Celebrity stories and gossip that make you go "W.T.F?"

Saturday, July 30, 2005


Here are my latest celebrity W.T.F's.
W.T.F's stand for What, Who, Why, When the F___ .(Insert your own word here - I think we all know what mine is)
Now.....including photos.

W.T.F finds it ironic that Eva LONGoria is so short?

Do you think Gwen Stefani is afraid and wondering W.T.F is up with Christina Aguilera's new look? It's like SINGLE WHITE FEMALE! Run Gwen Run!!

Hopefully Angelina has saved a lot of her money. She will need it when Maddox is older to pay his therapy bills!! W.T.F is Maddox going to do for attention now that Zahara is getting all of it?

W.T.F Will Britney realize that night in shining armor is really a wannabe gangsta with some bad ass nicotine stained teeth?

W.T.F Would ever of guessed that someone like Halle Berry would ever need a blow up doll?

Here is proof that celebrities and alcohol don't mix..W.T.F are they making out?
Pamela is old enough to be her mother!

Speaking of alcohol.....that Tara Reid is just so classy!

In case you've been living under a rock for some time and wonder W.T.F Is Tom Cruise dating now? Well, he found the PERFECT girl for him. He LOVES how she smells too!

Speaking of rocks.....W.T.F is that on Paris's finger? It weighs more than Nicole Richie does!

W.T.F is more strange? Nick constantly staring at Jessica's chest or her manager father bragging about how big they are?? YUCKERS!


Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Job update

Hi, for those of you wondering on my job hunt. Had two interviews with six different people for a job and was called for references.

They called me today and let me know it was between me and one other person. The six people who interviewed BOTH of us were split right down the middle. Although, they all like us, three preferred me and three the other person. They were going to let our references decide.....we BOTH had stellar references.

It would of been easier had they said the other person got the job but, that is not what they said. They said they were so undecisive and could not reach a compromise that they are not hiring either of us. They are going to be recruiting from scratch.

I am dissapointed as it was a fantastic job opportunity but, let's face it do I really want to work for a company who cannot make a decision as simple as this one? If we were both such fantastic applicants how could they be silly enough to let BOTH of us go??

Anyhow, I hope to start my career counselling course which my last job so kindly provided free of charge to me. I plan on taking full advantage of that.

In the meantime.....let the search continue!!


Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Celebrity Kids

I saw this on a website and just had to share. Here are computer generized photos of what some celebrity couple's children may look like.






Friday, July 22, 2005

UPDATE - Park Problems

The councillor has been in contact with me all week. They had several more complaints regarding the lab and the pitbull which the homeless men have with them. Several families including ours complained that the men were naked and cleaning their genitals in the fountain in front of many children who were in the park and the daycare which faces it. They have been offered help and offered shelter. They have been refusing it. They have been warned the dogs will be taken away from them as they are using the pitbull as an intimidation factor.
I just received an update that two of the three men finally agreed today to going to a shelter but, have not left as of yet.
The councillor's office received hundreds of complaints from the neighbourhood residents and the neighbourhood businesses.
The dog is the biggest issue and the children seeing the men's genitals are also a cause for concern. The men were drunk when bathing and not very discreet about what they were doing. The other great concern was for safety. They were under a massive pine tree where they live currently and lighting fires to heat up food. The concern not only for their own safety but, for the park which is full of trees and surrounding area.
I will let you know what happens. I thought I would update everyone as the situation has gotten better but, only since it got worse.
Someone commented on my NO WALK IN THE PARK blog that she thought I was very self righteous. Easy for her to say as she does not live in this area. She does not have to worry about her dog being attacked or bringing her children there or not be able to sleep at night because the men are so drunk they are yelling at each other and their dogs. Hey! She should let them stay at HER house...there's an idea!
Check all all the comments in the NO WALK IN THE PARK blog.
Anyhow, keep you all posted!

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Things that make me smile

Hearing my husband sing to our dog when he thinks I can't hear him
Hearing my nieces giggle (yes, even the older ones! all of them)
Sharing a private joke with someone
Watching my dog's ears perk up when I take meat or chicken out of the freezer
A clean house
When I see someone doing something nice for somebody else
Seeing a man push a baby stroller
That smell only babies have
Pedicures, Manicures.......any cures that make me relax
Wearing a new oufit, new shoes or a new lipstick for the first time
My friends and our celebrity obsession talks that go on for hours at a time
A thunderstorm when I am inside safe and warm
Cuddling with my husband and my dog (not necessarily in that order....kidding)
Closing a fantastic book after reading the last page
An unexpected movie rental that changes my way of thinking or looking at something
Hearing kids sing or laugh
My brother's face when you sing to him
My mother's child like innocence at times
When my family is together and we are happy being ourselves
Going for long walks on a lovely day
Music, music and music
When someone comments on my blog (hint hint...)
Seeing someone else smile.....they sure are contagious

SO SMILE ......

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The Yorkville Experience

I had a job interview yesterday in Yorkville. It was my second interview. Believe it or not I had no idea that GUCCI, PRADA and LOUIS VITTON had shops along Bloor Street!
Most men would be nervous of their wife getting a job in this shopping mecca. Hubby is not worried. No WAL-MART or PAYLESS for miles....(Actually closest Payless is at Yonge and Bloor) Although I certainly can appreciate nice things I really don't have the justification to pay that much for them. I didn't even bother looking in the windows. Why tease myself?? The only store I looked in the window of was BETSEY JOHNSON who is one of my favorite designers and hey, I really am not a designer person. I looked in the window to check out the trends and styles. I could go home and incorporate these pricey outfits into my own humble yet, vast wardrobe.
Walking down the street I was rather amused. All these people were walking around like they were someone pretty special. With their sunglasses, fancy shoes and silly microscopic cell phones. I mean really. Yes, it's a posh area but, the beauty is ANYONE can walk there so really, get over yourselves!!
I admit at one point I was on my cell phone and trying to cover my face with my hair hoping that someone would think I was some type of celebrity....but, no it did not happen.
I only made one the gourmet dog store.
I bought a variety of posh home made treats for my pooch and sixteen dollars later.....hey not bad at all, mind you who would pay sixteen dollars for a box of cookies???
I walked around my with fancy pooch parlor bag and went on to meet a friend at one of the neighbourhood restaurants. Women were giving me curious looks, checking me out , some looking down at me. I was dressed really nice....I had just been to a job interview however, after the interview I went to STARBUCKS to grab a coffee. Isn't that where all the stars go??? I got my grande columbian and sat down. The lid of my coffee flew off and I spilled coffee down the front of my brand new sleek blazer. Did I mention my blazer was white?
So yes, getting looks from people... The stain was not that big. The women were just horrible and so competitive. What were we competing for? And who said I was competing in the first place? Did my purse scream PAYLESS? Did my shoes scream ZELLERS? What? What?

I got home later and presented my dog with her gourmet biscuits and truthfully, after the day I had I figured what the heck.......took a bite.
You know, it wasn't half bad at all.


Sunday, July 17, 2005

Movies for a Rainy Day

Pretty much watched movies all weekend which is my favorite thing to do on a rainy day besides......well, that's a private blog.
Ok, so some quick reviews on the movies I saw

Not your typical love story although most people will be able to relate. Basically it is about a guy who wants to erase all the memories of his ex-girlfriend from his mind......or at least he thinks he does.
I cannot stand Jim Carey yet liked him in this role. Kate Winslet was amazing as usual and played a very quirky character which shows her amazing range of acting. This movie was good, a little creepy at times but, overall I enjoyed it.
Also in the movie were Kristen Durst and Mark Ruffalo who I absolutely adore.

WEIGHT OF THE WATER - Rating B - Very Good
This movie was a surprise. I had never heard of it. I basically rented it because Sean Penn was in it and I'd watch BARNEY THE PURPLE DINOSAUR if Sean Penn was in that. It also stars Elizabeth Hurley, Josh Lucas and a stunning performance by Canadian Actress Sarah Polley. This was based on the book by Anita Shreve who also wrote THE PILOT. This movie is incredible. This is about a woman who becomes obsessed with a murder that happened a century ago. I don't want to give anything away but, I will tell you that hubby and I BOTH agreed it was fantastic. Ever see a movie and think "That would be a great book" - This is it....and I have never read the book.

FINDING NEVERLAND - Rating B minus - Very Good
Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet.....great movie. I have truthfully never really been a fan of little boys and I adored the ones in this movie. The movie is based on the true story of the man who created PETER PAN and how he came up with the story. This movie touched me. I have never read PETER PAN.....and it touched me. Wonderful acting and a lovely story.

MY LIFE WITHOUT ME - Rating B plus - WOW, This was great
Stars Sarah Polley and Mark Ruffalo (So coincidental since I did not read who was in this movie) Also Deborah Harry (Blondie) is in this. What a wonderful movie! The premise of this one is a 24 year old woman of two little girls who lives in a trailer in her mom's backyard with her husband - finds out she has two months to live. The twist is... she chooses not to tell anyone. She makes a list of all the things she needs and wants to do before she dies.....and sets out to do them. This movie was spectacular! Really makes you think about life. Death. Everything.

THIS GIRL'S LIFE - Rating C plus- Good
This movie was about a porn star. A porn star who is caring for her father who has parkinsons. A porn star who is trying to meet a decent guy not in the industry to date. This movie is a tad bit graphic due to it's subject but, nonetheless unlike porn it has a distinct, well scripted storyline!!! So those of you expecting a pizza guy to show up.......ain't going to happen.
The film is well done and has the effect it intended to. The main character "Moon" is completely humanized and you find you are not judging her at all. Afterall, a job is a job. Some jobs are wonderful and we enjoy what we do......some jobs are nasty. This shows all sides of things. The woman in the movie is Juliette Marquis and she
is a great actress. James Woods plays her dad and does an outstanding job.

Normally when I have these mini moviethons I only rave about one or two tops out of the group. We had a good weekend as we enjoyed ALL OF these. Nothing beats a movie on a rainy day ESPECIALLY when it stirs up emotions, makes you re-think things and leaves you satiated in terms of entertainment.

Who needs an oscar??


Wednesday, July 06, 2005

No walk in the park!

Sometime within the last few days some homeless people have made the parkette near my house their home. They seem to keep to themselves until the evening when they are finished with their bottle of poison. In the evening they get loud and we can hear them if the windows are open Most of the time they lie under the trees near the back of the park and generally don't bother anyone.
My beef is that they have two dogs. A lab and a pitbull. Yes, a pitbull! The dogs are constantly barking and they don't appear to be very healthy or cared for. The pitbull is large also. I am terrified to bring my small poodle into that park now!
The police were there today and told them to leave. They left and at this very moment are back!
I am livid. I pay taxes. They don't. I have to walk completely out of my way to avoid this parkette and the vagrants with their out of control pets.
I called animal control. Do you know what animal control told me? Due to the fact that these people are homeless and do not have a fixed address they cannot do anything to fine them! In other words, people who work hard to have a roof over their heads can be fined but, not these people who somehow manage to find money for cigarettes and alcohol.
I have been worried sick about this pitbull. My poor dog would be an h'ordeuve for the massive pitbull!
Animal control told me that unless the pitbull attacks another dog or human being they cannot do anything! And the best part is that if it is does strike I have to go to court because I made a call to complain. Sheesh! No wonder people simply do not want to get involved anymore.
I said to the animal control guy "This is like telling me that a pediophile is two doors away and I have a young child and you CANNOT DO ANYTHING UNTIL THEY STRIKE?"
He didn't see any similarity. You would think working for animal control he would have a little compassion for
I simply do not understand this logic and am very upset. Thus, have not slept due to worry and thus, have not been blogging.
It is only a matter of time before that pitbull strikes. I hear it barking and growling like crazy whenever a person or animal passes in it's path. The clock is ticking and folks, there is nothing we can do about it.
Welcome to Canada. Home of the incredibly stupid by-laws.