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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Celebrity W.T.F's volume 26

A papparazi photographer is claiming that Scarlett Johanson was not run down by another photographer this past weekend while she was visiting Disney World with two friends.
The other photographer says Scarlett was trying to pick something up from her car floor, not paying attention and thus was hit by the accused papparazi guy.
In other words, a photographer is saying she was not being chased, how does he know this? Because he was chasing her and saw what really happened!
Does anyone else see the irony in this?

Kelly Clarkson is very upset and denying reports that she uses backtracks on her recent US tour. Kelly promised fans she would never lip-sync.
Maybe it was her evil twin Tracey Gold trying to pass herself off as Kelly?
Seriously, do you see the uncanny resemblance? Tracy played Carol on Growing Pains in the 90's but was more known for her long battle with anorexia.
Here's Kelly Clarkson

Here's Tracey Gold...

Speaking of anorexia.....Lindsay Lohan, her ex-boyfriend Aaron Carter has become her unlikely defender. Aaron (Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys little brother)said that Lindsay's recent family troubles are the cause of her dramatic weightloss - not drugs or partying.
Aaron is defending Lindsay suddenly while she is regaining back her weight. I suppose a guy will say anything if he knows there are bigger boobs involved. Even Lindsay herself has been quoted saying she misses her boobs. Wonder if she is mourning their loss in this photo?

Alicia Keys is possibly going to be playing ruthless assassin alongside Ben Affleck, in a new action comedy called Smokin' Aces.
I guess she never saw "Gigli". If I were her I would ask for a full paycheque in advance of filming.

Olivia Newton-John most famous for her role in the movie "Grease" has just received bad news. Her longtime boyfriend Patrick Kim McDermott left June 30th on an overnight fishing trip. The Los Angeles Police Department said McDermott has been listed as missing.
It could be much worse Olivia, your boyfriend could of been Scott Peterson and he could of taken you "fishing" with him!

Johnny Depp has convinced Keith Richards to play his father in Pirates Of The Caribbean III. The Rolling Stones guitarist, who was the inspiration for Depp's portrayal of mischievous Jack Sparrow in the first movie, agreed to appear in the movie after spending an afternoon with Depp dressing-up in pirate attire.
Dress up in pirate attire? I am positive no dope smoking was involved here.......yeah ok.

As Britney Spears is preparing to give birth in the upcoming weeks she has been running around with her mom getting the nursery done and buying clothes for the baby.
The father of her baby - Kevin Federline has shown where his priorities lay......he was seen getting his mercedes washed several times in the last few weeks.
Here's Fertile Federline at the car wash

Hope he saves some of the diapers for the baby........

Not only does Jessica Simpson want to adopt a child from a third world country, she also wants to convert the children to christianity. Jessica says her family visited orphans when she was a child and she always wanted to adopt.
This is the HIP thing in Hollywood right now - I hope Jessica knows a baby is not like a Louis Vitton purse. You don't just get one cuz everyone else has one. It's not a show piece and more importantly, you can't just return it when it doesn't suit you anymore!

People are talking about the Larry King Live interview on Monday night with Pamela Anderson. At one point Larry made a "Jessica Simpson reference to Pammy because she misunderstood something he asked her. Meanwhile Larry obsessively asked Pam if her breasts were real and seemed surprised that she had implants.
Who's the stupid one here Larry?

The latest diva to make ridiculous demands? Janet Jackson. She apparently made "outrageous demands" during her appearance on a Top Of The Pops. A source claimed that Janet insisted on 20 black hand towels, 20 candles that were exactly
five inches tall, and vanilla-flavoured soya milk for her tea.
Shouldn't Janet be demanding that all her blouses be sewn shut???



Blogger cecilia said...

oh larry king ...lay off the drugs too!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1:24 PM  
Blogger Lisa~Thorn said...

When ever I see Janet Jackson I have flash backs of the Thriller video, and me watching it... o_O Does anyone else?

6:41 PM  
Blogger Chelsea's Mama said...

Lisa - Janet is not in the THRILLER you mean she looks so much like Michael?

8:09 PM  

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