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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Celebrity W.T.F's volume 22

Jenny McCarthy and her husband of six years, John Asher have filed for divorce. McCarthy is currently starring in the new UPN sitcom, "The Bad Girl's Guide." Her previous work includes MTV shows "Singled Out" and "The Jenny McCarthy Show" and the short-lived 1997 NBC sitcom "Jenny." She wrote and stars in a feature film called "Dirty Love," which opens in September. Asher also directed that movie.
The couple that plays together stays together, the couple that works together..not so much.

Marcia Cross who plays the obsessive compulsive clean freak 'Bree'on "Desperate Housewives" is engaged to be married. Her boyfriend stockbroker Tom Mahoney is the lucky man. I guess this will put longtime rumors that Marcia is a lesbian to rest. At least until someone finds her stashed polaroids of the night K.D. Lang slept over.

A judge ordered a tearful Courtney Love into an in-patient substance abuse facility on Friday after the troubled rock singer admitted to violating the terms of her probation by using drugs. In the meantime, Love will remain at an undisclosed residential treatment facility.
Hey Courtney! Give our love to Tara Reid will ya? I know Tara is not in rehab but, just you wait - the weekend has just begun.

More addiction woes.....Rapper Eminem is being treated in hospital for addiction to sleeping pills, his publicist revealed. The singer abruptly cancelled his European tour earlier this week blaming exhaustion.
I guess he got tired from taking all those pills.

Pamela Anderson had a marriage ceromony in her home this week. No, she did not marry her ex-husband Tommy, in fact she was not in the wedding party.Proud Pam wore white to witness her dogs golden retriever Star and chihuahua Luca Pizzaroni Pasquini exchanging bow-wow vows in front of 20 guests.
I being a dog lover (Yes, you all know how much I love my pooch Chelsea) Would never myself dream of having a wedding ceremony for her! Not because I think it's crazy but, simply because NO DOG is good enough for my baby! Got it?

Lindsay Lohan has revealed she has had a crush on actor Jude Law for a while. Lindsay says despite his cheating ways, she thinks she can tame him and keep him faithful.
Yes Lindsay and I suppose you still believe in Santa Clause?
Here is Lindsay hanging out with her buddy Nicole Richie. She must find something amusing.....wait until she sees Jude's little wee wee photos circulating the net.

Angelina Jolie is looking thinner and thinner these days. Recent pictures of Angelina show that her face looks slimmer, and both her arms and legs appear almost fat free.
The Brad Pitt sex diet seems to be working for her. ANGELINA-the last thing YOU need is to lose anymore weight! What kind of example are you setting for your Ethiopian adopted daughter?

And the Ex Mrs. Pitt, Jennifer Aniston threw a sunset dinner cruise for the cast and crew of her latest film "The Break Up". Guests said that Jennifer was giddy and in a great mood.
OFCOURSE - wouldn't you be smiling if you could afford to just "whip up" a dinner cruise for a bunch of people you will probably never see again? I wonder what she would do for her actual FRIENDS??? (No, I don't mean Ross and Chandler)

Britney Spears has been spotted buying blue clothes sparking speculation that her soon to be born baby is a boy.

Meanwhile....Kevin Federline has been seeing buying overpriced running shoes.
Coincidence? I think not!



Blogger ~Deb said...

Ohhh, this is better than the Star! I love this! You should go into journalism if you already haven't.

Great blog!!! Very entertaining!

10:15 PM  
Blogger Chelsea said...

Mama is right, nobody IS good enough for me..... I only want to get married to have cake anyways.

11:10 PM  

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