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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Celebrity W.T.F's Volume 31

Actress Sarah Jessica Parker was mobbed by fans today at the launch of her new perfume. The Sex And The City star unveiled her first fragrance, Lovely, at designer department store Harvey Nichols in London. Hundreds of fans queued around the block for the chance to see her. She signed bottles of the perfume and gave out beauty tips.

I wonder if one of her tips was NOT to buy a product JUST because it is endorsed by a celebrity? C'mon, admit it, how many of you tried TRIMSPA and it didn't work?

Vanity Fair's front cover with Jennifer Aniston proved the magazine's best selling issue of all time. Aniston poured her heart out in the article, tearfully speaking about her break-up with Brad Pitt and his relationship with Angelina Jolie.

I wonder how many of the 650,000 copies sold that Angelina bought and then burned?

Speaking of Brad, he flew in from Calgary, Canada, where he is shooting the film "The Assassination of Jesse James," to look after Maddox, 4, and Zahara, who is 6 months. Insiders on the set of Jolie's latest movie insist Pitt is adapting to the role of a devoted father with surprising ease. An onlooker says, "Brad appeared very natural and confident with Angelina's children.

Hey, give me a chance, I could be natural and confident with Brad's babies too!

Madonna is back at work! She recently filmed a television commercial for Motorola. The singing sensation showed up for the shoot in a gorgeous black outfit and a stylish sling for her arm that she injured in a horseback riding incident on her birthday.

I guess that is the last time her husband buys her an animal for her birthday!

Pamela Anderson is the most powerful Canadian in Hollywood, topping high-paid stars like Jim Carrey, Mike Myers and Keanu Reeves, according to a Canadian magazine.Pammy scored high on Canadian Business magazine's first celebrity power list because of her countless web hits, numerous press clippings, media appearances and a salary estimated at $US300,000 per television episode.

I guess having breasts of mammoth proportions doesn't hurt either...

Paul McCartney needed to re-learn Sgt Pepper for Live 8. He claims he had never sung it live before. He had to get the guitarist from U2 to help him figure it out. Paul said "Me and The Edge couldn't figure out the guitar riff. I had the guitarist from my band helping out too, but we eventually sorted it out."

If only he had consulted with someone before marrying his gold digging wife Heather.

Dr Phil's son Jay McGraw has gotten engaged to Erica Dahm. Erica is one of three sisters who are triplets. The sisters were featured in Playboy, some movies and most recently on a home improvement show.
I guess he took daddy's advice and married a woman who is genuine. And who also has two clones of herself.......just in case it doesn't work out.

Britney Spears has denied reports she verbally abused a 13-year-old girl (Alexa Nikolas) on the set of her younger sister Jamie Lynn's TV show. The girl and Britney's sister apparently had a falling out and Britney rushed to the set to come to her sister Jamie Lynn's rescue. Britney is insisting she merely gave the child a "sisterly talking to." But sources told Page six that Britneys"proceeded to scream that Alexa was an 'evil little girl,' and that she had better watch herself or she 'will never work in this town again!'"

If Britney and Kevin keep having breakfast, lunch and dinner at CHEZ DRIVE THRU, she won't either.

Tara Reid, who is in Europe shooting her forthcoming reality TV show Wild on Tara, arrived at a British Hotel alongside socialite Paris Hilton. Tara Reid amazed staff at a London hotel recently, when she asked for an extra room just to house her ever-growing shoe collection.

I am sure it was a misunderstanding. She wasn't asking for a whole room for her shoes, it was a room for her BOOZE.


Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Celebrity W.T.F's Volume 30

Tara Reid the hostess of "Wild On" finally admitted to having breast implants. The party girl insists it's just a saline-filled D-cup. "I mean, everyone does it. I don't know why I'm the one who gets so much attention."
Um, because yours are really bad and have been called FRANKENBREASTS by the press.
Besides, you'd have to be drunk or stupid not to realize the big change.....(Oh that explains a lot)

Here was TARA before

and after..........YOU CAN BARELY TELL......SHEESH!

ONLY TARA would not notice that her top suddenly their top "fell off"?

Gwen Stefani has been given the coveted spot at next month's New York Fashion week.
The rocker-turned-designer will unveil the floral designs for her spring 2006 L.A.M.B. collection on the catwalk as part of her first major fashion show.
She says, "I don't expect to fit in right away but I do sense that the fashion world is rooting for me, too. I'm not being treated like a celebrity wannabe fashion designer."

Actually, Gwen YOU ARE being treated like a celebrity. Ask any "wannabe fashion designer" - they don't just hand you a spot during fashion week on a silver platter!

Rapper Lil' Kim caused an uproar on a flight Monday night by allegedly branding a flight attendant a "racist" following a minor seat mix-up. Lil' Kim shouted at the flight attendant after assuming the confusion was a racial slight, amazing crew and passengers alike. A witness said, "Lil' Kim totally freaked out on the attendant. Some first-class seat mix-up. Called the agent a racist and pulled a 'Do You Know Who I Am?'

I am sure they just didn't recognize her with her clothes on.

Eva Longoria had a nervous episode backstage just before she stepped out to announce Mariah Carey at the MTV awards on the weekend. She told the press she was uncomfortable coming out in the outfit.

Eva, you were introducing MARIAH CAREY.......You could be wearing NOTHING and she would still be more naked than you!

Gwyneth Paltrow has given some "after the fact" marriage advice to her ex - Brad Pitt's now ex Jennifer Aniston. She says they should of kept out ot the media. She says Jennifer told Vanity Fair too much. Gwyneth claims she never discusses her marriage to COLDPLAY singer Chris Martin to anyone.

Hmm...let's compare.......... I wouldn't talk about Chris Martin either ....

Are Paris Hilton and her fiance Paris on the rocks?From the looks of things at the MTV Video Music Awards festivities this past weekend in Miami, the answer may be yes. The New York Post reports that when the hotel heiress was asked about her pending nuptials she told a pal, "I don't know ... I'm just having fun!"
No kidding, this girl is on vacation TWENTY FOUR SEVIN!
Their relationship didn't look real to me anyhow. It looked forced.

Pamela Anderson is reportedly looking for a "Good Guy".
Where are her priorities? What she needs is a good bra.

Melanie Griffith has confessed that aging in Hollywood is scary and humiliating.
Well, I guess it is if you are Melanie Griffith.

Speaking of scary and's Courtney Love at a Los Angeles pool.

Hilary Duff has slammed the actions of former teen stars, including Jessica Simpson and Britney Spears, as immature, and warns they will regret their antics in years to come.
They ALL say that Hilary. You'll be posing for Playboy by the time you are 21.

In the new In Touch Weekly they report that Britney ordered a glass of white wine and later a strawberry daiquiri. The waiter suggested a virgin margarita after telling her they don't serve blended drinks. "No," Britney replied, "I want the real thing." which she got. "And after she finished it, she ordered - and finished - one more." Her rep denies the story.
I think the saddest part of this story is not a pregnant woman drinking but, the waiter suggesting a "virgin" anything to Britney!

Eddie Murphy was spotted "cuddling" with Mariah Carey in a club after the MTV music awards on the weekend. Eddie recently split up with his wife. Eddie has also been known to have a "thing" for transvestites.
That explains the attraction to Mariah.


Saturday, August 27, 2005

Celebrity W.T.F's volume 29

Another Paris Hilton sex tape has been leaked. This time she was only 19 when she made it and they have not revealed who the guy is. Who cares? What's another leaked tape when you already have four that nobody cares about?
What surprises me is how to date there still is no leaked tape of Tara Reid! Not that I care to see it but, she is drunk all the time...unless ofcourse she just ends up passing out. If these photos are any indication, she must be a great date......NOT

More on Paris.....her sister Nicky Hilton has agreed to be a bridesmaid for Nicole Richie. Nicky is ALSO set to be a bridesmaid for her sister Paris Hilton when she marries her fiance Paris Latsis. Apparently Paris has her knickers in a twist. Hey, at least she's finally wearing some!

Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria is battling crippling headaches on the set of the second series after she was knocked unconscious by a metal pole while shooting a scene a week ago. Filming on the hit show is being scheduled arounds the star as she fights to make a full recovery.
A faulty pole on a set where the women are rumored to hate each other? Hmmmm.....not suspicious at all. This could explain though why Eva has been saying the stupidest things to the press lately. (If you don't know what I mean then you don't follow this blog regularly!)

Brad Pitt is trying to sign up Tom Cruise's former public relations rep named Pat Kingley. Apparently Brad is planning for a press onslaught about his romance with Angelina Jolie. The movie star is reportedly keen to tell all about his private life
after spending years shying away from personal matters, and he wants Kingsley to help represent him.

Reportedly it is confirmed that Keanu Reeves is dating Diane Keaton who at 59 is 20 years older than him. They met on the set of "As Good as it Gets"
If Diane were a man this probably wouldn't even be a news item.

Then again.......

Victoria Beckham has turned down a major movie role. The film is called "I Could Never be your woman" And Michelle Pfeiffer now has the lead. Victoria was then offered another part in the film and turned that down too. She says she wants to concentrate on being a mother and a wife.
In other words she isn't leaving hubby David out of her sight for a minute!

She's always got such a "hold" on him.......

British actress Sienna Miller is nursing a sore arm after injuring herself on the weekend. Worries sparked as she sported huge red scratches across her left arm as she left a party on Saturday.However Sienna's agent explained she injured herself while swimming in the sea over the weekend, saying, "She grazed her arm and bruised her hip as she was thrown against the rocks."
Sienna is getting a lot of press these days since her ex Jude Law admitting to sleeping with his children's nanny. Otherwise really would anyone care that her arms were cut by a rock?

I am surprised they didn't report this was a suicide attempt.

Film maker Michael Moore has enrolled in a $3,800-a-week celebrity fat farm in a bid to loose weight. The director has booked into the Pritikin Longevity Center And Spa in Florida. Moore is reportedly aiming to loose 12 pounds during the first three weeks.
He can afford almost four grand a week yet, he dresses like a slob? He must be spending his money at McDonalds or Taco Bell. He called his movie Farenheit 911 because that is the perfect temperature for the oil when you make deep fried chicken.
I hope Michael loses tons of weight and dissapears for good.


Friday, August 26, 2005

Celebrity W.T.F'S Volume 28

Jennifer Lopez is auctioning off two VIP tickets to the opening of her first U.S. boutique in Chicago, along with samples from her "Sweetface" clothing collection. The auction is to benefit the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles.
At last Jennifer is in the spotlight for another reason other than her relationship or for buying another piece of bling bling.
Here is Jennifer shopping for sunglasses on Rodeo Drive

In case you didn't recognize her face, you may know her better from this angle.

White Stripes singer Jack White is in line to do his first ever advert, for Coca Cola. Apparently, the singer has been in talks with the soft drinks giant to pen a new song for their commercials.
What a genius advertising idea......Coca Cola is red and white....and Jack White is always in red and white!!! If he wore blue once in a while he could of got the big pepsi spot in the superbowl. Too bad for Jack.

Actor Johnny Depp is to host a show on Radio. The star will present a programme about movie idol James Dean.
That's all fine and dandy but, we want to SEE Johnny Depp, not just hear him!

Pamela Anderson is now dishing out dating advice. Pamela says that guys give up too easily when she turns them down for a date, adding that women want to be chased "not stalked, but chased."
NO means NO Pamela, at least in my world. If women wanted to be chased we'd all be walking around in running shoes. Please stop giving men more stupid ideas of what women commercials do that enough don't you think?

Britney's hubby Kevin Federline FINALLY found a job - only a month before the singer gives birth to their first child together. Kevin who was a dancer before he met Britney has been unemployed for the majority of his courtship and one-year marriage . British newspaper The Sun claims Federline has gained employment as a dance instructor at a dance school in Los Angeles.
Ofcourse he got a job right before the baby is born. He now has an excuse not to be around to change diapers or get up once in a while to help with two o'clock feedings.
Maybe he isn't as stupid as we all thought?

Britney is continuing to shop like mad mere weeks away from her baby's birth. She was seen with her sister Jamie-Lynn Spears out and about this week.
If I was her I'd keep Kevin away from little sis who is blossoming before our eyes. Good thing Britney did not throw out her trampy pre-pregnancy clothes, she can let her sister wear them now.

Britney sucking on a lollipop....better than a cigarette! Good for you Britney!

You really need to have a certain figure to pull off Horizontal stripes don't you?
Yes, I know she is pregnant but, not the best time to experiment with BOLD stripes.

Nicole Richie is confused by the constant criticism she now gets for her thin figure because she was referred to as "voluptuous" just two years ago. Nicole claims she gained the weight after going into rehab for heroin use just before setting off to film the first season of her hit reality show with then-pal Paris Hilton in 2003.
Nicole said "When we were promoting the first season, people would ask me how I felt about being a voluptuous woman. I was weird because I've been skinny my whole life. I can show you pictures of me the day I left for rehab!
I suppose that may explain her major weight loss. Let's have a look back at Nicole when we first saw her up until now. We may as well before she withers away into nothing.
Here is Nicole for the very first promotional shot of THE SIMPLE LIFE

Suddenly a household name and in the public eye.

She sure looks happy here when she had some meat on her.

This is when she was becoming more polished and a tad slimmer.

Nicole at the TEEN CHOICE AWARDS looking elegant and healthy.

Even slimmer a few weeks later........but, still looking good.

Claimed her new figure here was due to working out and low carbs. She looked great here also.......

Then suddenly, she is going......


Gone! YIKES and she is dissapearing as we speak.......

Jessica Simpson wants to be in a play on stage but, will consider nothing less than a role in a William Shakespeare play. The actress who plays Daisy Duke in the big screen version of The Dukes of Hazzard, now considers herself a seasoned actress and is convinced a classic production would finally get rid of her dumb blonde image.