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Friday, September 02, 2005

Celebrity W.T.F's Volume 33

Matt Damon's girlfriend Luciana Barroso was rushed to a New York City hospital on Sunday, after she was struck down with food poisoning. She was staying in New York with Matt while he films "The Good Shepherd" with Robert De Niro, Alex Baldwin and Angelina Jolie.

Food poisoning my ass! Luciana probably was sick to her stomach knowing Matt is filming a movie with Angelina. Look what happened to her and her last co-star!

No need to worry Luciana, even though Angelina is looking stunning on the set of her movie

She has a regular visitor to her trailor

And there she goes in right after him!

Pregnant German supermodel Heidi Klum insured her legs for $2.2 million after the razor company Braun suggested she needed to get cover for one of her favorite assets. She insured her right leg for $1.2 million and her left leg for $1 million.
The model's left leg didn't measure up to her right leg because she has a small scar on her left knee.

Let's see, with my scar from running through a rosebush and my varicose veins I figure mine may be worth a toonie!

A poster promoting Jerry Hall's reality show, "Kept," has been banned from the London Underground railway system after complaints it is sexually demeaning. Hall is pictured leading 12 naked men on leashes in the publicity shot for the VH1 show, in which 12 younger men compete to become her toyboy and win a six-figure cash prize.

Nobody would bat an eye if the ad were a man with 12 women on leashes they would just call it a beer commercial.

Lindsay Lohan recently patched up a reported feud with Ashlee Simpson, has long been locked in a very public war of words with fellow teen star Hilary Duff. Now she has a new enemy. Hulk Hogan's daughter Brooke Hogan. Brooke told Star magazine, "(I) don't like Lindsay Lohan. But I don't want to go into that. I don't want to kick anybody's [bleep], but I could if I wanted to "

Yeah, no kidding, Brooke would squish Lindsay like a bug physically, although when it comes to the "BLONDE HOE" competition, I have to say it's pretty even.
Here's Lindsay, quick, LOOK before she turns sideways and dissapears!

And here is Brooke Hogan. Keep in mind this girl is only SIXTEEN years old.

Lindsay, laugh now honey - while you still can

This season's "College GameDay" on ESPN will feature entertainer Nick Lachey as a regular contributor, including onsite appearances. "Nick is a huge sports fan and will add a unique perspective to the show," said Norby Williamson, senior vice president for ESPN.

I guess if Jessica won't let him watch sports this is the next best thing! Even better because it gets him out of the house and away from her. That smart!

Britney Spears is denying rumors that she is retiring after she gives birth to her baby next month. She says she plans on releasing a new album in 2007. Kevin, her husband has been recording his own debut album. They have been at the recording studio a lot these days.

Even if Kevin's album does well which I highly doubt, Britney will surely need to continue working to keep up with the lifestyle Kevin has become accustomed to. Besides, Kevin already has two children with Shar Jackson and he will need to continue to pay their child support. Or should I say Britney will.

Here is Shar with her FOUR children. Two are Kevin's. I bet she is wishing they were ALL Kevin's! She never carried a Louis Vitton purse until Britney was on the scene. Britney also bought Shar a house and spoils the children rotten. Mostly out of guilt....Shar was dating Kevin and preggers with his second child when he hooked up with Britney.
I bet Shar's laughing now................all the way to the bank!

And Victoria Beckham is insisting she is just like everybody else when she is not in the public eye. She says she is a regular mom who wears sweat pants and no makeup when she is at home.

Ofcourse you are like everyone else Victoria, EXCEPT you have a nanny for each of your three boys, you have housekeepers,you have millions of dollars, have a thousand dresses in your closet, your track pants are DESIGNER label oh and you are married to David Beckham. But, besides that, sure.... you are just like everyone else.



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