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Friday, June 24, 2005


These are my latest celebrity W.T.F's.
W.T.F's stand for What, Who, Why, When the F___ .(Insert your own word here - I think we all know what mine is)

W.T.F saw that video where the papparazi squirt Tom Cruise in the face with a water gun? They arrested four men in connection to this "prank". The police are still looking for a fifth accomplice. Some tall, very skinny, blonde woman who was in the background twitching her nose??? Hmmmm.

W.T.F would Madonna give her 9 year old daughter Lourdes a credit card with a 10,000 limit to teach her the value of money? All you are teaching her is to be a Material Girl mom. Tsk Tsk!! In order to teach her the value of the money she needs to actually be accountable with paying the bill!

W.T.F was Oprah doing shopping at Hermes in Paris? If you don't know they apparently turned her away at the door because they were closed. The only shocking part of this story is that Oprah does not have someone to shop for her.

W.T.F kind of pressure is on Vince Vaughn? Rumor has it he is dating Jennifer Aniston. How does one even dare to compete with her ex? It's like for us someone after they have been with a woman with Halle Berry's face, Jessica Simpson's body and Oprah's money. Good luck Vince - give ya props for trying!

W.T.F is the press making a big deal out of Prince William graduating from St Andrew's with higher marks then his dad Prince Charles graduated with?
How smart could stupid Charles be? Prince William could fail I am sure and STILL beat his dad's grades.

W.T.F do you think will wear the white dress when Portia Di Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres get married this summer? My bet's on Portia. I don't think it should be white though. (She's like the town know, everybody's had a ride)

W.T.F was surprised when Marc Anthony and J-LO celebrated their one year anniversary earlier this month? Oh, and J-LO announced she is coming out with a new line of jewellery for dogs.
Chelsea honey, mama's getting you some bling bling!

W.T.F is Vanity Fair planning on re-doing the famous pregnant Demi Moore cover except with Britney Spears? When Demi did it - it was ground breaking. Britney, not so much. You see when you spend years walking around half naked nobody cares that you are naked on a magazine cover. Hopefully Britney will at least wash her feet and scrape the orange cheesie stuff out of her nails before the big shoot.

W.T.F won't Melanie B a.k.a. "Scary Spice" agree to reunite with the other four spice girls for the LIVE 8 concert?? Apparently she had a big hissy fit and is refusing to co-operate for this wonderful cause. As scary as she is acting she really suits the name "BABY SPICE" now. Have another tantrum there Mel.

W.T.F has a hope in hell with self confidence with the future gene pools on their way? Handsome Leonardo DiCaprio and his supermodel girlfriend Gisele Bundchen are thinking of having a baby. How will regular mortal children ever measure up to a possible creation from these two? ESPECIALLY if Angelina and Brad ever breed. Mind you if God has a sense of human, which I think she does, these insanely beautiful couples will have trolls for babies.

W.T.F is going to be Ashlee Simpson's new manager? She fired her dad as her manager. It has been speculated that he is too busy managing Ashlee's sister Jessica to manage Ashlee. I think that Ashlee finally realized how creepy her preacher father is and decided to run for the hills. (He once made comments about his daughter Jessica's double d's that were inappropriate)
Ashlee should hire Michael Jackson as her new manager. Yes, he is even creepier but, he knows the business and thinks that double d's are two patty burgers they have at MacDonalds. Plus I hear he's looking for work.



Blogger Eclecta said...

"Hopefully Britney will at least wash her feet and scrape the orange cheesie stuff out of her nails before the big shoot."

- toooooooo funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9:47 PM  
Blogger Nadia said...


This is why I like you so much. What an amazing sense of humour you have!


8:29 AM  
Blogger Lisa~Thorn said...

Haha...I loved this entry.

By the way, it's me Lisa. :P I'm sure you noticed. ^-^ I finally tried out my own blog, it's located at-

Just fixed it up a bit for now. I dunno how often I'll be updating it. >_<

10:17 PM  

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