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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Celebrity W.T.F's volume 27

A housekeeper who was charged with looting the homes of Manhattan's rich and famous claimed she targeted actor Robert De Niro's wife because she was a bad employer, according to court documents. "If she treated me better, with more respect, I probably wouldn't have done this."
Imagine if we all stole just because we worked for a bad employer? EVERYBODY would be in jail! What an idiot.

Sharon Osbourne has dissed the band U2 as "boring" and she finds their stage efforts especially pathetic. The outspoken reality TV star has blasted the Irish rockers for treating their shows as a politically-laden news broadcast rather than a gig and insists they need to inject more energy into their performance.
What do you suggest they do to liven up their show Sharon? Bite the head off a bat perhaps?

Months after Denise Richards dumped husband Charlie Sheen, the actor tells "Extra" that all hope for reconciliation between the two is not lost. "Whatever the future might deliver, we both embrace," Sheen said of what's to come between him and his wife of three years. Sheen kept a lid on the details of a reunion.
Now, if he could just keep a lid on his genitals.

Hilary Duff told Jane magazine she's getting sick of people making comments about her teeth, saying she had veneers put in because poor health as a child created the weak teeth she's been plagued with as an adult. "My teeth aren't the strongest, and I kept chipping them on the microphone,"
Ok, I am not a professional singer and have been known to love my karoake but, someone explain to me HOW DO YOU CHIP YOUR TEETH ON A MICROPHONE?"

Jennifer Garner told InStyle magazine that the demise of her marriage to actor Scott Foley left her with changed ideas about marriage and relationships. "[With Scott] I wanted to see him as a white knight and was crushed whenever anything normal happened. I wanted to be the princess," she said. The 33-year-old actress married Ben Affleck in June and is expecting her first child with him this fall. "Now, I'm much more willing to see myself as human and flawed, and accept someone."
Nice to know Jennifer is no longer living in fairytale land!

Justin Timberlake won a his court case! Justin sued due to the publication of the allegations in the News of the World in July 2004 had caused damage to the performer's "personal and professional reputations". The article went into detail regarding the alleged encounters with "model and aspiring actress" Lucy Clarkson.
To those of you who don't know "model and aspiring actress" is Hollywood talk for WHORE. (Next time you look at the Sunshine Girl I bet you she is a "Model and aspiring actress" - they all are)

The DAILY NEWS has reported that Victoria lied about having breast cancer. Victoria has been promoting the third season of "Growing Up Gotti" by making up such a tearful tall tale. She was quoted in the News as saying: "The day I got my mammogram and the doctor told me I had breast cancer, I had a little pity party for myself and I cried all day.I lost 25 pounds.I was so exhausted, I could barely lift my arms." Then she backed away from the story by saying she was not diagnosed with breast cancer as reported in the News, but with pre-cancerous cells she chose to treat aggressively before it became cancer. "What I had can be described as a scare," she said .
The only GOTTI scare on the actual show is any scene where this woman is not wearing make up.
If there is any truth to this story she ought to be ashamed of herself!

Courtney Love (who now by the way is denying being pregnant)has lashed out at critics of her recent weight gain, insisting her drug addiction was the reason behind her previously skinny frame. Courtney then made reference to Hollywood stars who are currently under scrutiny by the media over their increasingly gaunt appearance.
She explains, "When all these little teenyboppers finally go into
rehab, they're going to get fat, too."
No sooner had Courtney said this and the very said Hollywood skeletons were spotted eating! The other day I posted a photo of Lindsay Lohan carrying a pizza! Now, Nicole Ritchie has been seen public!

At this rate, Mary Kate will be grocery shopping soon.......oh look! What do you know? (I know she's in the yogurt section, but, hey it's a step in the right direction!)

On Monday's Larry King Live, Pamela Anderson said she hadn't seen her ex husband's prime-time stab at higher education. "But I hope he learns something," Anderson said.
"Tommy Lee Goes to College" is about Tommy Lee sort-of attending the University of Nebraska (he didn't really enroll) for the purposes of a realistic view of campus life.
Realistic view of campus life? I doubt it. If campus life were really like that I would have a bachelor degree in EVERYTHING.

Angelina and Brad went to a dinosaur museum in Western Canada where Brad is filming a movie. Apparently they arrived around 7 p.m. and stayed for an hour. Maddox, Angelina's OTHER child was thrilled by the T-Rex exhibit. During their tour, the pair was accompanied by two bodyguards and a museum staffer. Aside from one couple requesting an autograph, things remained low-key. "The other people in the museum at the time were very respectful - no one approached them on their own," sources said.
I guess it's true........Canadians are stupid. I mean c'mon, it's not like it was a "Glass Tiger" sighting! I'd risk getting kicked by security for an's BRANGELINA! Maybe people did not recognize them, His hair is now black and her hair is now streaked blonde.
Here is she is on the set of her new movie looking very domestic don't you think?

First Tara Reid upset Paris Hilton by pestering her to be on her "Wild On" show, now Tara has angered her 'American Pie' co-star Jason Biggs by attempting to film him for her new reality TV show. Tara was trying to get Jason to appear on her series "Wild on Tara" last Friday, but her persistent camera lens just infuriated the actor while he attempted to relax at a club.
GIVE IT UP TARA nobody takes you seriously, I mean how can they? Here is a photo of Tara wearing a dress and rubber boots. The boots are obviously for later in the evening when she goes trudging through her own vomit..... and she wonders why nobody in their right mind wants to be on her show.....



Blogger Nadia said...

Sharon is complaining about U2. That's precious. This from a woman whose kids are freaks and who married a man who once snorted ants and who can barely speak due to the many other awful things he has done to his body.

Sorry Shar, I'll take Larry Mullen Jr. over your brats and nasty hubby anytime. He hasnt aged a day since they met in high school!

10:03 PM  
Blogger Chelsea's Mama said...

Is Larry Mullen Jr the drummer? If so, I agree he has not aged a day....looks hot.
I shudder though to think what Bono looks like under those sunglasses that he always wear......although I would rather wake up next to him then OZZY.......Poor thing.

10:08 PM  
Blogger Chelsea's Mama said...

Just to add.....I never would call U2 boring but, do agree that Bono at least is too political at times. He told our Prime Minister Paul Martin that Canada is cheap and needs to give more money to the starving and needy......meanwhile did you know that in IRELAND where Bono is from, performers do NOT HAVE TO PAY TAX......THEY ARE EXEMPT.....I am sure if Bono had to pay PST AND GST like us ON TOP of our garnished wages going to tax he may not be so quick to call us CHEAP.......

10:19 PM  
Blogger [.a.n.d.r.e.w.] said...

I can't believe nobody went up to Angelina or Brad to get an autograph. I'd run right to Angelina and get a damn pic with her, lol.

2:01 PM  
Blogger Nadia said...

True - I saw a chart once that was very interesting. It was a calendar - and surprise, surprise, U2 only talks politics when they have released a new album. Its very interesting to note that - they get media and sell more records, and everyone thinks they are saints. I do think, however, that they topics they discuss are very important. Poverty and Aids in Africa are big issues that are often neglected.

Yes - Larry Mullen Jr. is the drummer, and damn. Hot does not begin to describe him.


2:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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2:52 PM  
Blogger Eclecta said...

Hey Linda, LOVE the comments about Tara's rubber boots!!!!! LOLOLOLOLOL!!! That girl is such a train wreck ...


8:18 PM  

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