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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Celebrity W.T.F's volume 38

Mariah Carey says her powerful singing voice is the result of smoking. According to Carey, "The high note octaves are probably there because of the smoking," Carey told Groove magazine. Of course, Carey went on to say that smoking is bad. "I always had
a cold and constant throatache," she said.

I doubt her throatache is from smoking and I'll just leave it at that.
Does smoking make you touch your hair compulsively also?

Keira Knightley has hired a personal assistant, despite always vowed not to do the "Hollywood thing." The actress hates people making decisions on her behalf, but the filming of her lastest movie "Pride and Prejudice" left her overwhelmed with paperwork. She says, "There was correspondence from builders, scriptwriters, Telephone people and friends. Just piles of it everywhere which sent my stress levels through the roof."

Maybe she should get a stylist also......hint hint.

Britney Spears has laughed off reports that she will be headlining at a Vegas Hotel sometime next year.
Yeah, we're laughing too. Who would pay to see someone "lip sync?"

Meanwhile, Britney's little sister was on REGIS AND KELLY yesterday and all they kept asking her about was BRITNEY THIS and BRITNEY THAT. Poor Jamie Lynn was very uncomfortable. After all, she was supposed to be there to discuss her show "ZOEY 101" not her sister!

Former White House intern Monica Lewinsky is heading to Britain to study in
a Masters in Psychology program at the prestigious London School of

I bet she will get perfect marks.....if she wears her blue dress to the dean's office!

Hollywood actress Julia Stiles refuses to read gossip columns. The actress prefers not to know what journalists are writing about her private life and is astonished people can become so obsessed with celebrity gossip. She tells Gotham magazine, "I don't read them. It's ust 'ignorance is bliss' in that sense.

First of all, I cannot recall the last time I have read ANYTHING in the tabloids about Julia Stiles.

Secondly, she is still cabbing it everywhere. No wonder she is so bitter. You never really make it in Hollywood unless you are chauffered around and have an entourage of fifteen assistants and twelve big ass bodyguards.

Jennifer Aniston's home was broken into but, luckily she was not home at the time and apparently nothing was taken.

Must of been a crazed Brad fan who forgot that he no longer lives there......therefore, his underwear is no longer there.

Portia Di Rossi, Ellen's partner recently admitted that the hardest person to tell that she was a lesbian was her grandmother. Her grandmother was very old fashioned and when Portia told her she was in love with a woman, her grandmother commented "Oh, you're not ONE of those?" . Portia was very hurt but, with time her grandmother accepted Portia with open arms.

Yeah, sure granny did. Portia is with ELLEN DEGENERE$$$$$$$
Granny's no fool.

I think they look great together. Besides, aren't we all a few martini's away from being lesbians?

Pink showed the world what her opinion of president Bush was on her t-shirt.

I wonder if that comes in a purple shade size medium?

And let's have a moment for Bob Denver who passed away yesterday. He was 70 years young. Rest in Peace Little Buddy.



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