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Friday, August 12, 2005

Celebrity W.T.F's volume 15

Vince Vaughn is denying rumors that he is romancing Jennifer Aniston. He says he prefers one night stands to relationships and although he thinks Jennifer is attractive he also has too much respect for her to pursue it.
Nice cover up Vince! We get the manhood pride conflict. Poor Jennifer will have a hard time finding a man who can shine a light to Brad.
Here is Jennifer and Vince on the set of their movie due for release next year. It is called the "Break Up"

Someone who does not share Vince's views however, is Kimberly Stewart, Rod's daughter. She has issued an apology this week to Jennifer Aniston for referring to Jennifer as being "homely" when Kimberly was interviewed by Blender magazine. Rod Stewart's daughter said: "I like her because she's homely. She obviously has to have something else - it's not like she's gorgeous or anything."
Ok, I wouldn't say Jennifer is stunning but, the last thing I would call her is homely.

As for Kimberly, what has she starred in lately? Exactly.
They don't seem to have any roles for someone who resembles a heroin addicted crack head. It would be a compliment if someone called Kimberly HOMELY!!! And this photo is the most I have ever seen her wearing but, I thought the t-shirt was very revealing!!!

Julia Roberts has reportedly made her last movie and will quit acting after
appearing on Broadway next year so she can spend time with her baby twins.
The Oscar winner recently went back to work for the first time after giving
birth to Phinnaeus and Hazel last November, appearing in a music video for
rocker Dave Matthews. According to sources close to the star she will quit acting once she wraps up all the projects she is working on.
Those kids are going to need their mom! Especially with names like that. Can you say BULLY MAGNETS?

The Rolling Stones announced a surprise concert in Toronto with tickets selling for a mere 10 dollars. They performed at the Phoenix concert hall.
I guess with the group getting on in years they are getting confused. They are charging what fans used to pay back in 1812 when they first came out. (Right after that famous know the one)

Jamie Lee Curtis has made a statement about how she feels regarding celebrities who get plastic surgery. She thinks it is ludacris how celebrities are getting things altered, tucked, added and lifted in order to struggle to keep their youth.
Jamie has admitted to trying botox, liposuction and chemical peels.
At what point exactly did you realize it was wrong Jamie? .....When it wasn't working?

Christina Aguilera is reportedly on a new very strict diet regime. The diet is designed by a top Beverly Hills doctor who claims it works because it gives your body all the nutrients it needs to function properly.
The diet is based on having foods of several different colours and textures at once.

Looks like she is also applying this to her love life? Is she still engaged?

Lindsay Lohan is currently working on a new album. She has written a song about her father on the record. It is an angry song where she is asking her father to explain why he has put their family through so much agony. Her father has a history with alcohol abuse and criminal charges.
Her father should sing one back about how his sweet little freckled face girl became a white trash anorexic party girl overnight.
And Lindsay thinks she has emotional scars!

The Producers of Simple Life are reuniting Paris and Nicole for Simple Life 3. The two girls have already signed contracts ages ago committing to work on the project. The stars of the show Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie have not spoken in months. They had a falling out regarding something Nicole apparently said which Paris told her in strict confidence. Whatever the reason, the two are now being forced to work side by side on the reality show when filming begins.
I never thought I would say this but, I am looking forward to watching it now. Ratings will be astronomical! Everyone likes a good cat fight.

Mariah Carey claims she was miserable in her marriage to music mogul Tommy Mottola, She divorced Mottola in 1998 after five years of marriage. She admits that while they were together, she dreamed about being taken away. She told Allure Magazine she often fantasized about being kidnapped and taken away forever.
Yes, Mariah, we understand how you feel. We often have had fantasies about you being "taken away" ourselves.

Anna Nicole Smith is mad at Jessica Simpson this week. Jessica recently told the press she DOES NOT WANT to be compared to Anna Nicole Smith. Anna responded by saying that Jessica will be a has been in a year and the press will turn on her the way they did to Anna Nicole before. Anna Nicole also slammed Jessica's claim to have an I.Q of 160. Anna says she is smarter and more talented than Jessica.

Hmm, let's do our own comparison shall we?
Both blonde
Both have large chests
Both lost a lot of weight recently
Both starred in their own reality show
Both are known for stupid statements they have made on their shows
Both have little white dogs that they tote around with them
I'd say it's a fair draw. Stop the fighting are both equally idiots!

Scarlett Johanssen needs her space. While the star was preparing to meet the
crowds for the launch of Calvin Klein's new fragrance the other night, she had asked for the elevator to be evacuated so she could be alone. This behavior has made for plenty of speculation in the media that Scarlett is becoming quite the diva.
I don't agree, either she had an extra helping of bran that morning and her stomach was rumbling, or she wanted a moment alone to cry....seeing as there was no nudity in her new script! That girl wants so bad to be topless in a film it is not even funny!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its me Andrew :)

Apparantly the Simple Life is gonna show how Nicole and Paris are preparing for their weddings, but I just read that Nicole said she would never do that... Honestly they should just cancel the show! =P

8:33 PM  
Blogger Chelsea's Mama said...

Hey Andrew, I did not hear that but, I did hear that Nicole was approached to do one on her own.....that will be in an upcoming W.T.F.

10:14 AM  
Blogger Bernadette said...

Re Jessica and Anna Nicole...both are also from Texas...yeehaw!

9:21 PM  

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