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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Celebrity W.T.F's volume 37

Beyonce just had a birthday and her longtime boyfriend Jay-Z, has splashed out on some pricey bling to make her 24th birthday one to remember. He bought her a 1.2 million dollar ring and a $600,000 matching watch. The pair, who are due to marry very soon are both known to be extravagant when it comes to clothes and bling bling.

Is it just me or does it seem like Beyonce has been 24 years old for the last five years??

Britney Spears has admitted she is nervous about becoming a mom for the first time. She recently said, "I've always known that I was going to have a baby one day,"
"But there's times when I get a little scared. It's mind-blowing to have a child."
However, she has said she's also very excited about having her first baby."I think it's kind of healing, too, and therapeutic," she admits, "And all the secrets from your family come out of the closet for some reason. But it's good. They have to come out sometime."

What kind of family secrets? Kevin's parents are really brother and sister....cuz you know....that would explain a HECK OF A LOT! Britney should be shaking in her cowboy boots......Kevin left his last girlfriend while she was pregnant with their second child!

Britney also said she has been craving fried chicken and ice capuccinos. Meanwhile, hubby Kevin was seen at a variety store picking up a tub of icecream. Could that be for Britney too?

Another pregger star expecting very soon is Jennifer Garner who is married to Ben Affleck. Jennifer admits she always has had cute little nicknames for her breasts throughout the years. She says now that she is pregnant she has come up with some real doozies for nicknames.

Wait until after the baby comes and you finish breastfeeding Jen! You can call them cute names like "The Saggy sisters" or "Southern Nipples"... It'll be such fun!

Hollywood star Gwyneth Paltrow has commented that she will work only if it suits her.
She recently announced, 'I'm only interested in doing a role I'm going to learn something from, that'll challenge and enrich me as an artist, a person, a
mother. I don't have that care-free spontaneity anymore.'

Looks like she also doesn't have time to brush her hair anymore. Don't worry Gwyneth, they aren't going to break down your door with movie offers.

Jessica Simpson has abandoned her strict Christian upbringing, admitting she rarely goes to church or reads the bible anymore. The star launched her career initially on the Christian music circuit - backed by her Baptist minister father Joe - and famously refused to have sex before marrying husband Nick Lachey. But her current Hollywood lifestyle has little in common with her Southern Baptist childhood. She says, "Me and my family got out of that and came to LA. To see all forms of meditation and prayer made me less judgmental."

In other words MONEY is more important to them than their faith. Her dad Joe basically sells his daughters to the media...shame, shame.

Here is Jessica taking her precious pup Daisy to the vet in her Louis Vitton dog carrier. Yes, we all dress like that when we take our pets to the doctor.....puhlease!

Movie Star Daryl Hannah is desperate to have children, but she is determined to resist her urges until she finds the right man. Daryl, 44, admits time is running out, but she is considering adoption if her true love doesn't turn up in time. She says, "I've always longed for kids; I'd love to be a mom and I'd definitely like to have more than one. I know I'm not exactly on schedule but I still think it's on the cards. I'd like to do it with someone I love, in a stable long-term relationship."

A long term relationship? In Hollywood? Daryl, maybe you should just adopt??

Desperate Housewives" actress Eva Longoria wants life to imitate to speak. The actress, whose character Gabrielle Solis is pregnant, is frustrated she lives in California while her basketball player boyfriend is based in Texas, as she is keen to get busy in the bedroom and make babies galore. She says, "I want a lot of children, so I told Tony to hurry up because Gabrielle is already two months pregnant, and we're two months behind."

Eva, just do what your character Gabrielle would do - sleep with your gardener. They know a lot about fertilizer..

Sir Elton John is planning a sitcom based on the lives of him and rock 'n' roll pals Sir Mick Jagger, David Bowie and Rod Stewart. The project, called "Him and Us," is currently in development. Elton says, "It's basically about the entourage around a
star called Max Flash who have to put up with this [bleep]."

I wonder what they will call it. GRUMPY OLD MEN is already taken.



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