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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Celebrity W.T.F's Volume 25

Sharon Stone nearly triggered a security scare when she left important telephone numbers behind when she moved out of her rented London apartment. Sharon left her penthouse apartment shortly after the London subway bombings. Cleaning staff found several letters and post it notes including Bill Clinton and Bono of U2's phone numbers leaving staff to speculate she left in a hurry.
W.T.F do they think she left them behind accidentally? Maybe they weren't so memorable? You know phone numbers are like baseball cards......they fall into four possible categories GOT IT, NEED IT, WANT IT......and yes the USELESS PIECE OF CRAP pile!

Diddy, formerly known as P. Diddy, has unveiled the reason why he always wears white clothes. Diddy reportedly said, "White represents the purity in me. It's God's color. So I wear white because I'm a child of God. I'm showing my belief in God"
Ok, we now know why you always wear white. So do you ALWAYS wear fur because your an idiot??

Well, it's happened....Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt have ended their marriage, according to leaked legal papers. Certain legal matters are still to be settled but the couple's marriage was terminated last Friday in Los Angeles. The "marital partnership" ends officially on October 2, six months after Aniston served divorce papers.
The Dream is over for Jennifer who lived out all of American women's fantasies and now Brad is being passed the torch to live out all of American men's fantasies with Angelina.
Funny how things work that way.

George Clooney has confirmed that his good friend Brad Pitt is INDEED having a relationship with Angelina Jolie.
No shit sherlock! Thanks for the newsflash.....sheesh.

Gwen Stefani could have saved Jennifer Aniston's marriage - because she was lined up for Angelina Jolie's role in 'Mr and Mrs Smith'. The Singer has revealed she had 40 auditions for the action blockbuster - where Angelina met Aniston's now-estranged husband, Brad Pitt - and came close to winning the role.
She said: "I tried out for 'Mr and Mrs Smith'. I did, like, 40 try-outs for that, I met with the director and everything, and I really wanted to do it."
But Gwen was left devastated when she lost out to screen beauty Jolie.
Poor poor Gwen....PUHLEASE...How the hell does she think Jennifer Aniston feels?
Gwen is pretty in a "Betty from the Archie comics sort of way" But, really no comparison to Ms. Jolie.

British comedian STEVE COOGAN has reacted to the reports COURTNEY LOVE is pregnant with his child. Coogan is denying it.
Well, wouldn't you?

David Bowie is apparently working hard at maintaining a healthier lifestyle. The 58-year-old star has been spotted working out at a Fitness club in New York.
Isn't that like trying to put a new engine in a rusted old jalopy?
Really, what's the point?

JUDE Law has vowed to go into therapy to "sort out his issues" in order to win back Sienna Miller, a source told the press.Law had cheated on his fiancee Sienna with his children's nanny.
The only things that need sorting Jude are your testicles! Who's in or THEM?

Hilary Duff is househunting for an apartment in New York City. The 17 year old apparently brought an entourage with her, stayed for 25 minutes and asked the superintendent a few questions.
I suppose when you are 17 your questions would be some of the following
"Where's like the nearest McDonalds?"
"Is there like a shopping mall nearby?"
"Where is a good like liquor store that might sell me some like alcohol if I pass them fifty bucks?"

Madonna has visited her Kabbalah centre three times since her horseback riding accident on her birthday August 16th. Madonna was thrown from a horse given to her by her husband Guy Ritchie for her 47th birthday.
Apparently her husband is an EXCELLENT horse trainer cuz Madonna is now recovering from a broken hand and a broken collar bone and three cracked ribs. Hee hee...don't piss off Guy Ritchie!

Desperate housewife Eva Longoria says she only discovered her sensual self after she got some waxing done in an intimate area. "It was when I was 25 or 26," the star, 30, told the Mirror in London. "I never waxed or really paid attention to that area. It opened the door to a whole new side of me."
Oh I'm sure it did, the esthetician rip your brain out with the hair??? Why in God's name would you tell this to the press? Wouldn't it just be easier if she posed for PLAYBOY already???



Blogger TangentArifa said...

Yeeeaaaah, sure Gwen Stefani was close to getting the role of Mrs.Smith, such an obvious choice after the bail out of Nicole Kidman (don't boo Linda). Don't think so.....the only way that would happen is if the director wanted the Gwen's girlie posse to do a cameo.

And what has happened to Courtney. From Ed Norton to Steve who? And I loved her music too. Oh well. Stay off the drugs kids!

8:19 PM  
Blogger Chelsea's Mama said...

I figured that too Arifa, they didn't hire Gwen cuz she always has those creepy girls with her.

10:02 PM  

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