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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Celebrity W.T.F's volume 14

Terri Hatcher who plays "Susan" on Desperate Housewives has responded to rumors that she is starving herself.
Terri claims that unlike many other celebrities who have to work hard to have toned legs and abs, she has been blessed with good genetics. She claims she does not have to do anything to keep her body the way it looks.
Not really sure why she appears to be running or speed walking in this photo. Look at her little twig legs! This is what skeletons would look like if they could excercise. One gust of wind and Terri Hatcher go bye bye forever.

Which brings us to the next weighty issue at hand. Renee Zellweger. Renee is missing the body she had for the movie "Bridget Jones Diary". Renee put on 30-40lbs for both the original and the 2nd movie. In between she lost all the weight to get her back to her regular weight. (Notice I did not use the word NORMAL)
Renee misses all the attention she got from men when she had curves and a bosom.

Duh! The only man interested in you would be a perv cuz you have the body of a nine year old boy!
Besides Renee, you are married at the moment to Kenny Chesney, wonder what he thinks of you missing male attention!
Eat a pizza! It's sexy, trust me.

Angelina Jolie has been made a Cambodian citizen! Her adopted son Maddox is from Cambodia. He used to live in a pit in the ground (No joke) And now he lives wherever he wants and his daddy to be is a famous PITT.
Not even Oprah can change someone's life to that degree!
Angelina, we're not worthy.......

Daddy to be Ben Affleck is trying desperately to kick his heavy nicotine habit before his baby with Jennifer Garner is born.
I guess his gambling problem and strip club obsession will be dealt with later? One addiction at a time. That's one of the twelve steps isn't it?

Perfect segway into another substance abuse story......Courtney Love. Courtney has been ordered to appear in court later this month to face an allegation that she violated her probation in an assault case by being under the influence of a controlled substance.
She looks fine to me here....yikes!

Ok, so she needs the wall to prop her up. Maybe she was just tired or her shoes hurt?

Johnny Depp recently joked that his next film role wil be in a porno. He says he always plays quirky characters and does not feel he is a great actor. He says he has always felt people came to his movies because they felt sorry for him. He joked that if he plays in a porno nobody would see the movie or care.

Matt LeBlanc has made a public apology to his wife and baby Maria. He said when he was in Canada filming last month he went to a strip club, got really drunk and partook in some "unappropriate behavior" and feels guilty.
Anyone else getting a visual of Matt sitting in a smoky, run down club saying....."How You Doin'?"

On Monday, Kylie Bell, an Emmy-winning makeup artist, filed a lawsuit against rapper Snoop Dogg, claiming the rapper and his posse, fueled by drugs and booze, raped her following a 2003 taping of Jimmy Kimmel Live, where Snoop was a guest host. The charge has since been settled out of court.
The only thing SHOCKING about this story is that Snoop had access to a makeup artist.
Is there any amount of makeup in the world to make this man look decent?

I suppose there is some truth to the SCIENTOLOGY way of life.
In this photo Katie Holmes is OUT OF THIS WORLD!

Irish rock band U2 will receive one of Portugal's highest honours before giving a concert in Lisbon on Sunday. President Jorge Sampaio will present the Order of Liberty to the veteran four-piece in recognition of their humanitarian efforts.
I AM Portuguese and I always thought the highest honour was getting the biggest portion of whatever dinner was.
I have seriously been living under a rock!



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