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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The Yorkville Experience

I had a job interview yesterday in Yorkville. It was my second interview. Believe it or not I had no idea that GUCCI, PRADA and LOUIS VITTON had shops along Bloor Street!
Most men would be nervous of their wife getting a job in this shopping mecca. Hubby is not worried. No WAL-MART or PAYLESS for miles....(Actually closest Payless is at Yonge and Bloor) Although I certainly can appreciate nice things I really don't have the justification to pay that much for them. I didn't even bother looking in the windows. Why tease myself?? The only store I looked in the window of was BETSEY JOHNSON who is one of my favorite designers and hey, I really am not a designer person. I looked in the window to check out the trends and styles. I could go home and incorporate these pricey outfits into my own humble yet, vast wardrobe.
Walking down the street I was rather amused. All these people were walking around like they were someone pretty special. With their sunglasses, fancy shoes and silly microscopic cell phones. I mean really. Yes, it's a posh area but, the beauty is ANYONE can walk there so really, get over yourselves!!
I admit at one point I was on my cell phone and trying to cover my face with my hair hoping that someone would think I was some type of celebrity....but, no it did not happen.
I only made one the gourmet dog store.
I bought a variety of posh home made treats for my pooch and sixteen dollars later.....hey not bad at all, mind you who would pay sixteen dollars for a box of cookies???
I walked around my with fancy pooch parlor bag and went on to meet a friend at one of the neighbourhood restaurants. Women were giving me curious looks, checking me out , some looking down at me. I was dressed really nice....I had just been to a job interview however, after the interview I went to STARBUCKS to grab a coffee. Isn't that where all the stars go??? I got my grande columbian and sat down. The lid of my coffee flew off and I spilled coffee down the front of my brand new sleek blazer. Did I mention my blazer was white?
So yes, getting looks from people... The stain was not that big. The women were just horrible and so competitive. What were we competing for? And who said I was competing in the first place? Did my purse scream PAYLESS? Did my shoes scream ZELLERS? What? What?

I got home later and presented my dog with her gourmet biscuits and truthfully, after the day I had I figured what the heck.......took a bite.
You know, it wasn't half bad at all.



Blogger Bernadette said...

I had to drive through Yorkville a couple of weeks ago and was surprised to see all those famous stores too...I felt like a country bumpkin...well at least I knew they were designer stores...hee haw!!

1:56 PM  

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