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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Celebrity W.T.F's volume 5

Seems as though you guys like this sort of crap as much as I do.
So in honor of my fellow shallow celeb followers........
VOLUME FIVE of Celebrity What/Who/When/Why the F's........

If Victoria and David Beckham's marriage is so strong W.T.F is she always clutching on to him for dear life? Maybe she is just holding on to him for balance. Must be hard to keep upright when you are 90lbs and have double C implants!

W.T.F is it that the more money a young celeb or celeb wanna be has, the worse they dress? Surely Britney has some of her small fortune left?
By the way Kevin it is not your feet you should be covering.....oh Father of how many now?

Speaking of Britney, yes we also are tired of seeing you honey.....

Fergie, the song "Let's get it started" does NOT refer to your bladder! W.T.F?

W.T.F is Maddox so happy? No sign of Zahara anywhere......or Brad. He has mommy all to himself.

W.T.F is Jennifer Aniston thinking?
"Maybe I could clone Brad?" That way there is enough Brad for everyone!
That smart.

W.T.F would ever of guessed that Madonna would be in a magazine pictorial bed......with her kids? Wow, she has come a long way. (Well, I guess they are the only people she hasn't been pictured in bed with)
Cute kids too!

W.T.F is going on with Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson? Are they going out again or aren't they? Why don't these crazy kids just remarry for the third time?? Despite their past they obviously love each other....or hate each other so much they won't let go.

W.T.F does "LOLLIPOP HEAD" mean? It is a new term given to the disturbing new trend of rib sticking out skinny celebs who have huge heads in comparison to their bodies.
Prime example Nicole Richie. She is going to need intervenis in her arm soon!
This brings a whole new meaning to CELEBRITY this case.....there is NONE.
Lionel Richie, in the words of your famous song HELLO your daughter is starving herself. Do something!

W.T.F is Paris Hilton CONSTANTLY on vacation? Must be that stressful job she has. Sheesh.

W.T.F hasn't Charlie's Angels had a reunion show? Well, Farrah Fawcett has not aged so comparison to the others who look fantastic.
Let this be proof to you kids that hard living DOES catch up with you.



Blogger Nadia said...

Linda, I love these. Personally, I prefer the term "pumpkin on a toothpick" to describe the Nicole Ritchies of the world.


9:52 AM  

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