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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Things that make me smile

Hearing my husband sing to our dog when he thinks I can't hear him
Hearing my nieces giggle (yes, even the older ones! all of them)
Sharing a private joke with someone
Watching my dog's ears perk up when I take meat or chicken out of the freezer
A clean house
When I see someone doing something nice for somebody else
Seeing a man push a baby stroller
That smell only babies have
Pedicures, Manicures.......any cures that make me relax
Wearing a new oufit, new shoes or a new lipstick for the first time
My friends and our celebrity obsession talks that go on for hours at a time
A thunderstorm when I am inside safe and warm
Cuddling with my husband and my dog (not necessarily in that order....kidding)
Closing a fantastic book after reading the last page
An unexpected movie rental that changes my way of thinking or looking at something
Hearing kids sing or laugh
My brother's face when you sing to him
My mother's child like innocence at times
When my family is together and we are happy being ourselves
Going for long walks on a lovely day
Music, music and music
When someone comments on my blog (hint hint...)
Seeing someone else smile.....they sure are contagious

SO SMILE ......


Blogger Nadia said...

My smiles:

when I am reading such a good book and cannot stop reading....

when my cat climbs up on my lap and goes to sleep...

when i get home and my cat greets me at the front door (yes, cats do this!)

when my husband does something for me without my asking him to (this does not happen nearly enough, so i have to enjoy it when it happens)

someone buying me flowers

finding a perfect gift for someone that you know

decorating my christmas tree

walking outside in the summertime

reading a book in my backyard


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