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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The Verdict is in

Yesterday the verdict came in for the Michael Jackson trial. Not guilty on all counts. I am one of the few people I know who maintained that Michael Jackson was not guilty. Let me make it clear that I am not a Michael Jackson fan. I own his double cd "History" with his greatest hits but, only because it was one of the twelve cd's I picked for 99 cents when I initially signed up for that famous Columbia music offer. That was six years ago. I also ironically chose a CD called KIDS DANCE PARTY at the time. For the record, I have no kids and have never had a dance party. I may have tapped my foot along to Billie Jean it it's heyday and most recently at my niece's confirmation party I was the lead on the dance floor to "Thriller" only because of that great "Thirteen going on 30" Scene ........but, hey that is the extent of my Jackson worship ok?

I really and truly believe that Michael was innocent. Is Innocent. You see there was a time not so long ago when I was crazy about kids.(What happened you ask? I got a dog. Not that I don't love kids still but, the need to be around them constantly has dwindled) I still can be a big kid when it's appropriate. I love to play. I love to laugh. There was a time that if I had the money that Michael did I would of had my own neverland ranch. Well, maybe not a ranch because horse's scare me but, I definitely would of had a vast property where kids could come and hang out with me. I would have rides, games, ice cream.....the works!! If I could ever be in a position where I could make a difference to a child I would have. I still would. Especially a sick child or under privledged child.

In the past many people have asked me to dinner because their kids loved me. I have been invited to kid's parties because of a child's request. At times I was the only adult there who was invited specifically by the child. There is something about me that kids love. They don't see me as an adult. I know this because I have been asked on more than one occasion if I am "allowed" to stay for dinner or sometimes they guess my age as eleven. I had a few girls from my husband's hockey team sleep over at my place years ago. I would make popcorn and we'd watch movies.Seriously. This is why I have always been able to relate to Michael Jackson. The only difference between him and I used to be that he had a lot more money than me and that he was a male. I even have thought about that before he was accused of molestation. I was grateful in a way that I was a female. It was so very socially acceptable for me to play with a group of little girls. To have a sleepover with them (By the way, I did not arrange the sleepover, the mothers asked me to do this since their daughters asked them constantly to sleep at my place) If I was a man this never would of happened. No matter what the sex of the child was.

I personally believe that Michael Jackson is a boy himself. In his mind. He is Peter Pan. He has lived his life backwards. By the age of five he had been a household name. He was in the public eye for years. He and other siblings have confirmed physical, emotional and mental abuse by their father Joe. Michael then again in the eighties became a singing sensation. His album Thriller remains the greatest selling debut album of all time. He had a booming career, he had millions of dollars and he opened his Neverland ranch. Michael never had a childhood. He has said that himself. He spent his childhood on tour and doing homework on a bus in between cities. He lives out his childhood on his ranch and surrounding himself with children.

I will say that Michael has not used very good judgement and that is his biggest crime. He has admitted to having boys sleep in his bed with him. Michael is naive to believe that this would never come back to bite him in the ass. He was naive, too trusting of everyone and much like a child thought that everyone around him had the best of intentions. The family of the boy who was allegedly molested had a horrible track record. They have scammed so many people. The mother has a disurbing history of accusing people of things they did not do. Proven records of this. Most of the jurors said that she was creepy and made them uncomfortable. Pretty tough to do when Michael Jackson is in the same courtroom don't you think?

I cannot get into all the facts and the non existent evidence that came up in court. I don't have the blog space but, if you are interested in this topic do a google and you can read up on all the nitty gritty details.

For those of you who think he "Beat the system" I say to you, he had a fair trial, the jury came up with a verdict based on what was presented to them during the entire trial. Unless you were there every single day you cannot claim that he beat the system. That is an unfair statement.
For those of you who say "This is not his first charge of molestation what about that?" I say you are right. Do you recall that the family who accused him previously settled out of court for an undisclosed amount of money. Never to be heard from again? Let me ask you a question. If YOUR child had been molested no matter by who or what circumstances.......YOUR CHILD was molested and you believed beyond a shadow of a doubt that YOUR child was molested, sexually violated and their innocence taken advantage of.....would there be any amount of money sufficient enough to make you shut up? To make you go away? How do you explain this to your child? "Yes, the bad man gave us money so we are not going to fight for justice?"
Michael should of learned from that experience. I never said he was very smart but, apparently he has stated that he no longer will have sleepovers or children in his room. Michael, you should of done that years ago and you wouldn't of been in the recent mess you were in.
The family who was accusing him this time as I said has a history of false claims and accusations. Any lame attempt for money and they were there like a dirty shirt. They saw how Michael was with their son. They took advantage of the situation. Michael asked the mother if her son could sleep in his bed. She condoned this. Now, let me say I wouldn't even let my dog sleep at the neverland ranch! AND I MAINTAIN MICHAEL IS INNOCENT. I mean how flipping crazy are these parents? I actually feel sorry for the boy involved. What kind of monsters does he have for parents? Imagine if he actually is molested now? Who the hell will believe him? He has lost all credibility due to his parents. Even though the verdict was not guilty there is still a victim here. The boy. A victim of his parents.

You can call Michael Jackson a freak. You can call him a weirdo. You can him a has been. You can call him naive. You can call him irresponsible. You can call him a surgery addict. You can call him stupid. You can call him a quack.
Don't call him a pediophile.



Blogger Bernadette said...

I agree with your blog. I don't have a firm belief that he is innocent, but it certainly has not been proven that he is guilty and I strongly believe his life will always be overshadowed by this. I too feel pity for this man. I think it was certainly poor judgement on his part to allow 'sleepovers'. Doesn't matter how much money you have, it can never by happiness or love.

7:48 AM  
Blogger Bernadette said...

Actually I don't totally agree with your blog...this was my comment to Nadia's blog...but each to his own. He certainly is a sad man...


7:49 AM  
Blogger Chelsea's Mama said...

Hi Ben, I know most people don't agree with me and that's ok. That's what the beauty of blogging is....getting people to think about things or perhaps see things in a new light sometimes.
Thanks for your always

9:19 AM  
Blogger Bernadette said...

The man was not proven guilty. The truth is between him and God. I hope for his and his family's sake he is innocent. If he is indeed innocent, a great injustice has been done to this man. In which case the accusers have a lot to ask forgiveness for.

12:43 PM  

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