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Monday, September 19, 2005

Celebrity W.T.F's volume 47

According to the US media, Britney and Kevin's baby's full name is Preston Michael Spears Federline. A friend of Britney's was quoted in The Sun as saying: "She is inseparable from her baby. She looks so happy."

Here is a picture of the baby who's first initials are P.M.S. geez, he's like two days old and already he's doomed.

Here is Papa Kevin Federline leaving the hospital. I hope he is carrying out Britney's stuff and he didn't steal some demerol or something from the medical supply room.

He looks like he is tired. (Maybe those were sleeping pills he stole from the medical cabinet)

Here is the new family!!!

The White Stripes rock star Jack White has upset his wife, model Karen Elson, by dashing to be by ex-girlfriend Renee Zellweger's side in the wake of her marriage breakdown. Renee dated Jack on-and-off for two years, and split only a few months before she married country singer Kenny Chesney in May. Her ex Jack then followed in her footsteps and secretly wed Elson in June, just four months after they met. Apparently Jack's current wife Karen is afraid that Renee and Jack will rekindle the flame.

Seriously, even if they do rekindle the flame it's not like it's going to be a long burning candle. It'll be like a candle you get at the dollar store.

Jessica Simpson is thrilled her husband Nick Lachey has landed a job as a TV sports reporter, because she'll no longer have to listen to him at home. Nick has previously shared his sports views on TV, radio and print, and he's now signed up to cover his favourite topic on US cable network ESPN. Jessica said, "There's nothing I'd rather him do than be on ESPN and talk about sports then I don't have to hear it at home!"

I can't see Nick discussing sports with Jessica. Simply because that would imply that he would have to explain them to her. Now that's a big job.

I don't think Jessica liked my last comment. Oops.

Brad Pitt hasn't quite wrapped up his first marriage, but he's already said to be planning his second. Italian newspapers are printing stories that Pitt has asked George Clooney if he and Angelina Jolie can wed at his "Ocean's Eleven" co-star's villa on Lake Como. Brad's divorce from Jennifer Aniston is due to become final next month. His rep was unavailable, but it's unlikely that a wedding could happen before next year.

Angelina Pitt? Has a horrible ring to it doesn't it............but, the perks of the union are pretty darn good.

Gwyneth Paltrow was quoted in Canada's Globe and Mail as saying, "[Last year,] I just had a baby and thought, 'I don't want to live there.' Bush's anti-environment, pro-war policies are a [disgrace]."
Gwyneth and her husband, rocker Chris Martin, have a home in London. Gwyneth then contradicted herself Tuesday night at a Cinema Society screening of "Proof," where when she was asked about living in the states she said "I've been here as much as there. I'm sticking around."

Gwyneth is the Queen of Contradiction. She constantly says how much she hates the press but, continues to tell them a new intimate detail of her boring existence daily.
Gwyneth. Shut up. Please.

Former "90210" star Tori Spelling and screenwriter/actor husband Charlie Shanian have separated, a source close to the couple told Entertainment Tonight. The two have been living separately since early last month. Tori's father is Television multi millionaire producer Aaron Spelling.

Just goes to show ya kids, although money can buy you a slot on a popular television show when you have absolutely no talent, money cannot buy a happy marriage.

Or a good set of implants for that matter.

Jennifer Lopez accompanied Marc Anthony her hubby to his concert performance on the weekend and shocked organizers when, according to a source "She didn't ask for anything special,Nothing - no flowers, candles or special treatment. She didn't even sit backstage. She was acting like a normal person for once. "
While Jennifer has mellowed out from her rumored "diva ways" apparently Marc's family have not. Witnesses say they smoked throughout the dinner at the concert event. They were told several times to put out their cigarettes and did not oblige.

That must of been why Jennifer did not have a list of special requests, she knew the staff would be busy trying to control her unruly in-laws.

Also at the Marc Anthony concert was party gal Tara Reid - who seemed to still be having a good time despite rumors that her E! show, "Taradise," would not be renewed. Tara apparenly danced with abandon, shaking her arms over her head and then flopped into a chair from which she couldn't be moved until 45 minutes later. Men tried to lift her and she would not budge.

I'm keeping this photo of Tara in a safe place. It'll be worth something one day cuz It's a collector's item. She is standing up for once.

Property millionaire Donald Trump has signed up to make an appearance on popular TV show "Days of Our Lives." Trump will tape his appearance today for an episode which is set to air in on October 24.

Maybe they will have a half decent toupee in their prop department!

Actress Portia De Rossi used to take advantage of her drunk teenage friends by persuading them that going to bed with her was just innocent fun. She says that because none of her highschool pals ever suspected she was a lesbian, they felt the encounters were harmless. The former Ally McBeal star, who is now dating comedienne Ellen DeGeneres, told the magazine The Advocate, "In high school I had sex with girls quite a few times. They were straight women who I convinced to jump in the sack with me. "I did a lot of fast talking as a youth; I was pretty good at it too. I was never talked into it (going to bed) -- I was always the one doing the talking. "

I am sure the girls Portia did this to in High School are grateful she was in their class. After all, they could of had K.D. Lang for a classmate.

Tommy Lee has figured out how he stays in such great shape - his concert shows are the equivalent of jogging 13 miles at a time. The Motley Crue drummer performs for two-and-a-half hours every night he plays with the band. Recently, he decided to see just what sort of a work-out that amounted to. He explains, "I was curious one day. I've seen those odometers for joggers that you clip on your shoe and it tells you how many miles you're going. I clipped it on my shoe and after a two-and-a-half hour show it freaked me out. I took it off my shoe and it said 13 miles... That's both feet, both arms. It keeps me in shape."

Hmm, I wonder how many miles he "ran" in those sex tapes with Pamela Anderson. I suppose there was no place to clip the odometer that day.

Supermodel Tyra Banks emoved her bra on her new talk show to prove to the world her breasts are real. Tyra's new talk show which debuted in the US last week, is fed up with constant reports that her boobs are enhanced, insisting their perky look is the result of using push-up bras. So to prove her point, Tyra removed her bra from under her shirt and invited a plastic surgeon to examine her, who confirms her claims that her breasts are totally natural.

Maybe on her next show she could have a hair expert on and let them tug on her can't be natural.

Charlie Sheen has hinted that one of the major reasons his marriage to Denise Richards hit turmoil was because he was too absorbed in watching sports to help her with parenting.
During a visit to David Letterman's chat show on last Thursday, Charlie Sheen admitted that he was at fault in the situation, explaining, "It's the first time I got dumped in my life. I think the one thing I would point to as a primary reason, basically, is that I was a gigantic ass. "
Charlie told Letterman they are working on a reconciliation.

Wow, so they split up because he was an ass, not because he was after someone else' the tabloids reported.
Knowing Charlie's shady sex addict past I am guessing the sports he was watching were "Topless Volleyball" and "Nude Tennis"

Courtney Love has been ordered to spend six months in a rehabilitation facility as punishment for violating her probation. A Los Angeles judge, who had recently sent Courtneyto rehab for 28 days, decided that she required even more time in a residential treatment facility, which she won't be allowed to leave until she's served her time.

I guess you can't give someone like Courtney "community service" work. That probably has a whole new meaning to a drunken whore.

Paris Hilton and her mother were seen giving a homeless man some money this week in L.A.

"Spare change" to an heiress?
Twenty bucks apparently.



Blogger [.a.n.d.r.e.w.] said...

That picture of Britney's baby is fake. It was circulating around but it was confirmed as fake on this forum I go to cuz honestly that baby has more protection than the President at the moment, lol.

I saw Access Hollywood today and they asked George Clooney about the whole marriage thing and of course he was denying it, I could tell he was lieing. He is although an actor! ;)

9:03 PM  
Blogger Dill said...

I heard about the pms thing and that they had decided to call him Shawn Preston Michael.... A rose by any other name still stinks ......lolol Dill

8:19 AM  
Blogger Nadia said...

Can I just say that I am sick to death of Gwenyth Paltrow. Lordy - you named your sweet little innocent daughter after a fruit and you haven't made a good movie since Shakespeare in Love. Why should anyone listen to you?

How can we miss you Gwen if you WON'T GO AWAY.


10:32 AM  
Blogger Nadia said...

And can someone please tell Tori Spelling the truth - NOBODY CARES ABOUT YOU - you do not even qualify as a celebrity. This is the second ugliest person on earth - after Victoria Gotti.


10:35 AM  
Blogger Bernadette said...

I love the comments here. My afternoon laugh. Poor PMS or is that SPM (great now he will be nicked named Spam!!)LOL

Nadia...Gwenyth...apples and oranges!!

As for Tori...she is as ugly as Victoria Gotti...whose voice so annoys me!! No secret there Victoria.


2:20 PM  
Blogger Chelsea's Mama said...

Andrew, you are right, not the right baby, I will post the baby again.

4:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Victoria Gotti is only like 41 years old but looks 61. If you take her blonde "wig" away, she is so ugly, she looks like SOFIA from the Golden Girls.


3:16 PM  

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