated on you with anything that moved shouldn't you be looking for a man who you know where he is and what he is doing?
Just a thought.

Kate Moss goes into rehab today though nobody seems sure quite where. While some reports are saying that she’s still out of the country and beginning her treatment in another country, others claim Kate has flown back to the UK from New York to go into drugs rehab here. Apparenly she’s been in secret talks with top Hollywood director Ron Howard about starring in a film about the fashion industry. “He has his heart set on getting her to sign up and won’t let her recent problems put him off,” reports an insider.

Ofcourse he still wants her in the film. The film is about the fashion industry. He is probably casting her as herself, a waify coke head.

Matt LeBlanc is set to replace Kirstie Alley as celebrity spokesperson for a weight watchers company. Now that Kirstie has successfully shed pounds, the Jenny Craig firm are looking around for a slightly chubby new spokesperson and the former Friends actor is top of the wanted list. The company are said to be working on a sponsorship deal that would pay Matt $1million if he loses around 30 pounds.

Do it Matt, that'll buy you a lot of pork rinds!

David and Victoria Beckham's eldest son has been blanked out of an official school photo at his parents' request. Six year old Brooklyn's face has been replaced by a gray blob on every version of the photograph, with the exception of copies going to the Beckhams. .
A public relations advisor told the British newspaper The Mail On Sunday, "Beckham told the headmaster that he did not want other people to see his son's face and I instructed people to abide by those wishes." .

Speaking of gray BLOBS...look at Victoria's breasts! Besides Tori Spelling this has got to be the worst boob job I have ever seen in my life. (Not that I've seen a lot but, hey I watch SHOWCASE from time to time)
And I do believe she is wearing her six year olds pants. She is so tiny she could fit into boys clothes.

see the implant? Gross.

Us Weekly reports that "Desperate Housewives" star Marcia Cross is in a hurry to wed fiancé Tom Mahoney and the wedding can't happen soon enough. The pair became engaged last month, and since they're not living in the same place, Marcia is eager to get married. Asked what she's most looking forward to about marriage, Cross said, "Being in the same bed every night."

It's Hollywood - what makes her think being married will ensure they will be in the same bed every night?

Tara Reid has been dropped from the show WILD ON TARADISE. The producers of the show claim she was impossible to work with and argued with them.

No way really? They hire Tara Reid - Hollywood well known alcoholic party girl - give her a show named for her where she travels the globe and goes to all types of wild parties...

And somebody thought this was a good idea?
Tara's not the only one who's been dipping into the vodka before lunch time apparently.

Christina Aguilera enjoys her bachlorette party in Cabo San Lucas with some girlfriends. The group went out to party by night at such hotspots as Cabo Wabo and Mi Casa and lounged around the pool at a Resort. Christina wore a tiara that said 'Bride To Be' on it and also a 'B' chain on her neck for her fiancee Jordan Bratman's surname. Aguilera and Bratman are due to wed soon...

I wonder if the bachelor party in the next suite mistook her for their entertainment??

Tori Spelling was spotted house hunting with her new lover actor Dean McDermott in Los Angeles, Ca. The actress was married to writer Charlie Shanian just a year ago but left Shanian very recently. I reported this last week in fact. Turns out she had an her affair with McDermott while they were shooting a movie in Canada. McDermott is also married with 2 children and left his family in Canada for Tori and moved to Hollywood

How classy of them both.
I give it a few least until he sees Tori with no makeup, topless with her mismatched silicone boobs - in the morning sunlight.

Jennifer Lopez has revealed she once fired a former manager just because he told her to go on a diet.
"At the beginning, when I first started doing music and movies, I had this attitude that I didn't have to be like anyone else," IMDB reports her as saying. Jennifer says she never felt she had to conform to be thin like other stars.
"I had this manager who was very critical of my shape, he felt that everyone should look like Heather Locklear - thin and blonde.
"I fired him," Jennifer says.

I bet this so called manager looked like he was nine months pregnant. Don't those always seem to be the men who have that attitude?
That's because the only women they are used to seeing naked have a staple in their belly button.
Good for Jennifer. Represent for us junk-in-the-trunk gals!

Actress Lindsay Lohan leaves Hollywood eatery Koi with a good buzz and toothpick dangling from her mouth

Paris Hilton is seen with her fiancee Paris. Rumor has it according to the boy's father they are not getting along.
Well, it's the first picture I have seen where they aren't playing tonsil hockey or Paris is trying to hold his face down to kiss maybe there is trouble in parISdise?

Paris really does love Paris.
No, I don't mean she loves him.
She loves herself.
Look at her not only checking herself out in the reflection of the car but, it's like she is giving herself bedroom eyes!
Oh get a room with yourself already!

Pamela Anderson was seen leaving a restaurant with her ex- boyfriend Kid Rock. She seems to like reconnecting with her ex lovers.
I suppose Tommy Lee had plans?
Her girls are all covered up for once.
I guess Kid Rock already knows what they look like by now.
Doesn't every red blooded American Guy?



Blogger TangentArifa said...

Boy, those 90210 days are long gone. Poor Tori is now forced to marry AND have affairs with totally unknown people. Geez, she couldn't even hook up with Boston Legal's DYLAN McDermott. So much for having Aaron Spelling as your dad!

Of course I do NOT condone adultery.....

9:20 PM  
Blogger [.a.n.d.r.e.w.] said...

Victoria Beckham is so plastic its not even funny. Shes disgusting, shes not even hot.

Thats so awesome how Brad and Angelina rode on motorcycles to the grocery store, Angelina in leather, very hot!

5:59 AM  

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