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Monday, June 20, 2005

Things that go bump in the night

I spent my weekend tossing and turning at night. I was unable to shake the memory of what happened to me on Friday evening. It was close to midnight and I was asleep with my precious fur child Chelsea beside me. I suddenly was awakened by a noise on the roof close to my window. Chelsea stirred and looked at me like "Well, aren't you going to do something?" So, I reluctantly got out of bed and went to the window. I drew the curtains and stood face to face with a raccoon. Right at the window!! Like a scene from a horror movie, I walked backwards yelling out to hubby. Hubby was downstairs watching television. He comes upstairs and I show him the raccoon which is still standing on the roof. Hubby runs downstairs and outside. I peer out the window with Chelsea clinging to my arms. Hubby is running toward the roof carrying a rake. He is trying to shoo the raccoon. It is not budging. Hubby hits the roof with the rake. Once, twice.... no movement. Finally he hits it again and unknowingly hits the raccoon on the back. It will be a long time before I forget the grunt that came out of that raccoon. I open the window and yell. "You hit it! Run! It is mad!" I hear hubby come back inside. Meanwhile the raccoon is looking at my precious fur child through the glass and I like it is going to attack. Out of complete desperation I hiss like a cat. This works! The raccoon jumps from the roof to the tree in front of our house using a branch. I yell down to hubby. "It's gone, it's on the tree".
We realize that the raccoon is after some berries that literally grew on this tree overnight. Hubby goes back out against my warning. It is dead quiet until I hear something I have never heard before. Hubby is screaming. I look out the window and see him running and throwing the rake in the air. He comes back inside. Chelsea and I go running down the stairs. "What happened?" I ask.
He tells me he went to shake the tree and FOUR raccoons fell out of it.

So stupid me spends all Saturday evening googling raccoons on the net. It is illegal to kill any form of wildlife. Had to cancel the gun order I placed. You can buy things such as powder which smells like coyote urine. (They are terrified of coyotes) Or you can hang moth balls in nylon on trees. You can also soak rags in ammonia to deter them from coming on to your property. A lot of this stuff works but, it is only temporary.

Anyhow, Hubby trimmed the tree so that none of the branches reach the roof. Although that is a small consolation I still am worried. I read that the females weigh on average 30lbs and the males 40lbs. My dog Chelsea is 13.4 lbs!!! We don't let her out alone at night and now for sure we won't!!

I also learned that raccoons are the number one carriers of rabies and distemper (Distemper would kill a dog - thankfully they are vaccinated against this). Raccoons are not afraid of humans no matter what anyone tells you. In their eyes WE are the pests. They are destructive, carry disease and nest in sheds, attics, basements.........I shudder to think about that. Raccoons eat the fish out of people's ponds. Although studies show they don't usually attack cats or dogs they will feed off anything that is dead. Hey, to me if those suckers eat the crap in the garbage - IF THEY ARE HUNGRY ENOUGH they will eat a small animal!

This is a very serious problem. While you are in bed at night they are roaming your neighborhood. They are supposed to be nocturnal creatures but, IF HUNGRY ENOUGH will come out during the daylight hours. Just what we need!

Please Please Please - DO NOT FEED RACCOONS. No matter how cute you think they are. Trust me they won't be so cute when they give you rabies or chew your roof off. Also your neighbors may not be fans of the critters.
Please secure your garbage. Raccoons are ambidextrous and can open latches and unscrew lids. Don't put your garbage out until the MORNING of the collection day.
Don't leave food lying around after a barbecue or backyard event.

Please do your part to make me sleep better at night! If you can't then at least buy me a coyote!



Blogger Nadia said...

Hi Linda,

I have this problem too. Unfortunately, there are a lot of Raccoons that live in my neighbourhood.

Most of my neighbours put their trash out the night before, and that seems to attract are so right. PLEASE keep your trash inside people, or at least in your garage if you have one.

If you live in the City of Toronto, like me, you probably have a green bin for food waste. Needless to say, these bins are opened quite easily by these disgusting little critters. I have heard that if you sprinkly cayenne pepper on your garbage and in your garbage containers, this helps keep them away. The reason being that the pepper gets on their gross little hands and then when they are eating, it gets in their mouths...and pepper on the tastebuds. This is supposedly a very good way to keep them from ever coming back to your trash.

Anyway, just a tip for all of those reading this who might have this problem. Worth a trip to the Bulk Barn!


12:03 PM  
Blogger Mandy said...

Sure hunny! I will get you a FOX
they like Racoons


12:23 PM  
Blogger Bernadette said...

I was able to visuallize Steve running around screaming...I'm sorry I cracked up see I once spent 10 minute in my car waiting for the racoon that was hanging over the back door to go away so that I could get into my basement apartment.

They are cute..from a very far distance!!!

2:38 PM  
Blogger Chelsea's Mama said...

Yes and by the way when he screamed it was not at all like a girl for if he knows I wrote that I will get hit in the head with a rake!! HA ha.

2:51 PM  
Blogger glor said...

if raccoons fell from a tree, i would scream cause that's freakin scary! guy or girl, it's scary. I probably would have cried too! So if you have raccoons falling on you at night, go ahead, be strong and scream away. Drama drama drama...

10:50 PM  
Blogger H.Defreitas said...

I'll bring my Smith&Wesson, Steve and I can practice in the backyard with targets, then we'll have Racoon pies for dessert.
(Kidding, no animals were actually hurt during this joke. Everyone is ok, except Linda with the Racoon problem.)

Fix them a nice plate of Fettuccine Alfredo with extra sauce (hot peppers) it's a heart attack on a plate.Oh and don't leave any water around for them to drink, that should do the trick.

LOL, all kidding aside I feel bad for you...they can make havac.

4:45 PM  
Blogger Dill said...

We too have this problem. We find hissing works. However do not hiss at a raccoon crossing your bedroom window while your wife is asleep. She may have a heart attack as I well know. The raccoon actually got so scared it fell off our front porch. It was not hurt unfortunately. Love Dill

8:44 AM  

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