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Monday, May 02, 2005

May/December Romances

This blog was inspired by two things. First of all the Tom Cruise (42) dating Katie Holmes (26) story that is everywhere. Secondly, a friend of mine who is 38 recently started dating a 31 year old and asked me if I thought she was a cougar.
My response to her? "My husband Steve is seven years older than me and nobody calls him any kind of animal names"

Our society has such a double standard when it comes to this topic. Read any magazine on the stands. They will even point out the woman is older if it is by one year!! Oooh, the shock of it all. I completely understand why a younger man would go for an older woman. Not only because I am getting up there but, women these days are taking such good care of their skin, their hair, their bodies and themselves in general. Fifty is the new Thirty. Most of my single friends do date younger men. No, not because of the popular belief that they go out trolling for them, the boys come to them. They seek them out. Most of the time the guy has no idea how much older my friend actually is. Older women also know what they want and how they want it done. They are comfortable with themselves and don't sweat the small stuff. They know how to enjoy life. They are independent and are proud of their laugh lines, crow's feet and cellulite. It was all earned and they aren't ashamed of it. This confidence is very attractive to men and most younger women lack this quality that truly is acquired over time. My friends who date younger men also tell me that men their age simply do not have the energy or interests that they possess. The men their age or older are set in their ways and narrow minded. They have much more baggage than their younger counterparts. (And it ain't no Louis Vitton baggage) Please understand that my lady friends are not robbing the cradle or anything silly like that - these men are younger period. Some are a five year difference, some a fifteen year difference. And yes it is not all bliss. Many of them see the downside of their younger men - irresponsible, unreliable, emotionally unavailable... then I gently remind them that older men possess these qualities too and if you are going to play mind games with someone it is always better for them to have firmer skin and solid abs - (kidding).

When I see an older women with a younger man I think "You go girl!" However, when I see an older man with a MUCH younger woman or girl......I want to snicker or say under my breath "Yeah buddy, your money has nothing to do with it!" - Who am I to judge? Maybe that eighteen year old 34DD blonde really does love that fifty six year old man?? I mean look at Anna Nicole Smith! Now, that was love until the old fart's ticker gave out. Ok, so I am being extreme here but, it just seems so much more acceptable when it is a younger woman and older man. It shouldn't be that way. And know that I am not against an older man and younger woman at all. I just want it to stop being MORE acceptable than the reverse. Love and let love I say. In fact, I understand also how a woman can find a moderately older man attractive also. In my experience they are wise, experienced in life and treat a lady like a lady. I find older men attractive in so many ways. The salt and pepper thing just doesn't work as well on a woman. It's true. Men are like wine. With age they get better. Another reason I can understand why so many young women are going for older men.....have you seen how these young guys dress? Their pants are hanging to their knees. They look like gangsters who took a big dump in their pants!!! That is so attractive - NOT!! No wonder the young girls are shacking up with forty year olds!! Besides, the young girls are having a hard time landing the young guys......all the hot older women have them!!!!



Blogger H.Defreitas said...

Hey Linda, this reminded me of several people, my uncle Arlindo 10 years younger than tia Virgina, and Uncle Manny,older (not sure how many years - Nadia) than tia Tina.

Love and let love...well I say the same thing. Just like Uncle Jack use to say "LOVE & PEACE"...that's exactly what it's all about.

If things are meant to work out they will....and if your 100 years old, saved up to be a millionaire, a HOT 25 yr old wants you're money, and all she has to do is have fun with you to get it. Ok, maybe I'm getting alittle extreme.

Live life before it's over, and age doesn't matter. (unless you're wearing diapers...then it's just more smelly.)

PS I'm sure you can give Steve an animal name.


6:11 PM  
Blogger Nadia said...

Hey Linda and Helder,

I totally agree! My parents are the perfect example of that. My dad is 15 years older than my mom and they are still crazy about each other. Sometimes in fact, they are just plain crazy! Or at least my dad is, if you listen to what my mom has to say...I can hear her now... "your FATHER!"

My 2 cents,


10:49 AM  

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