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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Celebrity W.T.F's volume 12

Christina Aguilera is bad mouthing Britney Spears again! Christina said that Britney will never revive her career after the birth of her baby. Chrisina added that Britney has let herself go so badly she will never be able to capture her once known sex kitten status image.

Tsk Tsk Christina! Britney is PREGNANT.

Besides, she let herself go LONG before that.

I find myself wanting to defend Britney. Not a fan but, I like a bag of cheetos every now and then. Don't we all? So take that Christina! Wait until you get preggers. We'll see how "well rounded" you become!

And by the looks of it, Christina should be happy. No competion from Britney. Christina can RETAIN her title of TOWN HUSSY.(Well, maybe her sidekick is a close second place)

Oops, Kevin a.k.a MR. SPEARS may agree with Christina! Did he just book an appointment for Britney perhaps?
Well, we know it ain't for him!

"Desperate Housewives" Eva Longoria may or may not be engaged to San Antonio Spur Tony Parker, apparently, he was not around on the weekend when witnesses saw her flirting outrageously with some Dallas Cowboys teammates
Ok, so I threw in the football for effect but, she was already in the back seat of a car in this photo. It's like her home away from home.....wink wink.

Now Jennifer Lopez is blaming her family for all her divorces and failed relationships. She says her parents always had such a great marriage she was striving for perfection and realizes now that marriage is not perfect all the time.
In other words, the spanish waiter (hubby one), P-Diddy, Chris Judd (hubby two) and Ben Affleck all got sick and tired of her diva like - materialistic behavior.
Guess you have to blame somebody.

Classic case of HE said, SHE said with Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson. HE says they are crazy in love and are planning to elope in Hawaii. SHE says it is absolutely false and she is dating him only to get him press for his new show "Tommy goes to College"
Ok, guys one of you is in some serious DENIAL!!!!

Paris Hilton is concerned due to an alleged impersonator claiming to be the heiress. The impersonator is trying to get free gifts, company endorsements and even tried to get a credit card in Paris's name! Paris is freaked out because she says this person took the time to look like her and it makes her feel creepy! She wants this person found and locked up in jail.
Frankly so do I. A blonde person carrying a small dog muttering "That's Hot"
We don't need two of these.

Mary Kate Olsen is looking healthier these days. She finally may be free of her Anorexia problems. Could it be she is happy with her boyfriend Stavros Niarchos the Third? Between her fortune and his pending inheritence she should be thrilled!
His family better insist she stop dressing like a bag lady!

One thing's for sure.
We know her dog eats.



Blogger Nadia said...

OKay, so some of these photos are definitely not the most flattering...but may I say - that picture of J.Lo is probably one of the best I have ever seen. My gosh - she looks so pretty!


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