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Friday, September 09, 2005

Celebrity W.T.F's Volume 40

It seems that Kate Winslet's foul mouth in her new movie wasn't an act after all. The director of her latest film has revealed that the Kate is particularly good at talking dirty. Her new movie, Romance And Cigarettes, is brimming with dirty talk.
Kate said "It's really useful because everyone can't be sweet and tender all the time. I compiled a list of things that I thought were interesting expressions for the film."
Hard to imagine innocent looking Kate from the "Titanic" and "Finding Neverland" swearing like a trucker.

Or is it? What do you think she is saying to this old guy? I bet it's dirtier than Britney Spear's feet!

Guy Ritchie often has to sleep alone because his superstar wife Madonna can't bear his snoring. The film director says, "She doesn't seem to like my snoring, so she boots me out of bed. It's quite funny. We've got four houses, but in every one of them I end up sleeping in the cleaning cupboard or the corridors because all the other bedrooms are being used."

ALL the bedrooms are being used in Madonna's house? Why am I not surprised?

Demi Moore has been left devastated after her pet dog Louie went missing from her home. Louie is a Yorkshire terrier-chihuahua cross breed, disappeared from Demi's home on the weekend. Demi, who shares her home with lover Ashton Kutcher, is now offering a reward for the safe return of her beloved pooch.

How does a dog go missing in Hollywood? What, were the maids asleep? Was the poolboy in bed with the personal assistant? Was the gardener off sick? The chauffeur had jury duty? Why was no one watching the dog? I guess Demi was using the leash for Ashton at the time.....

Katie Holmes has announced that she will change her name to Katie Cruise when she married Tom Cruise. Unlike Tom's two ex wives Mimi Rogers and Nicole Kidman. Katie wants to take on his name because she says it is an expression of her love for him.

Ok, Ok, we get it. You are dating. He loves you. You love him. He's not gay and you are not trying to get all the publicity you can. Really. It's true love. We got it.

Jennifer Lopez says she finally won her mum's approval by working with Robert Redford. "He was my mother's favourite actor of all time," Lopez told reporters in
New York before the release of An Unfinished Life in which she stars opposite Redford. "This is the man my mother lived for. My career means something now because I've worked with Robert Redford."

So after all her movies, music, clothing lines etc Jennifer's mom is only proud of her now? Mama Lopez must of forgotten the mercedes, the nice clothes and all the bling she has because of her daughter..

Renee Zellweger was used to showing up on the red carpet on her own. Now she is a newlywed, nothing has changed. Last night as the actress arrived for the British premiere of her film Cinderella Man, there was no sign of her husband. She and her husband country singer Kenny Chesney have spent just 15 days together since they married four months ago.

Can you blame her hubby for not showing up? She already is dressing as a widow...and he's still alive! I wouldn't eat anything she "cooks up" if I were him.

Kimberley Stewart, Rod's daughter is in trouble again. First she said Jennifer Aniston was homely, now she is putting down Paul McCartney's wife Heather Mills. During an interview with Stuff magazine, Stewart was asked to tell a joke, to which she replied, "What has three legs and lives on a farm? Paul McCartney and his wife.".

I personally do not like Heather Mills myself but, that is only because I think she is a goldigger. To make fun of the fact that the woman has one leg is just horrible! I hope Kimberley Stewart realizes we are all an accident away from becoming handicapped or mentally ill... she better watch her mouth! That's just bad KARMA coming her way.
Speaking of farms.....Kim looks like a Llama doesn't she? No offense to any Llamas who may be reading this.

I can just imagine all the hate mail I will get from Llamas!

Although Scarlet Johanson is proud of her voluptuous curves and has no intention of letting Hollywood force her to change her natural shape. She says, "Everyone in Hollwood is so damn skinny, and you constantly feel like you're not skinny enough. But I have 'fat days' and I accept that I'm never going to be rail thin. I try not to let the pressure get to me but L.A is a very hard place to be unless you have people here that love you. It can be very, very lonely and it can eat you up if you don't take care of yourself."

I suppose Scarlet is "voluptuous" by Hollywood standards but, in "everyday" people standards she is considered to be a slender build. I still say Scarlet gets better movie roles than Lindsay Lohan and when is the last time Nicole Richie or skeletal Mary Kate Olsen were in a movie?
My point exactly.

Gwyneth Paltrow once again is lashing out at the paparazzi because she feels her daughter, Apple, is in danger. The star is afraid she'll end up like Princess Di. "If I have my daughter in the car and they are making me nervous, I'll do whatever I have to do," Paltrow tells V Life. "I keep a whole log. I take pictures of their cars, write down license plate numbers, everything. If they do it again, I can go to the police. I know my rights, and believe me, I will have them arrested. I will stop at nothing."

Sounds like Gwyneth is stalking the PapparaZzi! Does that make her the STALKarazzi?
Does she not see the irony in what she is doing? And what exactly is she teaching her daughter? You know what they say, "The Apple does not fall far from the tree"
I couldn't resist.

Newlyweds Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are planning to leave Hollywood and enjoy a family life rural Virginia. Friends claim the couple, who will become first-time parents in November,have been house hunting in Charlottesville.
Affleck is reportedly planning to sell his Los Angeles home and use Garner's nearby Brentwood, California estate as a family business place, while the family settles in the country.The movie star has told friends he intends to keep the Georgia, home he bought to avoid the press when he was dating Jennifer Lopez as a holiday home.

Gee that makes a lot of sense! He is keeping the home he bought intentionally to AVOID the press and now "Friends" of his are telling the press where he is planning to move?
With "Friends" like that who needs enemies??



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