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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Celebrity W.T.F's volume 34

Demi Moore is in negotiations to launch a new line of holistic beauty products. She was asked to put her name on the products because she is very youthful looking.

Hey, if everyone had botox done and cuddled up to Ashton Kutcher at night we'd all look as young as Demi!

Destiny's Child were today named the world's best pop group at the 2005 World Music Awards. They performed and as per usual lead singer Beyonce stole the show. No, not because she gave the audience a great performance, but, she gave the audience a great view.
I just want to yell BOFFITT which I think means "CLOSE YOUR LEGS" in Portuguese.

Oh my, another is Carmen Electra performing with her troupe THE PUSSYCAT DOLLS.
Let's all be Thankful for bikini waxes!

Speaking of Carmen Electra, her new best friend is Eva Longoria of Desperate Housewives. Apparently the two bonded backstage at the MTV awards. They realized they had a lot in common. Eva is dating a basketball player and Carmen used to be married to one.

I guess it's hard to make friends in Hollywood. You look for any excuse....How about the fact that you both have people waiting on you hand and foot?? There's some common ground!

Cameron Diaz has spoke out about her relationship with singer Justin Timberlake.She addressed the fact that they are constantly being scrutinized by the press.
She said, "It's funny. We get these things every few days where one magazine is saying we're breaking up and the other magazine is saying that we're moving in together. "The another magazine says we're getting married next weekend.
But,we know what the truth is."

Nice way to completely avoid telling anyone exactly WHAT the truth is. Cameron should seriously considering running for politics!

Vivica A. Fox informed comedian Jimmy Kimmel he'd get his "a*s kicked" on Tuesday night, after he made fun of one of her close pals on his talk show. On his latenight show, Jimmy Kimmel Live has long poked fun at "THE VIEW" host Star Jones Reynolds weight as well as her marriage to investment banker Al Reynolds. Vivica Fox is a close friend and was a bridesmaid at Star's wedding.

Jimmy Kimmel must have been tired that night. He must of not had time to write any material. Making fun of Star Jones is just.......too easy.

Mariah Carey almost never made it to the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday night after she was caught up in a fire emergency in her Hollywood home just days before. Firemen reportedly had to wake the sleeping Carey and alert her to the seriousness of the situation after neighbors called to report a small blaze at the pop star's Bel Air home on on August 24th.

Knowing how desperate Mariah is for attention, she probably started a small fire and lay in her bed in some cheesy lingerie waiting for the firemen to arrive...Mariah will use ANY excuse to show off her "trophies".

Pamela Anderson who is currently single admits she keeps nasty emails sent by ex-boyfriends to remind her that the men in her life can often make her think they love her when they don't. She explained: "You think you know somebody, you go out and then you break up with them. That's when you really get to know that person and see their true colours."

In other words at the end of her relationships, turned out the biggest boob was the guy! And that says a lot....we are talking about Pam Anderson here.

A recent poll in Britain showed that if women had their chance to look like ANY celebrity, they would most want to look like Jennifer Aniston.

Don't get me wrong, she is not ugly by any means but, with ALL the people they could of chose? Jennifer Aniston? Which women did they poll anyways? Blind ones? Ogres? I mean c'mon....who does these stupid polls?

Nicky Hilton, Paris's baby sister launched a fashion show this week for her clothing line "CHICK"

Nice to know someone in the Hilton family has talent. Maybe she can design some dresses for her sister that don't make her look like a trashy hooker. Here is Nicky, newly back to being a blonde at her show.

Juliette Lewis (What's Eating Gilbert Grape, Kalifornia, Natural Born Killers) is now in a band called Juliette and the Licks. She was interviewed on the radio in the U.S the other day and was asked about drug addiction. Although Juliette admits she had a drug addiction over ten years ago she was furious when asked and denied she is taking any drugs at all!

Ok, I am ONLY speaking for myself when I say....I would need some type of hallucinagenic to wear this outfit.....

No wonder everyone thinks she is HIGH!

Sienna Miller is still apparently heart broken over her separation from Jude Law. They split up after he admitting to sleeping with his children's nanny.

I would really like to see Sienna move on with her life because Jude is an idiot. I know you are upset Sienna, but, dressing in get ups like these is really not going to have the opposite sex running to you....however, they may be running away
A shower couldn't hurt either..

Either Andie McDowell had breast implants recently.........or she is really only thirteen and she just grew a fresh, perky pair.

Ashley Olsen, has been linked to actor Jared Leto and so now has Lindsay Lohan. The New York Post reports that Lindsay's bodyguard pushed his beefy way to the front row so Lindsay could view the show up close.. After the show, the Post reports Leto, Lohan and their respective entourages headed to a nightclub, where Lohan partied with Leto's friends.

So what do we know? Jared Leto likes skinny, young,little blondes who carry purses bigger than them and although they have tons of money, they like to dress like they are homeless.

And just are some more photos of Brad Pitt on location at Angelina's movie set. He is carrying Zahara around. TALK ABOUT FLIPPING ADORABLE!!! Oh, yeah, and the orphan baby is kinda cute too.

Your welcome.



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