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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Celebrity W.T.F's Volume 13

Jessica Simpson wants to be just like Angelina Jolie. She says that she loves children and wants to adopt one day just like Angelina has. Jessica also wants to aid third world countries and become a goodwill ambassador. She claims she was recently in the same room as Miss Jolie and that Angelina left everyone feeling so peaceful.

Angelina has not commented however, in regards to Jessica worshipping her.
Sometimes you don't need to be a fly on the wall......

Why is Paris always "force kissing" her fiance? And is it just me or does Paris's man look like Enrique Iglesias?

Maybe Enrique is one in the same person as Paris's fiance? Anna Kournikova could pass for Paris Hilton now that I think about it. Blonde, trampy and her underwear is always showing. You never see these two couples at the same time in the tabloids......hey, I think it is them! Double the publicity! And it also explains Anna's lousy tennis playing.
You can't get anything past me!

New movie coming out next week called "MY DATE WITH DREW BARRYMORE". The guy who made this film had a chidhood crush on Drew that lasted until now. He decided to chronicle all his attempts over time to meet with her and go on one date with the movie actress. She is also in the film.
No offense to this guy or Drew who I adore but, she has been married to Tom Green! She flashed David Letterman cause she had a crush on him! How hard could it be to nab Drew for a date?
Let's face it.......she really is a sure thing. She'll kiss anyone!

Gisele Bundchen, the Brazilian supermodel (best known for her VICTORIA SECRET runway shows and also for being Leonardo Di Caprio's girlfriend)has recently announced that she is a MAJOR clean freak. She says she cannot stand a mess, a fingerprint on the glass, spilled milk........NOTHING. She has to clean everything all the time. She is obsessed with cleaning and keeping her house in order.
As if she wasn't already every man's fantasy!
Next thing you know she'll be saying she can make beer out of tap water!

Hilary Duff's sister Hailee Duff just dyed her blonde locks brown. She did this so that her and her sister who is always glued at her hip would not look the same anymore. Although she loves her sister she has different hobbies, interests and goals. That's all fine and dandy but, remember to the last celebrity sisters who tried to do the very same thing..........

If history repeats itself Hailee will end up like Mary Kate in rehab and Hilary will start wearing ripped nylons and second hand underwear like Ashley. That's what happened to the Olsen sisters when they tried to be separate entities of one another.

Matt Damon spoke up about NOT being invited to his long time best friend Ben Affleck's wedding to Jennifer Garner. Matt said he was not offended because NOBODY was invited and they wanted to keep it private.
Have you seen Matt Damon lately people? He is looking hot! No wonder Ben didn't want him around. If Jennifer got a load of Matt she probably would of wanted her "Alias" to be Mrs. Damon!
Ok, so maybe it's just the uniform.......but, the picture makes me feel all fuzzy inside.

Michael Jackson is furious with two jurors from his molestation trial. Apparently two of the jurors who just so happen to have book deals on the way are saying that they regret the fact that the verdict in the case was NOT GUILTY. They both say he is a pediophile and should be behind bars.
I think Michael is a complete nutbar but, I don't think he did it.
Well, one thing for sure.....

Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen have been seen all over L.A together these days...but, they are not reconciled as a couple. They are on talking terms and promised each other to get along for the sake of their two daughters Sam and Charlie.
Papa Charlie looks mighty protective of his little one here. He does have an advantage though when his girls get older. No perverted sex addict will EVER date one of his daughters.
It takes one to know one!

Lindsay Lohan had admitted to trying pot.
No way - really Lindsay?
And we thought the huge sunglasses you always wear were because someone elbowed you in the eye at the after hours bar....who knew?
Hey, I don't care if she smokes weed.......whatever it takes to get this girl to EAT SOMETHING!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Linda, its Andrew, I forgot my password to my account, lol.

Great entry but oh please... like Jessica Simpson will go to a third world country... she can't even do the camping thing! =P

11:44 PM  
Blogger Chelsea's Mama said...

Great point...Imagine Jessica in a remote villiage in Africa? "Nick! Nick, Oh My Gaw, Nick! There is dirt on ma Louis Vitton purse! Oh my Gaw Nick, that orphan has leprosy! Ew Nick, ew, can't we just adopt a cute little sister for our dawg Daisy? This third world stuff ain't what I thought it would be. I want my daddy!"

12:27 PM  
Blogger Liberty said...

LOL- I'd love it if Jessica just fell off the radar completely, right along side Paris. I don't mind Angelina, the hippie hobo twins, and sticky Lohan- they just entertain me.

12:55 PM  

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