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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Celebrity W.T.F'S Volume 9

Eva Longoria issued an apology to Jennifer Aniston recently. The apology was because Eva recently was photographed wearing a t-shirt that read "I'LL HAVE YOUR BABY BRAD".
Talk about being a "Desperate Housewife".
I bet Jennifer was not upset about Eva wearing the t-shirt, she probably was upset that SHE wasn't pictured wearing it instead!

A papparazi photographer was shot by a plastic pellet while he was standing outside one of Britney's home. Apparently, he was trying to get an unexpected shot of the expectant mother. (Hee hee) The photographer was not hurt. Police are still investigating however, have no leads as to who would of harmed this man.
I suspect it was Britney. Only she did not shoot him for trying to take a photograph, Britney must of mistaken the papparazi guy for her stylist.
The same stylist who let her go out in public in this get up.

Speaking of Britney, had to share, I find this hilarious.

Victoria Beckham a.k.a Posh Spice has stated that she supports celebrities who have plastic surgery. She says although she has never had any, she hates a lot of things about her body.
W.T.F? I don't have a problem with those who have surgery, I have a problem with those who won't admit it? Here is a before and after shot. You be the judge! I suppose aliens snuck into her mansion one night and shoved mismatched grapefruits under her chest skin? Yeah, that's probably it.

Scarlet Johanson stated in an interview that she was driving up Hollywood Blvd and almost got in a car accident when she saw the mural advertising her movie 'The Island'. She says the sight of her enormous breasts really freaked her out. She never realized they were that big.
W.T.F does she think Pamela Anderson feels like when she sees her TaTa's on a billboard? Puhlease Scarlet. Anything to focus on your breasts. This is the same person who while filming 'The Island' kept insisting she have a topless scene. The movie was not rated R and therefore she was told repeatedly to put her top back on!
Scarlet, are you related at all to Mariah?
Had to ask. Seriously, what a BOOB!

Reese Witherspoon (Sweet Home Alabama, Cruel Intentions, etc)has SLAMMED Jessica Simpson this week. Reese put down Jessica for setting a bad example to young girls. Reese says she is infuriated and that Jessica is making it look like all blonde girls are brainless!
Reese feels that Jessica acts stupid and portrays the epitome of the dumb blonde persona.

My, how soon we forget......

Jessica Simpson could not be reached for comment on Reese's harsh words.
Let's face it, if she was available she would of said "What? I don't get it?"

Jennifer Lopez in the news yet again. Jennifer bought herself a FOUR MILLION DOLLAR ring for her birthday which was July 24th.
W.T.F - I thought your love didn't cost a thing?
There are people starving in the world and she is wearing something that could feed an entire third world country!
Tsk Tsk Jennifer!!!!!

Diva J-LO could learn from down-to-earth Sandra Bullock's actions....
Sandra Bullock shocked fans and unsuspecting customers last week when she was serving people behind the counter of the bakery which her sister owns.
Due to the fact Sandra just married bad ass Jesse James of "Monster Garage" fame, I really hope no men were stupid enough to try and ask for buns.....fresh buns.



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