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Friday, September 23, 2005

Celebrity W.T.F's Volume 51

Rapper Lil' Kim has bashed authorities for placing her in a federal detention center that she feels is too rough for a first time offender. She began her prison sentence for perjury on Monday. Lil' Kim, who's real name is Kimberly Jones thought she would be sent to a minimum-security prison. She said in a statement released on Monday, "I have unfortunately been assigned to a federal detention center instead of a prison camp as discussed, in the city of Philadelphia. I am not certain that this constitutes fair and equal treatment."

That's the thing with perjury, it's a pretty serious crime. What does she expect a slap on the hand? You think she's pissed now wait until she finds out there is no nail salon or hair extension boutique. Things are going to get ugly. Literally.

Martha Stewart even got in trouble when she was serving her sentence in prison. Seems Martha was reprimanded for not reporting a bruise. Wardens at Alderson Federal Prison Camp were sure Stewart had been fighting with other inmates when they first saw the mark on her arm and she was called in to explain what had happened.
She recalls, "One day I fell against the wall, I slipped on some wet floor and I got a really bad black and blue mark on my arm. You have to report any injuries, which I didn't know."

Sure you fell Martha - who fell on you? We know you were someone's bitch in jail...everyone is. Hey, don't be embarassed at least she cared enough to knit you that poncho.

Is there trouble with Paris Hilton's engagement to Paris Latsis? Her fiance's father Gregoris Kasidokostas told Star magazine, "There does seem to be some problem (between them) I understand that they are not as close as they used to be. Both his mother and I agree that our son is far too young to contemplate marriage and children. Our son agreed with us. There was an unanimity on this issue." .
Despite her fiance's fathers statement, Paris insists she just recently went wedding dress shopping.

This is a newsflash? Puhlease....The only Paris that Paris Hilton ever loved and will continue to love is herself.

Elle MacPherson, former supermodel has expressed her sympathy for Kate Moss. Elle can relate because two years ago she checked into the Meadows Clinic in Arizona suffering from depression and lost many lucrative modelling contracts.
Elle said "Kate is learning the price of living a public. I think Kate's in a very uncomfortable position but when you lead a public life, your personal life gets scrutinised. .I'm sure it's a very difficult moment for her right now, but for anyone in the public eye it's very difficult.".

Suffering from depression and snorting powder up your nostrils are two very different things. In my opinion Kate's life was not difficult to live in the public eye before she got caught with the coke. She was making ten times the amount of money a mere mortal makes in a year for one fashion show.

Here is Elle, she is in her 40's now and she looks amazing!

Jennifer Aniston has reportedly fallen for her latest onscreen love interest. Apparently she is dating actor Geoff Stults, who plays her boyfriend in new movie The Break-Up. According to National Enquirer - A set source says, "During the final weeks of filming in Chicago, she flirted outrageously with Geoff. Everyone couldn't help noticing the sexual undercurrent between them".

Remember how I said how tough it would be for her to find another good looking hot man after Brad?
I stand corrected. He's not quite Brad but, way better than Vince Vaughn who she was initially rumored to be with.

I have always said the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else.

No wonder Jennifer was positively glowing when she made an appearance earlier this week on OPRAH.Mind you Oprah's make up people are miracle workers. Have you ever seen Oprah before she gets done up? I love Oprah but, they REALLY do wonders with her.

And on the Angelina front -
Angelina Jolie could be in trouble with Ethiopian authorities after baby Zahara's biological mother was allegedly found alive and well. Angelina reportedly stated in adoption papers that Zahara's mother was dead. British newspaper The Sun, however, tracked down 18-year-old Mentaweb Dawit, who claims she is Zahara's birth mother. The birth mother won't challenge Angelina over the adoption, she told The Sun.
"I want to say thank you to Angelina for giving my baby this wonderful, loving family."
Under Ethiopian law, however, Jolie must reapply for her adoptive rights because the initial paperwork was incorrect. The adoption could be illegal because the law in Ethiopia says that if the mother is still alive she must give her consent and in this case that may not have happened.

The only way Zahara is going to ever go back to Ethiopia is on a first class private flight....just to visit. No way Angelina would give up her baby now. Although if Maddox catches wind of this he may offer Zahara's real mom some of his university fund in exchange for her to cause some problems. ....that Maddox was SO spoiled until Zahara came along.

Angelina, Brad, Maddox and Zahara were spotted at West Edmonton Mall in Canada earlier this week.

Leaving the arcade

A close up of the happy family

It's Maddox with Daddy Braddy.
Maddox honey don't wash your hand! You can sell the sweat from your daddy on E-Bay - then you won't need to dip into your university fund for bribe money.

They ate at China Wok! Hey Brad I can wok! I love stir fry. M.S.G should be a food group.

JC Chasey from N' Sync who was recently romantically linked to Eva Longoria spent his weekend trying to avoid party girl Tara Reid. The New York Daily News claims that the singer was trying to get rid of the pestering Tara, going so far as to hide backstage at the Custo Barcelona fashion show. The minute he snuck out to sit in the front row, Chasez was faced with none other than the trainwreck herself.

JC should of brought a big bottle of vodka and slipped it to Tara. She would of wandered around in a blitzed daze trying to remember where she left her bra.
That's what everyone else does JC.
Your welcome.

Cameron Diaz lost her patience with photographers at the Toronto International Film Festival, when she informed them that their clicking was giving her a "nervous breakdown".
Cameron who has had a number run-ins with photographers was here to promote her upcoming movie In Her Shoes, and was horrified by the constant flashes distracting her during a press conference.
She snapped, "Okay, collectively, how many pictures do you guys think you have? Seriously, do you communicate like this in the bedroom as well? It's insane. I'm having a nervous breakdown with all that clicking."

Funny, she doesn't seem to mind posing for the pictures that go through the "touching up" process.

Madonna has reportedly been replaced on a magazine cover by Ashlee Simpson. Sources say Madonna was initally supposed to pose on the cover of Blender magazine's December issue.
But, now she has been dropped her in favour of Ashlee.
A source says, "Madonna was fuming. She never wanted to do Blender in the first place; she wanted to do Rolling Stone. And then this put her over the edge."

Blender for those of you who don't know is a "MAXIM" type of magazine who's target market group are twenty something males full of raging testosterone.
Who do you think they would rather see on the cover?

Jessica Simpson's baby sister who although is not as sexy - is still young, firm and blonde.

Or....a woman who is not aging well and although she is JUST AS FIRM and blonde as Ashlee, Madonna has no use of her good right arm.
I don't blame them.

Sarah Jessica Parker is New York City's richest female star after beating supermodel Gisele Bundchen and Nicole Kidman in a new money poll. The former "Sex and the City" actress, who has an estimated $38 million fortune in the bank, topped the New York magazine list.

And I thought she was glowing because she was just a happy person who starred on what of the most popular shows ever, has a great husband (Matthew Broderick) and a cute little baby boy.
I am so naive.

Coldplay singer Chris Martin is planning to put stadium rock to one side and work on a country album with a hip-hop flavour. Chris is eager to expand his musical boundaries, he is planning a collaboration with retired country singer Garth Brooks, Kanye West and legendary hip-hop producer Timbaland.
Chris says, "Country is a very sleeping beast within us. We have two things we're not allowed to do - country and rap - just because of where we're from. So I think they'll rear their heads at some point in the future. In fact, I think the only future for music is if you bring together the most disparate worlds. "

Country and rap? Kid Rock has done it , Nelly and Tim McGraw have done it. Granted watching Chris attempt to do rap would really be worth this venture entirely.
"Yo Gwyneth Daddy Pimp is home, w'as for dinner ho? Where's daddy's bad seed Apple? Girl, where you hidin' at."
This may go over in the Federline/Spears residence but, Gwyneth won't like it.

Renee Zellweger said her marriage to Kenny Chesney ended because he did not want to have children. Now Kenny’s given his side of the story. Kenny confessed he was too busy to give his new marriage the attention it needed. He told America’s Country Weekly magazine: I'm all right. I'm good. There have been better times, but I'll be OK. I had the biggest tour I've ever done, I had a record to finish that was real important to me, and, of course, I had something new in my personal life and I was trying to do that too. It really ended up being too much."

How hard is it to juggle a wife that weighs 80 lbs? That Kenny....what a wuss!

And some other highlights for your entertainment.
Bruce Willis is currently a judge on an Italian Beauty Pageant. Poor Guy. He looks so upset about it.

Here's Ryan Phillipe in a bathrobe. (Reese Witherspoon's hubby)
Just because.

Here's a clip of Tyra Banks' new show. The one I told you about earier this week. She had a plastic surgeon come on to feel her breasts in front of the audience. She wanted the doctor to confirm her breasts are real. She was fed up with everyone thinking she had implants.

Gee, I am so glad she proved they are real. I can finally get some sleep at night.

I don't know about you but, I wouldn't want to be wearing the very same dress as anorexic girl at a party.
That's what happened to poor Jenny McCarthy this week.
I feel sorry for both of them, actually the dress is awful.

Diane Lane proves celebrities are just like the rest of she waters her garden.

They are addicted to coffee as much as we are too.



Blogger [.a.n.d.r.e.w.] said...

Angelina, Brad, Maddox, and Zahara all look so happy. At least Brad got what he wanted a hot rich wife and some kids! Its all good, lol.

9:26 PM  
Blogger Chelsea's Mama said...

I was surprised they could walk so freely in the west edmonton mall and not be mobbed.
Even if people didn't recognize them - seriously - how many people in Edmonton look like that?

9:32 PM  
Anonymous spoiledpoodle said...

I'm black and adopted and have a good looking mama and papa and nobody follows me around with cameras.
They will soon though.
I am going to be so famous because of my blogs better get a paw print now while it's not worth millions.

9:34 PM  
Blogger TangentArifa said...

First of all, thanks Linda for all these updates. As always, I don't know half of these things unless you tell me.

I think Lil'Kim is right. She committed a crime yes but is it along the lines of the murderers and drug dealers OR Martha Stewart and the other white collar criminals? Just an observation.

I'm sooooo tired of Paris Hilton. When is she going away?!? And the latest magazine cover? I've never seen so many guys "check out" Vanity Fair.

What's with Elle MacPherson? Sorry about your depression, hope you're feeling better. But don't feel sorry for Kate. Feel bad for her little girl. She's the one that is going to be scarred.

And message to Chris Martin: You're getting more full of yourself every day. Your latest cd may be selling but that doesn't mean it is the best thing after sliced bread. Try following the lead of the brilliant Radiohead. Their music constantly gets better and better AND their private lives never make the tabloids.Hmmm.

And can the Jolie/Pitt family really be in trouble. Zahara can't be taken away from them, even if Maddox wants it to happen....

9:43 PM  

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