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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Celebrity W.T.F's Volume 41

Now that Ben Affleck's about to become a dad, his good friend, director Kevin Smith says things have been changing for his friend. Kevin stated, "He seems to have settled down, regardless. He hasn't been a party guy for a little while now,' says Smith. And he couldn't be happier for Ben. "I think it's phenomenal. I think he'll be a fantastic dad. "

It really doesn't matter what his "director buddy" thinks, it's Ben's wife Jennifer Garner who has to think he'll be a good dad....and she does! She said she can tell if a man will be a good dad by his hands. She says if she could picture a man holding a baby in his hands, he'll be a good dad."
So that explains why Jennifer fell in love with Ben.....his big......hands. Yeah, that's it. Anyhow, isn't she just radiant?

Russell Crowe is desperate to have several more children if he can convince his wife Danielle Spencer to become pregnant again. The actor and his wife of two years have a 19-month-old son, Charlie, but Crowe admits to wanting more. He says "I'd have a dozen already, but I'm not the only one involved."

That's great, have tons of babies! Do you think you could wait until you get home though before you start trying? You know, that's not why it's called the red carpet!

Jennifer Lopez often watches hubby Marc Anthony's shows from the side of the stage and though she doesn't mind when fans hurl bras and panties onstage, she does wonder why the lingerie is so big. She muses, "They're always like large. I don't know if they do that on purpose, so it gets there... I'm like, 'Surely the woman who threw this does not have these things.'"

Gee, I wonder why fans of Marc Anthony are under the impression that he likes a big butt on a woman...hmmmm

Nothing wrong with a big could be worse, you could have no butt. Like Mick Jagger for example. The Rolling Stones singer is drinking Guinness in a desperate attempt to put on weight.The 62-year-old rocker wants to fill out his famous skinny frame and is stuck at 140 pounds but, finds the band's rigorous tour schedule and his energetic stage routine causes weight to drop off him. He says, "I'm trying to put on two pounds. That's my ambition. But I've been doing so much working out and all that dancing."

I don't think two pounds is going to make any difference Mick. In fact the whole band put together couldn't weigh two pounds?? Rolling stones? Rolling sticks is more like it.

Victoria Beckham has been voted the UK's most pointless celebrity. Victoria came in first on the list to which those who took the poll who were left asking: "What is she for?" In a further blow for the Beckham brand, husband David came second.

While, I must agree that I myself have often wondered what Victoria Beckham's purpose is.....I have to disagree on her husband David Beckham being chosen in this questionaire. I am not sure who they polled but, I can think of SEVERAL uses for his existence. Soccer isn't one of them.(Although he's a darn good player)

Oh's Victoria and David Beckham's wax figures from Madame Trousseau's house of wax in London.

Here's Victoria's wax figure up close

Sadly, this is Victoria in person - up close. Same "waxy' complextion. Victoria, quit it with the surgeries will ya? You're a few steps away from looking like Michael Jackson!

Speaking of plastic surgery gone wrong - Mickey Rourke wasn't impressed by his beautiful co-star Kiera Knightley's talents on-set of the movie they are doing together. He said: "She's a movie star, and Hollywood is full of them. I'm looking for a hard-boiled, ball breaking type to play opposite next time, a darn great actress. I like them hot blooded ."
However, Keira has hit back at Mickey's attack, saying, "The thing I love and admire most about Mickey is that he makes absolutely no pretence at perfection.

Here is the beautiful Kiera

And Mickey Rourke.......... can you understand maybe why he REALLY does not want to work with Kiera?

Yeah, me too.

ESPECIALLY, Since Mickey used to look like this........ why can't people just age naturally anymore? He would be so handsome.........sigh.

Simon Cowell is considering turning his back on the music industry because he is growing tired of the many "rubbish" and "manufactured" groups hogging the airwaves. He says: "The only good band around today is Snow Patrol. The rest of the music is rubbish. I've stopped listening to stuff in my spare time to be honest."

First of all who is SNOW PATROL? Surely some band Simon discovered. I am sure if some of the bands hogging the airwaves were putting money in Simon's pocket he would love them!

Rocker Dave Navarro and his wife Carmen Electra are having huge problems conceiving a child because of their busy schedules. Recently, Navarro has been in Los Angeles working on his talent search show Rock Star: INXS, while Electra has been in Canada shooting Cheaper By The Dozen 2. And while they're both ready to become parents, they're realizing it will take a lot more work than they'd anticipated. Electra said: "I can't wait to be a mom. I love little kids. We've just been waiting for the right opportunity."

So Carmen "loves little kids" does she realize they are babies first and teenagers after?

Donatella Versace has offered to create an entire designer wardrobe for Britney Spears unborn baby for free. Spears, who is due to give birth later this month, is said to be determined her first child will be the most stylish tot in Hollywood and credits pal Madonna with persuading Versace to help out. A source tells British newspaper the Sun, "Britney was over the moon when Donatella offered to make all of the kid's clothes. "Britney and Donatella have a mutual friend in Madonna and Britney was very impressed at how Madonna's daughter dressed.She is hoping that her own baby will be the trendiest since Madonna's own daughter Lourdes."

In other words HINT HINT Britney, you can't drape a sheet over your baby as clothing as you do to yourself at times.!
Poor Britney, she is REALLY the one who needs the fancy clothes. Well, maybe if Britney showed some class and style Donatella Versace would of sent her some clothes as well. I suppose Britney is too far gone.......still hope for the baby!

Although we know Britney cleans up nicely. And it doesn't hurt to have a little help with photo touch up either. Here is another sneak peak at her ELLE magazine shoot due out soon.

Here's Britney basking in her bedroom...wait...isn't this how she got into this mess in the first place??



Blogger TangentArifa said...

OMG - speaking of Mickey Rourke, have you seen Sin City?!? It's a great movie but throughout the whole thing I kept wondering who this one character was - Wendy had to check online when she got home. Turned out to be Mickey Rourke.

Now I have seen Mickey in lots of movies over the years (not always by choice!) so you would think I'd recognize him. Man, oh man, he is definitely one of those actors who hasn't done well with age. Just goes to show that boxing, drinking, drugging and plastic surgery do not mix. He definitely gives Michael Jackson a run for the money on the "scary" scale.

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