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Saturday, June 04, 2005


This is a letter I will never send but, I needed to write nonetheless.
It may be disturbing to some of you. I know because it disturbed me as I wrote it. It is a disturbing topic and I am sorry but, had to deal with it.

To Ms Holmolka,

You don't know me but, I know you. Almost every Canadian knows who you are except maybe for the young ones who are better off for it.
I am writing this letter to you so that maybe you can understand why so many people want you to rot in jail or even better hell. I cannot speak for everyone else but, I will speak for myself because this is Canada and just like you, I have rights.

Before I knew who you were, If I would of met you or seen you somewhere - you would of looked very friendly to me. If I was lost I would of approached someone like you. If I was stranded I would of gotten into your car even while your charming handsome husband was in it. Surely a young, outgoing, goodlooking couple who seem to have everything going for them would never want to harm anyone?
Maybe I should be grateful to you in a small way because forever I will have my guard up, look over my shoulder and carry my cell phone with me whenever I leave the house......just in case.

I can't be grateful to you however because I don't like you. I don't respect you. I don't want you out of jail.

We have always been taught as little girls by our parents to be careful. Not to talk to strangers. Not to put oneself in a dangerous situation. I know that if you had not been with your husband in the car when you picked up those girls they would not have been in that car! They would not have got in the car with a man so easily. The beautiful, young, innocent wife with the warm and welcoming smile. We all can see why those girls were lured so easily. It was safe to them. You could be trusted. Right? Wrong. So disgracefully wrong!!!!!!!!

This part of my letter is difficult to express. Your sister. Karla, YOUR SISTER! Even a woman who is so dreadfully terrified of her husband would not commit the acts that you did to your sister! For God's sake I can't even and never have imagined this happening to one of my own sisters nevermind DOING IT TO THEM. You freaking lunatic. You said Paul made you do it. You said you were afraid of him and you had to do it. YOUR SISTER KARLA. YOUR BABY SISTER. THE FIFTEEN YEAR OLD SISTER WHO WAS YOUR FLESH AND BLOOD. You were so damn afraid of your husband that you stole horse tranquilizers from the vet clinic that you worked at. You stole them to have on hand to put into TAMMY'S - your BABY SISTER'S drink. That is how you and the freak you married, knocked her out. You also were apparently shitting your pants in fear of your demon husband when you filmed a video of what your husband did to YOUR BABY SISTER !!!!!!!!!!!!

You did film this happening!! But, they destroyed the tapes. Years ago when they put you away. Those tapes were shipped to hell. Yes, hell. You only thought you were married to a demon? Well the REAL devil lives in hell and you will meet him one day. He makes your husband look like Mary Poppins. The real devil is waiting for you in anticipation. (The same anticipation you and Paul had waiting for the horse pills to take affect on your baby sister) You are HELL'S most famous female tenant. Or should I say tenant-to-be. When you get to Hell you will immediately know why you there and you will feel repent for all the evil you have committed. All the lives you have taken, ruined, trampled on, ripped apart and changed forever. You will then sit down with the Devil and watch those tapes you filmed of what you did to Kristen French, Leslie Mahoffy and your sister Tammy. YOUR BABY SISTER Tammy. You will watch those tapes over and over and over and over and over and over again. Each time you watch one you will be made to watch it through the eyes of the victims, their parents, their families and even through the eyes of God. You will feel the same pain, humiliation, hurt, loss and every emotion they felt. Over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.

That is why I will only write you this once and try to not ever think of you again. I know that justice will prevail one day. You will get yours. I guarantee it.

Statistically we know that men commit more murder than women do. Men are typically charged with more violent crimes than women are. Historically the word rapist always implied a man. A woman just would never do that. It was unheard of. Oh and a woman who is both a MURDERER and a RAPIST?? No, no, it can't be!!!!!
You see Before your despicable story Karla, most of us had never heard one like it. It was unbelievable. It still is difficult to fathom. You not only took the lives of these young girls but, you took everything from them. You took their innocence. You took their futures. You took their childhood. You took their dreams.
And you did this to your sister also. YOUR BABY SISTER.

The things you have done were evil on so many levels. Unspeakable.
What you did was especially horrid because of the very reason of who you are.
A woman.

No regards whatsoever,

Linda Gallacher



Blogger Nadia said...


What a powerful letter. This is a disturbing topic, but we must all pay attention to it, to make sure that this "deal with the devil" never happens again.

Let's make a couple of things clear: The only reason this plea bargain was allowed to happen was because the police (who I have the upmost respect for) missed those tapes in Paul and Karla's house. They searched the house for evidence for 2 MONTHS and missed those tapes. Somebody in that house was not doing their job properly.

Secondly, when Paul told his lawyers where the tapes were hidden (in the ceiling somewhere) the lawyer used his lawyer-client privilege and went to the house and took them. Instead of turning them over to the police when he found out what they were, he hid them. This individual, as far as I am concerned, is a party to everything that happened on those tapes. He was charged with something I think and then let go, for whatever reason. I think he should be in the cell next to Paul, forever. How can you watch that, and not do anything about it - even if it means you get off the case ... who cares. At that point, its a matter of morality...

Anyway, without those tapes, they made a deal with Karla. She was the only witness they had, and she told them she was forced to do everything that she did to those victims, including her sister. But later, when the police watched them, they realized that she was a willing participant.

So here are some questions: why doesnt the fact that she lied make her deal null and void? Why isnt she being locked up FOREVER? Why hasnt she been charged with the rape of Jane Doe (another woman that she and Paul kidnapped and raped, but freed...) and WHY DONT MORE PEOPLE KNOW ABOUT JANE DOE'S EXISTENCE? She still lives in Ontario, and I only read about her this week in the Toronto Sun...These 2 animals have never been charged with her brutal rape, which they also apparently videotaped. So why not charge Karla with it now, and keep her in jail for a few more years...

I just dont understand how this entire situation arose. I remember that when they were initially arrested, I was working at the OPP and the police that I worked with were totally outraged by the whole situation. I cant imagine how the families of those victims feel. I only know that if it were my daughter, sister, cousin, friend...I would make sure to be there on the day that this animal walks out of jail. I would make it a day to remember.


5:23 PM  
Blogger Chelsea's Mama said...

I myself just learned about Jane Doe. I had forgotton about what happened exactly to the tapes so thanks for refreshing my memory about the idiotic lawyer. Yes, it is uncomprehensible to me how they had this on film and did not not convict her part. Plea or no flippin plea. They should be able to convict her just like that. Thanks so much Nadia for your comments

7:31 PM  
Blogger Bernadette said...

She is not a woman..she is a monster!!

Well written...well said.

1:02 PM  
Blogger Bernadette said...

Apparently she hopes to eventually be pardoned...but diminshes her actions. Of course she diminshes her does one look in the mirror and see a monster...a monster that is inside...just below the that has already shown itself in one of the most horrific ways? It's beyond my comprehension. I hope it always will be!

8:10 AM  

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