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Friday, August 26, 2005

Celebrity W.T.F'S Volume 28

Jennifer Lopez is auctioning off two VIP tickets to the opening of her first U.S. boutique in Chicago, along with samples from her "Sweetface" clothing collection. The auction is to benefit the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles.
At last Jennifer is in the spotlight for another reason other than her relationship or for buying another piece of bling bling.
Here is Jennifer shopping for sunglasses on Rodeo Drive

In case you didn't recognize her face, you may know her better from this angle.

White Stripes singer Jack White is in line to do his first ever advert, for Coca Cola. Apparently, the singer has been in talks with the soft drinks giant to pen a new song for their commercials.
What a genius advertising idea......Coca Cola is red and white....and Jack White is always in red and white!!! If he wore blue once in a while he could of got the big pepsi spot in the superbowl. Too bad for Jack.

Actor Johnny Depp is to host a show on Radio. The star will present a programme about movie idol James Dean.
That's all fine and dandy but, we want to SEE Johnny Depp, not just hear him!

Pamela Anderson is now dishing out dating advice. Pamela says that guys give up too easily when she turns them down for a date, adding that women want to be chased "not stalked, but chased."
NO means NO Pamela, at least in my world. If women wanted to be chased we'd all be walking around in running shoes. Please stop giving men more stupid ideas of what women commercials do that enough don't you think?

Britney's hubby Kevin Federline FINALLY found a job - only a month before the singer gives birth to their first child together. Kevin who was a dancer before he met Britney has been unemployed for the majority of his courtship and one-year marriage . British newspaper The Sun claims Federline has gained employment as a dance instructor at a dance school in Los Angeles.
Ofcourse he got a job right before the baby is born. He now has an excuse not to be around to change diapers or get up once in a while to help with two o'clock feedings.
Maybe he isn't as stupid as we all thought?

Britney is continuing to shop like mad mere weeks away from her baby's birth. She was seen with her sister Jamie-Lynn Spears out and about this week.
If I was her I'd keep Kevin away from little sis who is blossoming before our eyes. Good thing Britney did not throw out her trampy pre-pregnancy clothes, she can let her sister wear them now.

Britney sucking on a lollipop....better than a cigarette! Good for you Britney!

You really need to have a certain figure to pull off Horizontal stripes don't you?
Yes, I know she is pregnant but, not the best time to experiment with BOLD stripes.

Nicole Richie is confused by the constant criticism she now gets for her thin figure because she was referred to as "voluptuous" just two years ago. Nicole claims she gained the weight after going into rehab for heroin use just before setting off to film the first season of her hit reality show with then-pal Paris Hilton in 2003.
Nicole said "When we were promoting the first season, people would ask me how I felt about being a voluptuous woman. I was weird because I've been skinny my whole life. I can show you pictures of me the day I left for rehab!
I suppose that may explain her major weight loss. Let's have a look back at Nicole when we first saw her up until now. We may as well before she withers away into nothing.
Here is Nicole for the very first promotional shot of THE SIMPLE LIFE

Suddenly a household name and in the public eye.

She sure looks happy here when she had some meat on her.

This is when she was becoming more polished and a tad slimmer.

Nicole at the TEEN CHOICE AWARDS looking elegant and healthy.

Even slimmer a few weeks later........but, still looking good.

Claimed her new figure here was due to working out and low carbs. She looked great here also.......

Then suddenly, she is going......


Gone! YIKES and she is dissapearing as we speak.......

Jessica Simpson wants to be in a play on stage but, will consider nothing less than a role in a William Shakespeare play. The actress who plays Daisy Duke in the big screen version of The Dukes of Hazzard, now considers herself a seasoned actress and is convinced a classic production would finally get rid of her dumb blonde image.



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