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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Celebrity W.T.F's volume 43

Sienna Miller is insisting that she's not pregnant with Jude Law's baby - but the stories in her social circle are different. One source who claims to be a friend says, "She's 100% pregnant, she's 100% keeping it, and she and Jude are talking about a wedding, possibly in France." Miller apparently bought Jude Law's story that he cheated on her with his nanny, Daisy Wright, because he was lonely for Sienna while he was away from her on location , the source adds. "They've gotten back together, but she still hasn't put the $35,000 engagement ring he'd bought her back on. "

Hey if the girl ain't sporting the bling then she isn't really taking him back....unless of course she is waiting for the Hollywood token "I AM SORRY FOR CHEATING ON YOU" ring which would cost the same as it would to clean a water system, feed and clothe several third world countries.
She certainly is glowing and looking happier these days...

Jessica Simpson was offered a serious, dramatic movie lead role. She turned it down. It seems Jessica is not interested in playing a painful role. Simpson's role model is Dolly Parton, who bounced from album to comedies. "I am really all about making people laugh and smile right now, Maybe one day I'll do a dramatic role, I can't say I won't ever want an Oscar role, but I don't really take myself serious right now."

Good, that makes all of us that don't take you seriously!

Kate Hudson admits she put herself through a punishing weightloss regime to prepare for the role - her first since the birth of son Ryder 20 months ago. Having gained almost sixty pounds during her pregnancy, she then had to get rid of it all in three months before the cameras started rolling.
"I had had to go to work when Ryder was three months old, so I only had a limited amount of time to recover and lose all the weight," she said recently. "I hit these plateaus. I'd lose 20lb then I wouldn't lose any weight for two weeks. I'd be working out and working out, having no reward. I was breastfeeding so I was sore. I was tired, and I'd cry on the treadmill."

Reason number 215 why I could never be famous. Holy pressure to be thin.
Look at her now, she lost all the baby weight and then some.

Britney Spears has become the latest star to change her name. She now wants to be known by her married name, Britney Federline, and has started signing autographs for fans under her new moniker.

The only "newsflash" here is that anybody would still be interested in her autograph.

Model-turned-actress Rebecca Romijin is talking marriage with actor Jerry O'Conner. The two began dating shortly after she split with ex-husband John Stamos and now she's hoping to become Mrs O'Connell by the end of the year. Friends claim the wedding is the real incentive behind Rebecca's recent weightloss.

Victoria Secret and Sports Illustrated model Rebecca was under scrutiny for gaining a little weight but, lost almost all of it again. This is her now. She looks sizzling!

For those of you who are curious this is what "weight gain" looks like on a supermodel. This was Rebecca in April of this year.
Don't ya just feel like a complete cow now?
I know I moo.

Madonna was in Toronto to support her husband, director Guy Ritchie, in his quest for a distributor for his latest film "Revolver. When Guy was asked how Madonna was doing since her horseback riding accident he said "The wife is very good, thanks. Eight broken bones and she's come with me," Ritchie told reporters at the Toronto International Film Festival where his movie premiered.

I bet if he didn't invite her to come along he'd have a couple broken bones as well! That Madonna will endure anything to be in the spotlight. Madonna looked stylish in a black suit with a matching black sling for her arm.

Teri Hatcher star of ABC's "Desperate Housewives," is the new spokeswoman for Clairol's Nice 'n Easy hair color. The natural brunette, who's had a spot of gray since she was 25, uses medium golden brown. She told The Associated Press in a recent phone interview.
"In all my career, in my ups and downs, I've never had a beauty campaign. This was meaningful that at almost 41 years old, I could be getting my first beauty campaign," she said. "It made me feel really great."

Terri is constantly sweetly saying to the press that she needs to have sex with someone.... anyone....
I guess we know why they thought of Teri to be the spokesperson for NICE AND EASY..

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are reportedly planning to tie the knot on Christmas Day because they both love the festive holiday so much.
A friend of the pair said: "They both love Christmas and it's the only time they are free. They want it to be a festive occasion and the plans are underway."
It is believed that Tom is planning to invite a slew of stars to the ceremony, including his ex-wife Nicole Kidman.

I bet if they write him now, Santa himself may even show up. Not because he's a fan, just because he has to see it to believe it. After all Santa still has all those letters from when Tom was a boy asking for Roller Rink Barbie.

Paris Hilton is eager to ensure her singing debut is a huge success because she fears being mocked if it fails. Hilton who is collaborating with producer Scott Scorch and rapper Snoop Dogg on the project, admits she's keen to make sure it's all perfect so that critics aren't too tough on her.
She says, "I want every song to be great. If they aren't, people will trash me."

People will trash Paris no matter what. It's just so easy.
Here is Paris with Carmen Electra and Kelly Osbourne during fashion week. They had front row centre for the fashion shows.

I knew Carmen and Kelly were close. Kelly's mom Sharon was a bridesmaid at Carmen's wedding to Dave Navarro. Here are Carmen and Kelly cuddling at the fashion show.

Kelly looks "thrilled" as she is seated beside Paris who is checking out how hot she is.
Kelly has never been a fan of Paris in the past.

Gwyneth Paltrow is leery about ever sending her young daughter Apple away to camp. She is apprehensive because when she was small, her and her brother Jake were sent to visit a family during one of their childhood summer breaks and they were stunned by what they saw when they arrived.
Gwyneth revealed "This one summer we had tried all these camps, and then my parents said: 'Oh, there's this really nice family and they have a lake. Why don't you go and spend the afternoon there with your brother? So we went there and it turned out they were all like nudists, or something. "

You know, for someone who claims that she cannot stand the press, Gwyneth sure likes telling them stupid little stories daily to ensure she is in the news.

Portia De Rossi wants to marry her lesbian lover Ellen Degeneres if gay weddings are made legal in America.
De Rossi said, "I love the idea of marriage. I think it's beautiful. I'm such a romantic and I always have been. "I'm happier than I ever thought I could be. Ellen's incredible. Just being a couple, being able to walk down a red carpet, holding her hand, that's exciting for me."

Geez, Ellen has not even asked her to marry her yet! Sure seems smitten by her though! No wonder Ellen's always dancing around!

Speaking of Ellen she had Tommy Lee on her show Monday Sept 12th . Ellen asked him what was happening with him and his ex wife Pamela Anderson. Rumors have been going around on and off that they are a couple yet again. Tommy denied that they are linked romantically however, he said he loves her and always will. He even added that after his appearance on ELLEN he was meeting Pamela and their two sons for dinner.
Ellen was really impressed that after all their troubles as a couple they remain friends. Tommy performed his first single from his new cd called TOMMYLAND THE RIDE.
It was good if I do say so myself, nothing like he has ever done before.

Demi Moore's dog Louie is STILL missing! Desperate Demi has posted these signs all over her neighbourhood offering a handsome reward for anyone with information.
No, sadly, the reward is not her boyfriend Ashton Kutcher.

Demi has also hired a psychic to locate the missing dog.
I have psychic abilities too. I predict Demi is going to spend all kinds of money and get taken advantage of by someone who claims to be telepathic!
Poor doggie, hope they find him soon!

Hey if the psychic turns out to be any good Demi should give the number to Christina Aguilera.
Christina can hire them also.

No, her dog is not missing.
Her bra is.



Blogger Lisa~Thorn said...

I really don't see what's wrong with Christina Aguilera not wearing a bra.

For one thing, she's wearing a shirt, we've seen more of her.
And another thing is, she's young and they seem perky and have a cool ring on them....I don't blame her for showing them off. Than again, I am the same person who said while watching Angelina Jolie in a movie " I'M even turned on by her.." Lol

Flaunt them Christina, before they fall past your waist, cause then that really would be dirrty.

6:03 PM  
Blogger Chelsea's Mama said...

Hey all the power to her...she can go without a bra.
You know why they are so perky? They are not real Lisa!
Did you not know that? So in fact they will never fall past her waist. I must say in Christina's defense at least it's a good job.

I was turned on by Angelina too :)

7:12 PM  

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