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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Things that make me go Hmmmm....

There are many things I wonder from time to time that are completely irrelevant or have any importance. Sometimes I have profound thoughts that I think may make a difference to somebody, someday. Most of these are not profound but, silly. I am in a silly mood today. (Remember this for when you get to number 8)
Let me share a few of them with you.

1) Where the heck do all the missing socks go that never come back out of the dryer? Is there a secret commune where they all live? I read somewhere that bounce sheets erode the socks but, wouldn't they erode other small garments like my bras? (Notice I didn't say my underwear)

2) Michael Jackson used to be known for grabbing his crotch ironically now he is famous for allegedly grabbing everyone else's

3) You know when you walk down the street and see one shoe on the sidewalk? Where is the other one? Who loses a shoe and doesn't notice?

4) Why do most people between the ages of thirteen to eighteen feel they have to scream when they talk?

5) I walk in the beautiful cemetary near my house daily. There are so many beautiful flowers that go to waste. I don't mean the ones left on graves, I mean the unbelievable amounts in the see through garbage bins. There is nothing wrong with these flowers. Surely some organization can deliver these to hospitals or old folks homes to brighten their day??

6) Jennifer Aniston married the sexiest man in the world (according to polls around the world) Only for him to leave her for the sexiest woman in the world (according to polls around the world). Poor Jennifer.

7) Why do families of sixteen go to busy stores like Zellers and Walmart on the weekends and stand blocking the aisles chatting? BUY SOMETHING or leave. If you are giving visiting family members some type of tour take them to the CN tower or Niagara Falls like everybody else.

8) People who laugh at themselves and play like children never grow old?

9) Of all the things we can do in science and nature. They still can't get the weather right? Well only when the newsman has an umbrella and says "It's raining today" No shit sherlock.

10) If you bake homemade sweets at home, bring them to work and offer them on a tray to everyone they say things like "Oh no, I just had lunch" or "I am on a diet" or "They look great but, I am not hungry" HOWEVER, the minute you put that tray in a kitchen or secluded room it completely is empty a half hour later.............HMMMMMMM

What makes you go Hmmmmm??

Comments appreciated and welcome



Blogger Nadia said...

Hi Linda,

Believe it or not, I have the answers to 2 of your many very good points.

When I was in high school, I did a work placement at OPP Headquarters in the media relations dept. One of my jobs was intercepting questions from the media and directing them to the appropriate person within that dept.

Anyway, we often got questions about "stuff" that was on the side of the does it get there, who picks it up, etc. We often got that funny question about "why do you always see one shoe on the side of the highway?"

Anyhow, the Sergeant in our dept finally answered that question for ME one day - and this is the honest-to-god truth.

Its because people drive or ride in the passenger seat with one leg out of the window - like its on a footrest, or much the same way you would prop your leg up if you were sitting at a desk. There are SOOOO many tickets issued for that every year, and people dont realize that the velocity of the wind can loosen their shoes and knock their shoes right off of their feet.

Now - the question about the flowers in the cemetary. As you know, before she passed away my grandmother was in a nursing home for a while. Funeral homes and cemetaries DID send their flowers to the mursing home on occasion, and finally the director of the home asked them to stop. WHY? Well my mom asked her, and she pointed out the arrangements. They looked very obviously like memorials that are placed on graves or on coffins (in the shape of a cross, etc.) Basically, the residents complained! They knew they were there to die, and said didnt need a constant reminder. My mom offered to help pull apart the arrangements and put them in vases here and there - to brighten the place up, and I know that she did do this a few times, which helped. The staff are obviously too busy to do that sort of thing. But it was still awkward - everyone knew where they came from!

Anyhow - I still think that is a shame. So many beautiful flowers gone to waste! That must be why my mom says she doesnt want any flowers after she is gone...she always reminds us to give them to her when she is alive!

My 2 cents,

8:17 AM  
Blogger Chelsea's Mama said...

Wow, thanks Nadia. You don't happen to know the cadbury secret do you? That makes perfect sense about the flowers. I also agree with your mom that they should be given as much as possible while the person can enjoy it. The flowers I see in the bins aren't usually the typical "cemetary arrangements" which is why I think that way but,you're right, if it was obvious that is where they came from I wouldn't want them either I guess.

10:18 AM  
Blogger Bernadette said...

When I worked at Providence Centre (long-term care facility in Scarberia)..they had a volunteers who received the flowers from the cemeteries pull them apart and redo floral arrangements that were then placed throughout the facility. It brightened up many parts and patient's rooms.

When Paul's dad died, it was mid November and he had so many flowers. The funeral home asked us if we wanted to send the flowers to nearby nursing homes, which we agreed to. It made us feel a little better knowing that others could enjoy the beautiful flowers that he used to love to look at himself.

By the way, I know the Cadbury secret....I saw it on some show. Unfortunately, I can no longer remember it. Oldtimer's disease.



1:41 PM  

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