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Friday, June 03, 2005


If you missed my last one. W.T.F's stand for What, Who, Why, When the F___ .(Insert your own word here - I think we all know what mine is)

Ok, here we go.

W.T.F is everyone so suspicious about Tom Cruise's relationship with Katie Holmes?? I don't find it peculiar at all. Everyone knows gay men love to surround themselves with young, beautiful stylish women.

W.T.F would MAC cosmetics choose Pamela Anderson as a spokesperson? Don't get me wrong, I like her but, who the hell looks at her face?

W.T.F heard that Denise Richard's (Charlie Sheen's ex) Just had another daughter. They now have two daughters together. I hope they grow up to be as beautiful and sexy as their mother and as promiscuos and sexually brazen as their papa. That should teach him.

W.T.F taught Britney Spears to use a camera? Her new show CHAOTIC is worse than her filming skills. Someone needs to hide her camera from her. They should put it with her mirror and dignity cause apparently she can't find those either.

W.T.F kind of restaurant will be able to accomodate the latest couple-of-the-fleeting- moment - Tommy Lee and Tara Reid (aka party girl who's boob keeps popping out) I just can't see one single establishment with that much vodka on hand. They won't last based on this factor alone.

W.T.F does Brad Pitt suddenly want to adopt a child? More importantly does anyone think I stand a chance as passing for a young ethnic orphan?

W.T.F was Christian Slater thinking when he recently was charged for groping an innocent woman's butt as she passed him on the street? His statement to the police and the press was "I have done nothing wrong" And that's the sad part, he really believes that.

W.T.F did that stupid paparazzi guy run his car into Lindsay Lohan's just to get a photo? Any experienced celebrity photographer would know that you can easily get a photo of Lindsay at any L.A nightspot after 11pm. If you wait until 2am you may even get a drunken breast photo opportunity.

Speaking of Lindsay Lohan......W.T.F has happened to her? Her and her new best buddy Nicole Richie need to eat a sandwich. Not now but, RIGHT NOW. Even half a sandwich. They can even split it with Renee Zellweger if they want. Please.....just eat.

W.T.F will buy anything from Ashley Olsen's new fashion line? Although bag ladies will love the look they won't be able to afford it. I suppose the need to do something separate from her sibling Mary Kate was inevitable. Ashley must be sick of being the fat, normal and friendly Olsen twin.

W.T.F is with Elizabeth's breasts? She is giving the show "THE VIEW" A whole new meaning. I know she just had a baby and is breast feeding but, good Lord, even Pamela Anderson and Anna Nicole Smith are jealous.

W.T.F are television fanatics watching these days? All the good shows are on hiatus. There are only so many Full House reruns one person can take.

W.T.F is up with Jessica Simpson's marriage? She's been married less than five years, literally became a househould name overnight and is struggling to balance her career with her marriage. Pretty normal stuff here. Well, normal for a celebrity. The only newsflash here is that she is human and so is her husband.

W.T.F is Oprah going to be a guest on Ellen?? Those two could have a dance off. My money's on Ellen. Mind you, Oprah is a sista...



Blogger glor said...

I've heard he wants to adopt twin girls....Portuguese/Chinese exotic looking girls. You want in? You can be the favourite, I don't mind settling as the ignored child. Heck, at least I'm being ignored by Brad...

10:12 PM  
Blogger Nadia said...

Linda, you are the queen. I bow to you.

And by the way, I happen to know that Tommy Lee drinks Corona, not vodka.



12:56 AM  
Blogger Chelsea's Mama said...

Gloria - I want in!

Nadia - I wish I "happened to know" something about Tommy Lee


10:41 AM  

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