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Thursday, June 16, 2005


I wrote a brilliant blog last night. About summer. It was such a feel good blog and then I went to submit and instead I deleted it.
I cursed like a banshee. I used words which meanings I don't even know what they mean. They sure sounded nasty though.
I deleted it because I was too busy eating a big chocolate icecream cone that hubby made me complete with a flaky chocolate bar stuck in the middle of it. I was so consumed with my ice cream cone that I was not paying attention.
This experience and my realization that my keyboard at home has gotten sticky forced me to stop eating at my home computer.
So anyhow, I freaked out and hubby came running upstairs to see what was wrong. I told him about my dilemma where I erased my blog. He very matter of factly said to me "Well, you should of saved it"
Thanks Sherlock for your help. God love him.
So I finally calmed down, had another ice cream cone, the rest of the chocolate in the house and a few potato chips. I don't even really like potato chips but, this is how I deal with stress.
I then tried to duplicate the brilliant summer blog but, I could not. So if in the next few days I write a lame summer blog trust me when I tell you this is NOT going to be the same one I wrote originally.
Please save documents as you are writing them so you will not have the same unfortunate episode that I experienced. Everything happens for a reason I guess. At least I learned from this!! I learned to save, No more eating at the computer and I also learned that chocolate icecream mixed with cool whip and chocolate bar chunks is worth losing a brilliant piece of writing.



Blogger glor said...

it's bad blog karma lately...i wanted to respond to your blog at work but i know i can't publish because big brother watches and screens our online activities. so, i meant to email myself the blog from sympatico. i went to copy & paste the message and before making sure it works, i closed the original blog. so with my luck, the copy & paste didn't work. how can copy & paste not work?!?! with all the technology these days, right click copy & paste doesn't work? what is this world coming to...ah, to be able to publish this small comment is a refreshing sign of freedom!

8:14 PM  

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