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Friday, May 13, 2005


W.T.F's stand for WHAT or WHY or WHO or WHEN THE F___ , put in your choice word here, I think we all know what mine is. Ok, we've already established that I love celebrity crap. So here are a few celebrity W.T.F's for ya.

W.T.F happened to Priscilla Presley? Have you seen her lately? Michael Jackson is looking natural compare to Priscilla. She used to be so beautiful and was aging so nicely and BAM! she goes under several knives. Someone needs to talk to her surgeon and say in the words of the immortal Elvis "Don't Be Cruel!".

W.T.F is Paris Hilton wanting to marry her current beau who ironically is also named Paris? So when she screams out her own name won't be so peculiar anymore. That's why.

W.T.F is Britney Spears coming out with a reality show of her own if she is so sick and tired of the press?

W.T.F is Gwen Stefani always surrounded by those creepy Japanese girls schoolgirls? The first video was cool but, they are always with her now? If she were a forty year old man she would of been arrested ages ago and her computer would of been seized.

W.T.F is the world coming to when women like Halle Berry and Pamela Anderson are considering being artificially inseminated??

W.T.F did Mariah Carey get a fourth pair of implants and W.T.F did she become so desperate for attention?

W.T.F did Kelly Osbourne start showing off her gigantic boobs? I thought she was so against Christina Aguilera and everyone else doing it?

W.T.F is the "secret" Angelina and Brad Pitt video coming out and where can I buy it?

W.T.F does everyone think that Tom Cruise is gay? Nicole is the one who goes everywhere with Naomi Watts. They even dress alike. Those two don't fool me for a minute.

W.T.F do you think happened with Paula Abdul and that young contestant?? Do you think she really had relations with him? If she did do you think she clapped when it was done and said "A little pitchy but, you made it your own. Good Job!"

W.T.F is Tara Reid going to try a 12 step program and not her current one. 1) one shot of tequila 2) one shot of vodka 3) one rye and coke 4) one like of coke and not the pop........oh, you get the point. Her recent wardrobe malfunction was a cry for help if you ask me.

W.T.F thinks it's ironic that Jennifer Lopez is currently starring in a movie with Michael Vartan who happens to be Jennifer Garner's ex. Jennifer Garner is pregnant in real life with Ben Affleck's baby. You didn't know? What planet are you from?

W.T.F don't I do this weekly?? This was fun.
A - W.T.F celebrity blog for those of you who buy the magazines......and you know who you are.

Let me share my fountain of useless information with you.



Blogger Nadia said...


these are all very good points. Here are a few that I have thought up to add to your amazing list:

WTF happened to LISA MARIE Presley - never mind Priscilla's face (which is hideous) but what about LISA'S brain? In interviews she is trying to ride through the inevitable questions about her marriage to Wacko Jacko by replying "He's not who I thought he was." WHO THE HELL DID YOU THINK HE WAS, GOD'S GIFT TO WOMEN? What are you, blind? Stupid? Have you been living under a rock? This man has not been right in the head since his 3rd nose job, and obviously, neither have you.

WTF is with Jennifer Lopez? She is really this generation's Liz Taylor. While I do think she is quite pretty, have you seen Marc Anthony's ex? She was MISS UNIVERSE - not kidding. We are talking about a very stunning woman. I know looks arent everything, but come left her for a woman who has been married twice and engaged to Ben Afleck - and all of a sudden you dump your wife and son for her. I hope Miss Universe at least got some financial support from Mr. Anthony. I hear Marc has taken to calling J.Lo "Cleopatra" - get it, Cleo was involved with the great Marc Anthony...all I can say is, Cleo committed suicide by letting a snake bite her, and Liz Taylor is certifiable. Good riddance people.

Aye carumba!


3:21 PM  
Blogger Chelsea's Mama said...

I know you can't see me but, I am bowing to you. And mumbling....

"I'm not worthy"

Those were great!

7:52 PM  
Blogger H.Defreitas said...

Lisa Marie Presley has cleaned up her life (drugs, sex, & looking so much like Elvis) and is trying to get back into things.Her mother Priscilla has screwed up her's...

...that plastic surgeon should be shot. Even after surgery, if I was Lisa I would have said, "go back, you look still swollen!!"

I would love to know who did the work on her...cause it looks terrible.

What you didn't know is that all of these celebrities Paris Hilton,Britney Spears,Gwen Stefani,Halle Berry and Pamela Anderson were all born through artificial insemination.

Kelly Osbourne and Paula Abdul were a mistake.

And Mariah Carey thinks she's buying implants, but (Sony Music Entertainment Chief) Tommy Mottola is giving her regular balloons fulled with water. "Go figure."
It's true it's in the latest Tabloid News Column...I thought you knew.?!

Helder LOL

9:44 PM  
Blogger Nadia said...

I forgot to mention that Lisa Marie and Priscilla are Scientologists. This is a religion that honestly believes that aliens landed on earth millions of years ago and we are all descended from them.

Elvis must be rolling over in his grave. Have you ever heard him singing gospel music? His voice singing Amazing Grace is one of the most beautiful things I have ever heard. I think he must be sad about what has happened to his family...especially his daughter. He wasnt perfect either, but he never lost his faith, which I think is at least one nice thing you can say about him.

My goodness, its amazing what money does to people.


9:36 AM  
Blogger TangentArifa said...

I think that Marc Anthony actually had an affair while married to Miss Universe....remember the whole paternity suit. I think he settled out of court or something. Not sure if JLo was smart in marrying him!

Anyways, look at what happened to the other supposed HOT chicks Halle Berry, Jennifer Aniston (but for Angelina....) etc. etc. These Average Joes fight for these women, get all high on themselves THEN feel the need to commit adultery to feel good about their pathetic inferiority.

Oh and if anyone saw Oprah's interview with the Presley women, it was scary to watch. I kept cringing when they switched from pics of young & normal looking Priscilla to the older botox'd and butchered lady on the stage.

11:14 PM  

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