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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Celebrity W.T.F's Volume 8

What time is it?

Yes, that time again.

There is actually a new phrase called "Jumping the Couch" which everyone is using. Thanks to Tom Cruise who did this on Oprah a month ago. He wanted to show how estatic he was over Katie Holmes so he jumped the couch repeatedly.
My prediction is Katie will pen her own phrase when she finally realized what a quack Tom is. The phrase ofcourse will be "Jump ship!" as in CRUISE ship!

Pamela Anderson has denied the rumors that her and ex-husband Tommy Lee will be remarrying for the third time. I knew that dumb blonde routine was an act! Nobody could be that stupid.

Here is Tara "Trainwreck" Reid partying (surprise, surprise) in Italy. She is the new host of the show "Wild On!". The premise of the show is to travel the world documenting parties and wild events....not to actually be the town tramp....this poor Italian man will be itchy the next morning. Hey W.T.F is that rash you got there Bruno? Yuck. This photo luckily was taken before another inevitable wardrobe malfunction.

WHEN NAOMI CAMPBELL ATTACKS.......Naomi has reportedly went "postal" again and beat up another one of her female assistants!
W.T.F aren't Naomi and Mike Tyson dating?
They both like to beat up people.

Mariah Carey recently exhibited her diva behavior on the set on her new video "Shake you down". Apparently, her feet hurt and she had to be carried around on the set.

You see Mariah, that's the thing about wearing hooker shoes. You are suppose to lie down in them - not stand on a set for hours in them.. That is why they are called hooker shoes!

Speaking of divas......Jennifer Lopez has announced that when she does get pregnant, she is going to end her singing and acting careers. She says she believes you cannot be a great actress and singer AS WELL AS a great mother. In other words she just realized that she cannot act or sing.
Have you seen "Gigli"? They weren't kidding. BAD BAD ACTING.
I bet everyone wants her to get pregnant now!

Yet another wax figure of Jessica Simpson has been revealed at "MADAME TROUSSEAU'S HOUSE OF WAX". The wax figure is in honour of her movie role as Daisy Duke in the new film The Dukes of Hazard.
They better load that thing off the sidewalk and into the museum before it is mistaken for a prostitute and arrested.....OR worse.....someone tries to negotiate a rate with it....

As for Jessica's younger sister - Ashlee is working on a new album. She will be addressing her lip syncing fiasco on Saturday Night Live last year.
W.T.F does she bother? Britney did it for years and she still made millions. I guess Ashlee doesn't want the same fate as Britney. Hooking up with a trailer park guy who wants to sell her body more than her music. Oops.....sounds like Papa Simpson. Yuck.

Here is Angelina looking very frail and thin! She has added blonde highlights to her hair just when Brad has changed his from blonde to black.
W.T.F is up with her? My guess is that she is running ragged now that she has two small children. A better guess is that her and Brad are "sweating off" the pounds.....

Kate Hudson, Goldie's daughter has revealed her secret to keeping her marriage to Chris Robinson fresh and sexy after so many years together.
Kate says she meets him at hotel rooms and they pretend they just met. She says it keeps things spicy.
Looks like Chris also tries to keep it hot by bathing once a month. Hey, at least he is trying......



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