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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Linda for Prime Minister!!

I was one of the thousands of viewers who watched Paul Martin's painful attempt to address Canadians about the sponsership scandal last week. I thought it was pathetic. This man is running our country. His public relations people thought they were so smart to stick a photo of Paul and the Mrs in the corner of the room. What that suppose to reinforce him as an honest family man??? Ha! I found that to be the single most insulting thing about his speech. That picture to me was so distracting. It bothered me because they really think that we as Canadians are that stupid. That they can play with our emotions and convince us so easily. I also was embarassed that our country is being run by an old, blood vessel blotch faced man who not only didn't write his own speech but, appeared to be reading it for the first time. As soon as the six minute address was over I turned to my husband and said "I can do a better job than this clown of running this country!"

What would be the most important items on my agenda?
Glad you asked.

1)Healthcare - This would be the first item I would address. It is so wrong when so many people need healthcare and so many beds are empty. It is wrong when the people we should be holding in the highest esteem - our doctors, our nurses, our interns, our specialists, our health professionals are not funded properly nor given the proper tools and resources they need to do what they were trained to do. It is near to impossible to find a doctor in this city if you don't already have one. People are being diagnosed with life threatening illnesses too little too late because they can't get to the specialist fast enough. Waiting lists are too long and too plentiful. This needs our immediate attention!

2) Criminal Punishment - I am proud of our police force and think they do a great job on the most part but, our justice system could certainly use some fine tuning. Pediophiles are let back into the system and they are still sick demented bastards ready to strike again. People are here from other countries because their own country of birth will not let them back due to an extensive criminal record but, hey WELCOME TO CANADA......What do you need? We'll give it to you.
Not on my clock honey. Prison time will be done and it will be as bad and as ugly as the crime committed if not worse. There will be no T.V, no cigarettes, no alcohol, no magazines, no visits from anybody, no books. IT WILL BE PRISON. You will work, clean, eat, shit and go to sleep praying you get out early for good behavior. How can we expect people to be reformed for henious crimes if jail life offers more than street life does??

3) Homeless People - I work downtown. Maybe I am desensitized. I am sure a handful of these people besides the ones with real mental issues truly do need help but, I am sorry the majority do not. How do you really know? When they say they want money for food and you offer to buy them something to eat and they tell you to screw off.....they ain't that hungry honey.
We need to do something about the people who harass the hard working people who get up every morning to possibly go do a job they don't like but, need to in order to survive (Gee what a concept)
As Prime Minister I would deal with this problem by funding the shelters and the organizations that help these people to get off the street. As for the remaining people who are starving but, have alcohol, cigarettes and their hair dyed every shade of Miss Clairol there is.......they will be fined every time they harass the hard working people who pay taxes.

4) Dogs will be allowed in public places such as shopping malls, drug stores, the post office ....anywhere where food is not being served openly. They should all be leashed or held by their mommies unless they are really well trained. In fact dogs should be allowed anywhere little badly behaved children are. The dogs will win out every time.

5)Unless a man has a set of six pack abs comparable to Justin Timberlake it shall be illegal for him to ever go topless in public. Should he be flashing his gut, This will entail a big fat fine or prison time (see reference to prison above) Women ofcourse will be allowed to go topless as per the current law and as per the current law no women in their right mind will do so because the majority of men in Toronto already look at women like they are naked anyhow. Why fuel the dull fire??

6)Tampons/Pads/pantyliners/midol/advil/motrine - anything related to "womanly woes" will be free. Why should we continue to have to pay because Adam was stupid enough to eat that apple??

7) Gay marriage would be A ok with me. Most of the people who are dead against it seem to be fine with shows like "The Bachelor" where hetersexual people who barely know each other get married.....stats show that 50% of heterosexuals get divorced so let the homosexuals have a chance. They might get it right!!

8) Legalize Pot?? Hmm.... if you have a doctor's note saying it helps your illness and is for medicinal purposes.....go for it. I would be afraid to legalize pot for everyone however. I think pot is like alcohol in the sense that what happens to one person after two drinks may not have the effect of another person who has two drinks. My concern here is people driving under the influence. It is after all an altered state and how would the police be able to tell? People in Toronto can't drive as it is, to have them driving high, eating chips, licorice, peanuts and cookies at the same time just can't be safe.

9) I would however legalize prostitution. I think that way we may be able to have a little more control over it. Put a red light district in a secluded area away from schools, offices and the general public. Keep health records on all the girls, the johns, make sure everybody is safe and healthy. Hey, it is going to happen regardless of what we all think of it. So at least let's try and get it controlled to a place where children don't have to be subjected to it in their neighbourhood and the women who obviously feel they have no other option are safe. And make them all pay taxes! The girls, the johns, all of them. Why should they get a free ride?? (So to speak?)

10) Last and certainly not least we must do something about immigration in this country. Did you know we have the mastermind terrorist behind an alleged planned bombing in the Paris subway living in Montreal?? That's right folks! He is our neighbour. How safe do you feel right now?? It saddens me that siblings are torn from their parents who are sent back to countries where their lives are in danger but, the terrorists and criminals are welcome here. Too many people fall through the cracks. Canada needs to be on it's toes. All the time.

Vote for me. I'm young(ish), fun, passionate, have a vision and will work for shoes.



Blogger H.Defreitas said...

Politics are pathetic, no matter who you vote for. They promise so many things and then once in power they do what they want.

Prime Minister's speech is never written on his own, he needs an advisor to do just about anything.

Some of your points are good, but I'll have to disagree with some of them. (opinions expressed are from the participates from the Linda Gallacher Party, possible elect for 2010.- anythings possible, sounds good, eh!)

Health care - I agree with you 100%, Doctors are moving elsewhere, because money is better, and resources are available. I think every Canadian should be get immediate treatment and diagnoses especially for life threatening illness, and all healthcare workers should be compensated for the professional care that they provide.We should have the best healthcare system in the world. Life is too precious. Awhile back an episode at St.Michaels Hospital, where the father reacted to his son not being treated fast enough, ended in a police gun shot to the head. I can understand how that can happen, and it shouldn't.

Criminal - I think if the death penalty was offered in certain circumstances, many would think twice.

Homeless People - I think you are right, and the government should have the right to have these people off the streets, and maybe in some program - Help them out with counselors, or get them doing something, pay them min.wage keep them busy. Clean streets, help the elderly. They are mostly lazy, i think. Low-income housing is coming, but I bet there still will be alot of people on Spadina/Queen washing windows and asking for change.
I especially like the one's that ask for a toonie specificly.

DOGS - I like dogs too, but that's only for rich dogs.(lol)
I don't allow dogs on the car in rush hour, due to the amount of people on board, and it's not my rule. I can understand why it can be a problem, not all dogs are as small. Love my dog too.

SHIRTs - I'm sorry but you'd lose alot of votes on this one...I'm for no shirts...and yeah you guessed it I voted for the topless law, but not many women do it. I've had one topless girl on my car, durning caribana, and it was legal, hard to drive but

Tampons - n/a

Gay Marriage - if your happy with who ever your mate is, go for it.

POT - should never be legalized.They start taxing that too. Unless medically called for.

Prostitution - that would be a major boost in tax revenue that's for sure. And the police would have better things to do, instead of running after johns, and hoes.
They could do that in Barrie, it would help sell the pot.(lol)

Immigration - I agree with you, something should be done about that. Makes you look at your neighbor differently.

Great Blog
Linda Gallacher for Prime Minister.
I would be proud.


9:14 PM  
Blogger Chelsea's Mama said...

Helder, this is the most I have ever seen you write. I am touched and feel so honoured. Thanks for your comments. I love them. You would be a good political writer, a great political intern one day could work for me. Do you have a blue dress and a cigar??

9:35 PM  
Blogger Bernadette said...

Can I be an advisor...can I can I pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee!! At least re hospitals and the law. Re Hospitals: having worked in them for over 15 years (Cecilia and I can certainly help here)...what ticks me off is the waste of resources...there is so much waste in the hospital. Also, there are those patients who come in with no healthcard, refusing to take their meds, physician shopping wasting more time, money etc when there are others in desparate need.

re Crime: An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth...just go right back to the bible and see how it was handled...instead of babying them. I once worked a temp assignment at one of the correction centres in TO. Don't kid yourselves people...the criminals eat better than we do. One of my jobs was to call around to get prices on ...FRESH VEGETABLES AND FRUIT...oh no slop for them...they have fresh fruit and veggies..not like poor single moms (and dads) who are lucky if they get a veggie or fruit in a week or guys had it good AND they were given an allowance (I believe it was $5.00) back know for the necessities...candy and cigarettes).DISGUSTING!!!

Homeless people: 1/2 are mentally ill and we are failing them. The other 1/2 seem to be young ones who do not want to live by any rules or regulation and to live free. Okay you wanna live free...don't ask me for money. I'm working my big butt off too hard and paying my way through college at night part time taking law courses (which believe me are not easy)(and thanks to my mother's financial help as well) to better myself and you want me to spare change...(one woman outside the hospital said to me yesterday "god bless spare change"...yeah right sister...and they get rolled up and deposited right in my bank account. (Did you know that 100 cents makes a loonie..go figure). them...but please put your pet on a leash...I don't want them jumping on me first thing in the morning with their muddie paws and licking my fingers..I'm allergic...I love dogs...I love Chelsea...cutie...but don't let them loose outside unless it's in your own backyard.

Anyways I could say a lot more, but I'll leave space for others to comment.

7:32 AM  
Blogger Nadia said...

oooooh...Linda. Now you've got me all RILED up.

I think it can be argued that politicians are the worst thing that can happen to society.

I have to agree with you on most of these points.

We can all sit around and complain about Canada - but what sets us apart is our health care system. There is a reason that Tommy Douglas was voted "The Greatest Canadian". We are incredibly lucky to be able to walk into a hospital and be able to get treatment without being refused because our insurance doesn't cover it, or because we can't pay for it. BUT every day this system is deteriorating, and its terrible. We cant sit around and wait for our politicians to do something about this, because they wont. WE are the ones who need to pressure them into realizing that maintaining this system to its highest standard is what we want. WE NEED TO DO THAT.

Death Penalty - touchy subject. Call me crazy, but I dont think the death penalty is any kind of deterrant at all. You know which state has the most murders and rapes? TEXAS. You know which state executes the most criminals? TEXAS. See - it doesnt work. I do agree that our prisons need to be tougher. I think the thought of being locked up in a small dark cell with limited rights and limited abilities is much scarier. I think we need to reform the prisons so that they are awful, scary, terrifying places. If you thought you had to spend your life in a place like that, you might think again about committing crimes.

Dogs - Sure. Why not. But please keep them on a leash in public places. Its only fair to the elderly and little kids. When a dog starts jumping up on older and little people, they might actually knock them over, and that might cause some injuries that you will be responsible for, as far as I am concerned. There are some large dogs out there that might do some serious damage!

Womanly products - Thank you. They already have this in Sweden, where the standard of living for women is the highest in the world. Nuff Said.

Gay Marriage - I believe you should be happy with whomever you want. I dont think religions/churches should be forced to permit gay marriage in their organizations, as this would be infringing on their rights too - but if you want to go down to city hall and get married, knock yourself out. Doesnt bother me any.

Prostitution: I have to politely disagree. I have been in the red light and totally legal district in Amsterdam, and I dont think I have even been so scared in my life. People were doing drugs (and sharing needles) on the street, waving needles around so harshly that people walking down the street were almost pricked by them. Women (and men) mostly go into prostitution to feed their drug habits, and let me tell you, there were plenty of hard drugs going around. And I am not talking about Marijuana. The women who were "on display" looked like zombies, and the men walking around were not treating them well at all. Actually, now that I think about it, it reminds me of what your cruise sounded like. It was not safe at all, and the police could do NOTHING because it was legal - so you cant charge anyone with rape or assault, etc, because they will say, "well, you were in the red light district, so anything goes.". Thank god I was with Rob and our tour group (we took a wrong turn and ended up in this area) and I was not alone. Besides that, I dont think any woman or man wants to do this as a career, so why legitimize it by making it legal. Sorry to disagree with you and Helder, but I think it is wrong to make something legal when these people are like slaves to their pimps and their drug habits - they need our help.


8:06 AM  
Blogger Laura said...


Linda gets my vote!

I however can’t voice any options on the political front, as I have not been to vote in many years. My feeling has been that it does matter who runs the country when our only options are Larry, Moe or Curly.

Laura Woods

8:55 AM  

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